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Aceable – Driving School App

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Aceable – Driving School App

  • Education
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Aceable Inc.
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User Reviews for Aceable – Driving School App

I really think there’s something wrong

Occasionally when I am on a slide reading/listening to the content, in the middle of the reading it will cut and automatically go to the next slide/question. It’s really annoying, especially when it’s a question and I haven’t even seen the full material yet. And I can’t go back to see what I missed.I know it’s not my fingers or anything else moving it because this has happened a ton of times and I am never touching the screen, not even close. The only explanation I can think of is that there’s something wrong with the app. I’m sorry to bother and be that person but I hate missing the material and it happens like every other slide, so I figured I should say something to someone who can do something about it. I think that it does that when the count down for when you can swipe ends.If that’s what’s supposed to happen, then this is about changing that, because I’m not always done reading. I imagine that this would also be an inconvenience for anyone else. It really seems like it’s a malfunction because it even cuts off your guy talking, way before he’s done. By the way, it cuts off during videos too. Right in the middle of them, sometimes in the beginning.Other than that, I think Aceable is a great app and I appreciate y’all for going out of your way to make it fun and helpful at the same time. I’m sorry that I have something negative to say about it. That’s the only real problem I have with it.

.:raintard:., Jun 16, 2018
A waste of time

Do NOT expect to pass this test without reading the book. When I downloaded the app, I expected all of the important rules of the road to be covered in a way that would make me retain the information, but I was wrong. The app doesn’t prepare you for real questions on the permit test (or at least mine in California) and instead pounds concepts into your head that end up being useless on the actual exam. A lot of the information is repetitive and just a plain waste of time. And the practice tests lead you into a false sense of security. When I took the tests, for the most part I got 90s and even got a 100 on the practice test. The lowest score I ever got was an 85, which is still passing. Because of this, I walked into the test thinking I was definitely going to pass. I put a LOT of work into completing this work and never slacked off when it came to reading the slides and completing the practice tests, and it was all for nothing. Even a woman at the DMV told me that kids who use online resources instead of reading the books tend to fail the first time. If it is not practical for you to take real classes, I would recommend taking this course just to fulfill the 30 hours of instruction required by the DMV, but READ THE BOOK. The book will end up being much more beneficial than using Aceable.

.allicat123., Jul 23, 2018
Great App

Most people say that aceable is boring and takes to long but if you put in only an hour or two a day for like 2 or 3 weeks you will be done. The app is super easy and straight forward, now one let down is that it does repeat things multiple times but I feel like its just a better way to get things in your head. I would recommend aceable to anyone who is looking to get there permit/driver’s license, there is a couple things on the permit test that were never mentioned on aceable but with other practice tests online they will be sure to tell you I mean thanks to ace I passed on the first try, and if I can do it anyone can. I mean at the end of the day you literally don’t have to read a word. You just listen until the audio stops and press next page to continue. It’s as simple as that, you got this. Take your time and don’t stress about it to much. I’ll see you on the road at one point. Sincerely, An aceable driver

An Aceable Driver, Jan 07, 2022
Aceable review

I LOVE IT! It is so convenient and never crashed once on me. It teaches extremely well and I love how funny it is. I never thought that memes would be incorporated into my driving classes😂 At first I honestly thought all the corny memes and (some) bad dad jokes would be distracting but they would always make me laugh and keep me in a positive mood to keep learning. I’m pretty sure I even saw a few hidden dirty jokes in there😂 but I love it and my only complaint is a lot of the lessons just repeat the same thing over and over again or just point out things that are unbelievable common sense but I’m pretty sure thats just to make the lessons longer or to really pound the information into your head. Last thing to note is if you aren’t doing the app every single day for the maximum two hours than it will take months with this app to get your license.

B.A.C. President, Aug 13, 2018
Hmm, I’m not angry just disappointed.

