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Withholding Calc

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Jason Michaelson
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User Reviews for Withholding Calc

Crashing when opened

Why haven’t you responded to this??? the app is still crashing on iOS 12.4 and I’m still waiting for a fix App crashes every time I open it after iOS update I’m on iOS 12.1.4 When it was working it was a great app very very helpful.

Adventure peeps, Jul 25, 2019
Tax rates loaded are not correct

I like this app a lot. I use it all the time. However, the recent update you loaded is not the current tax tables. Please update ASAP!

Bear629090, Jan 11, 2019
Not working

Why is this app not working now on my iPhone been using it for 3 years flawlessly and all the sudden it it’s grey instead of black and can’t see the number you input

Ben987654, Feb 22, 2020
Great app when it worked.

There has to be an update available that keeps up with the updates of iOS! This app worked great until my iPad updated, now it closes every time you try to change the state. What gives, and when will it be fixed?

DLG1248912, Feb 27, 2021
Great App!

Simple and accurate... Extremely helpful when filling out your W-4. It's great to know exactly how much taxes will be taken from your paycheck and it let's you know how much you will have left over for spending. Very simple and precise.

G1Design, Mar 17, 2017
Used to love it...

It was such a simple little program, but it looks like they changed the format from one screen to a bunch of screens to swipe and now everything lags. I have no idea why the felt the need to change it. Such a shame.

Jenelegance, Mar 08, 2019
Best app for payroll

This app is perfect and extremely accurate. It has many more options for how often you get paid. No other apps compare or are as accurate as this.

jkedwards1976 (the boss), May 05, 2017
Very useful app

I have been using this app for the past two years and it’s the first one that i came to that met my expectations. I work lots of overtime on my job and this app helps me determine if i should do the extra hours. This app is very necessary if you do a budget and like to get an idea of your projected income. This app is very simple and easy to use. I look forward to the updates that will automatically calculate your pay and overtime based on your entered pay wage. I would also like to see an added update that would allow you to save information that you have entered, such as post and pretax deductions, 401k automatically deducted based on your percentage that you are putting in. Anyway try this app, you won’t be disappointed.

Kena803, Mar 06, 2018

The previous version of the app was more user friendly. The recent update makes you swipe from screen to screen and it is more clunky and not as seem less as the previous version.

Not truthful, Mar 22, 2019
Mediocre at best

Since it is the only app for calculating your own withholding, it will have to do but it still sorely lacking. How to improve:1) Create a log-in so you don’t have to reinter the same info every time like marital status, dependents, pay period, etc...2) Taxes are complicated, have an info box to explain what each field is for.3) Include section for local withholding so users can enter local WH rate

Peruna1988, Oct 18, 2019


Tax time is here! Are you ready for it? WithholdingCalc is an ad-free estimator for your pay check.

Input your pay check gross pay, pre-tax deductions (insurance, 401k, etc.), filing status, state, and withholding allowances from your W-4 and get an estimate of how much of each of your pay checks is going to the government, and how much is going into your pocket. You can see how to optimize your monthly budget and make sure you've had enough taxes held back for tax time! Want to get even more advanced? Switch over to the advanced view and you can enter extra withholding amounts for both Federal and State taxes, and separate filing status and withholding allowance amounts for your state to get an even more accurate picture of your tax withholding. WithholdingCalc lets you easily manipulate the numbers from your W-4 form to help you get an accurate picture of your budget and how much tax withholding you will have accumulated for tax season. WithholdingCalc is based on current 2018 tax rates for most federal and state tax rates for the 41 states that have income tax plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. We will update Withholding Calc as further tax rate changes come in. WithholdingCalc uses an annualized method for computing taxes for most jurisdictions. This means that the total tax withholding that it computes may be slightly different from what your employer computes. Generally the two numbers will agree to within a few cents. If they don't, please use our contact form to let us know and we'll investigate it! With the updates some of the 2018 tax brackets now in place, we'll be adding in some of the features we've been working on, like the option to compute your pay check based on an hourly pay rate (with or without overtime pay), calculations for places where there are local taxes as well as state taxes, and more accurate options for states like Arizona which use flat percentage options for withholding instead of a withholding allowance amount. The 2018 IRS tax brackets aren't available yet, but we'll be adding them as soon as they are. WithholdingCalc is not endorsed by any taxing authority, including the Department of the Treasury or the Internal Revenue Service (They want you to give them too much money :) ).

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