I would definitely recommend this app to a friend because it condenses a lot of information into an easy to understand format. Although I give this app it’s stars, I do have some complaints. Firstly this app features a lot of unnecessary repetitive paragraphs, sections etc and uses about 3-4 of those sections to talk about drugs and alcohol instead of maybe covering topics like pick up trucks, towing etc. Secondly, I attempted to take the Knowledge Exam in the app and was told that I failed because of “.” reason. I decided to take the test from another website and was unable to do so because the state system told them that I passed the exam. As of right now I have no idea if I passed or failed and wasn’t given a reason as to why I “failed” initially. There is no way to track progress or find out your scores (pertaining to the knowledge exam). I also never received any sort of email from the app confirming any of my purchases or my completion of the TLSAE course. I didn’t spend the extra $10 for my personal copy, but I was told that I was to receive an email. I am extremely frustrated with this app but I would still recommend it for the TLSAE course and exam.

bootyflaps, Aug 13, 2021
Drivers Ed Classes Are AMAZING!!!!!

Okay I am taking lessons on this app and I normally don’t ever write app reviews or anything like this but this app deserves it. The classes are fun and interactive. I am a fan of school but decided to do drivers Ed online because of my busy life. This has made everything so easy for me in my life. I have my temporary license right now and I am working towards my permanent one. The lessons and set up in this app is amazing. Everything was thought of. Like this is the best option for anyone who tends to zone out or doesn’t like in person school. I have adhd and this is perfect for me. I don’t zone out at all and it’s even easier for me to learn. They have a call line and explain everything if you don’t understand or have a question. I think that this app is perfect for anyone any age. It is easily accessible and can be put on any device. To download the app is free of course. The only thing you have to pay for is your lessons. I got the Allstate roadside assistance for only 5$ a month and it covers anyone in my immediate family. This app is the best way to go through drivers Ed. I recommend it 100% and even more if I could.

clubpenguinmaster$$$, Aug 04, 2021

This program is very good to help prepare young drivers to enhance and hone their skills for driving with caution and steady knowledge. I’d definitely recommend this to some of my friends because one of my friends wants to learn how to drive but doesn’t want to be in a boring drivers education class, so I’m gonna tell him, “No need to worry man I know the perfect thing that’ll teach you about driving and safety on the ride and so much more. Anyways this app is wonderful deserves the 5 stars, at first when I started I thought it was gonna be hard but I was totally wrong, it’s not boring good for young people wanting to drive and so much more, and if you wanna use VR to learn this apps got you covered there’s VR courses for you virtual learners and practice tests to help prepare you for each level assessment and the final exam. Enough yammering from me I’m gonna go forward this app to a bunch of people that want to drive. App devs great work.

CSGOboy15🔫, Apr 26, 2021
The final exam

Don’t get me wrong this is a great way to complete your drivers education. It may have took awhile but I finally made it to the end and was ready to take the final exam. I took the practice test multiple times and I really thought I was for sure going to pass. You need to get 38 out of 50 questions right or a 75% on the final exam to pass the course. And I have failed the first time by getting 74% I was one percent away from passing. I took more practice tests and I felt good to go. I take it the 2nd time after waiting 24hrs and I get the same score. 74% I was one percent away again and I’m still waiting to take it the 3rd and final time. And if I get a 74% again it will be a big waste of time and money. I just wish it said you need a 70% to pass. And now I’m worried to take it again because I’m afraid to fail by 1 percent again. If you fail the third time you have to retake the whole course and pay for the course again without refund. I’m too nervous to take it again.

Dilliemonnile, Aug 21, 2019
I recommend everybody to try this app to get your first driver license

I never thought it was so easy to get a driver license you are so much with this online school even if you don’t get the answers right they’re not here to fail you there here to help you if you get the answers wrong multiple times eventually you will get the right answer and you remember the right answer by the end of this journey I highly recommend this for everyone I got my driver license thanks for this app my dream came true once I got my drivers license I was so happy now I could be a responsible citizen and know all the rules when it comes to driving and I told my brother if you really want your driver license I recommend you to try this app he did and now he’s on his way to get his driver license this app is worth the money thank you guys for the great work you guys put in and I think myself to for the great work I did achieving my goals again thank you guys🙏

Edwin needs more locations, Aug 21, 2019

I would recommend this app because it’s so helpful and I never knew it was so easy to get a permit this way. Ace was so cheesy but that’s what made Aceable different from the rest driver ed apps! Ace was corny but funny and I enjoyed the memes 100%, the stories in the videos were very educational and made you realize on how driving can be a privilege not a right because there are many reckless drivers out there in the roads but Aceable is making their students learn the long affects of being one of those bad drivers! Aceable has to be one of my best purchases I have ever bought! At first when I saw the cost I wasn’t sure if I made the correct choice but I later saw that it was worth every penny as this app is one of the most educational/entertaining apps I have ever used! Aceable isn’t a regular app that if you get it wrong it’s going to make you retake it. Aceable is here to help and it wants you to be a great driver because the creators know that driving can give you more freedom but it can also be very dangerous! All I can say is thank you Aceable for the amazing journey! 🤗🙏

Hugo_👌, Nov 13, 2019


Are you ready to get your driver’s license fast? Get your driver’s education anytime, anywhere with Aceable. The Aceable Drivers Ed App completely replaces the traditional in-classroom part of driver’s education.

Take interactive drivers ed courses and practice for your learners permit written test right from your phone. This is the ONLY native app that lets you take Drivers Ed! Say goodbye to long, boring lectures and say hello to entertaining memes & video lessons. Aceable has helped over 450,000 students get their drivers permit and license. The app is fully approved by the governments of Texas, Florida, California, Illinois, Ohio, Nevada, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania and is 100% state-legal, so every lesson is legit. We make it simple to get your DMV learners permit and drivers license. Our simple instructions walk you through every step of the process while engaging content keeps you focused and actually learning. Install Aceable now and take the first step towards your drivers license! ACEABLE FEATURES: FULL COURSE DRIVERS ED + Some apps are just study guides – but Aceable is a full state-legal replacement for in-classroom Drivers Ed. + Meet all the educational requirements for your permit and driver license. + Interactive lessons with videos, animations and memes. UNLIMITED PRACTICE TESTS + We provide unlimited study tests and practice questions to help you pass. + Aceable never charges extra for tests or content! ACTUALLY FUNNY + A lot of courses say they’re entertaining, but Aceable takes it to another level. + Witty writing, relevant memes and interactive videos keep even those with shortest attention spans engaged and learning. + Don’t believe us? Just look at the reviews. AFFORDABLE DRIVER EDUCATION + Aceable Drivers Ed is the absolute least-expensive way to get your driver’s license. + Up to 80% more affordable than traditional Drivers Ed. DRIVING SCHOOL ANYTIME + Learn anytime, anywhere, on any device + Your progress syncs automatically across devices. GREAT SUPPORT + Our US-based customer support is available seven days a week to help with any part of the process. + Call, text or email! PARENTAL TOOLS + Our user-friendly Parent Tools allow you to monitor your teen’s progress. + See test results. + Understand the material covered at each level of the course. + Rest assured, your young driver is learning from the best! Make your Drivers Ed fun and convenient with Aceable – download now! Texas TDLR State Provider #116 California DMV Provider #E2017 Illinois Approved Course #3352 Florida TLSAE Code #NR2 Ohio Course #1462  Nevada DMV School License #PRDS00046773 Pennsylvania - Licensed by the Department of Education Aceable is approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety, California DMV, Illinois Secretary of State (DMV), Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), and the Texas DPS, Ohio BMV, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, and then Pennsylvania Department of Education. In many states the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) may also be called DOL, DOT, MVDL, DPS, DVS, HSMV, Secretary of State, MVS, OMV, BMV, DDS and RMV.  Drivers Ed may be called Drivers Education, TLSAE (Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education Course), Florida Drug and Alcohol Training and Awareness (DATA), Driver Training, Driver Education, Student Driving, Texas Drivers Ed, California Drivers Ed or Driving Lessons, Illinois Secretary of State (DMV).

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