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User Reviews for DMV Practice Test Genie


I have a question on the Arkansas DMV practice test on your app with the question "Two cars are parked outside of a fire station. Which one is most true?"The answers were ;Car a must remain 25 feet away from the driveway. And car b must remain 75 feet from the driveway. Car a must not park across the drivewayCar a must remain at least 20 feet from the driveway. And the answer I put was "car must remain at least 20 feet from the driveway" And it was apparently wrong and the right answer is "car a must remain 20feet away from the driveway in a car be must remain 75 feet from the driveway." But yet it says nothing about 75 feet and my driver handbook and so I'm wondering where you found that?Because the only thing it says on my handbook is "do not park within 20 feet of a fire station driveway on the same side of the street, or street where proper signs are posted."Says nothing about 75 feet. UPDATE:I had a book from a previous year and looked it up on there and guess what it does have it! It makes me so mad they make all all these book without any of the right information on it. Because the new book didn't have any thing about the 75 feet like the old book does. The new books sentences would just cut off and was just not very helpful. Oh and i passed my test but I also read the book once before I took the test.

@mariahkeigh96, Feb 15, 2018
Extremely helpful! Made the test easy. I just passed!

So happy that I used this app to help me study! It made the test feel really easy! The first time I tried taking the test last year, I used different means of studying, and unfortunately did not pass. However, this app was wonderfully helpful, and I passed with little difficulty this time around! The way the app is designed is very user friendly, but most importantly, it helps you to retain information in a fun, informative, and sustainable way. The smaller tests really teach you the information; and I loved the marathon tests, where it kept giving you the questions you got wrong until you’ve proven that you’ve learned them. My process: I went through all the tests in order, followed by going through the marathons again to review, then used “exam mode” before wrapping up. And then on test day (while I waited in line at the RMV), I took the “exam mode” again and again probably 15 or 20 times just to refresh. I tried many different programs, and this is by far the best app in my opinion!

Amelia_19, Jan 23, 2019
Best way to pass if you have read the handbook

This app is great and offers the best way to practice your knowledge test multiple times and get ready.Now as many others have mentioned in their reviews, there is no way to skip reading the Handbook. I was lazy when I moved back to CA to renew my license until my out of state license came one month to expiration. So I had to take the test and book an appointment with less than 2 weeks to practice. With kids and work it’s difficult to find time. I exclusively used this app to get ready doing 4 test a day. I felt ready the day of my appointment. I barely read the handbook while preparing for the test. Man my test was for some reason so much harder than I ever thought a test can be. I had two older ladies around me who where struggling just getting their computer to work and it was a huge distraction. Long story short. My first two answers were wrong and I thought I will be done. The rest of the test was harder but there is a logic to the questions when you don’t know the answers. I used common sense plus logic to get through until some of the questions I practiced with this app started popping up and then came the confirmation screen that I passed the test. Huge relief but conclusion is that take the time to prepare. Study the handbook as much as possible. Practice with the app while studying the handbook. Best of luck

Camerwa, Jul 16, 2022
Good app but didn’t work for New Jersey Test

So this app is pretty good; it’s motivational, has lots of questions, and makes sure you review anything you got wrong. I’m glad it worked out for so many people but the road test practice questions for the New Jersey road test needs to be updated. Considering there were 10 tests, one of them being 360 questions, I’d feel I knew a good amount of questions for the road test. But during the test I’d say only roughly 15 seemed remotely familiar. The rest I knew from the drivers manual. Plus during the actual test, the choices I had learned to choose from the app were wrong. I wish I could post them so changes can be made but I don’t remember them. Also I know the app has repeat questions so people can review what they learned in the past but the frequency of the repeats is too often, there should be more varied questions to review for more information. If you’re taking the road test, use this app first since it seems easy to learn with but then read the actual manual to make sure the information you need to focus on for your state is accurate.

Hachihachoochoo123456789yeah, Jul 02, 2018
crammed and passed!

I downloaded this app 2 days prior to my exam; I had been taking some online practice tests here and there but questions were often misleading so I felt like my learning was going nowhere. When I got this app I found that I was retaining the information; that’s probably because DMV Genie made it clear and fun to do. The day before the exam, I read through the DMV manual to clarify any additional questions I had and studied the marathon questions. My final study session was a mini one; while waiting to be called at the DMV I studied challenge bank questions and then gave my mind a rest once I was through with them.The permit test is exactly, if not, very similar to the questions I was given on DMV Genie and I’m so grateful for it. I only missed 2 on the exam which says a lot about the effectiveness of this app considering that I crammed my study sessions over the weekend. Thank you DMV Genie!

j :-) c, Jul 06, 2020
Helpful, but don’t rely on just this app!

I recently passed my permit test, so here are some suggestions that I definitely recommend doing if you want to pass! I know everyone says this, but I can’t stress it enough, read the manual! I live in Tennessee and every question on my test came straight from the book. If you don’t want to read the book then skim through the pages at least. I really only used the book to study the alcohol and dui portion, everything else I studied from doing practice quizzes online. If you live in Tennessee I recommend taking the test on paper, make sure to ask for it otherwise you’ll be taking it on the computer. I took the computer test, the questions are worded differently so make sure to read it carefully before choosing an answer! Don’t rely on just this app alone because none of the questions that were on this app appeared on my actual test. However, there were some that were similar. I passed with only 1 wrong. The test itself isn’t hard, unless you make it hard. It’s mostly filled with commonsense, it isn’t timed so don’t rush. If you don’t pass the first time you can always retake it. I believe in you, you got this!

Jasminexaa, Dec 11, 2019

Be sure to utilize all the CDL questions for MA (or your state). I like that the questions were very accurate and were repetitive along with the wrong answers corrected with info from the RMV itself. Which the app gives you access to. The app provides the drivers DMV for your state. USE IT!!! The questions in the general knowledge practice test in app were very much, almost identically worded like the RMV exam questions. Most ALL of the Class B exams questions were pretty relativeI used all the test questions (especially the marathon tests) in the app and studied approx. 6 hrs again before I took the CDL exam and PASSED. What I liked most about the marathon questions is the fact that there were other questions that I hadn’t been asked using the other test questions. With that being said, I did everything in order and then took the app exam as if it were the RMV exam. Repetition is key to the questions you may be struggling with. I passed today and was very pleased. I paid for lifetime access option because I plan to take other endorsements in the future. And I’ll get updates of new info since regulations and things are changing post Covid-19 in this industry. Well worth the investment in yourself and your future in the professional commercial driving industry of all types either way you choose to pay.

Liyah luv me, Apr 15, 2022
This app is amazing, I Passed my TN, Class A CDL😁‼️

At first I was nervous cause, I thought it’s just a normal app with lies. Then I started studying it and wow it blew my mind. Especially when I studied the exam. At first I studied the “test” on here and went to the DMV and failed my tests on the first try😔. I got really discouraged. But I asked myself, what’s the difference between “test” and the “exam “ on here. It’s totally different. Once I started studying the exam part, it had different questions and answers. I studied the exam on here and pass all my tests on the second try with flying colors. The questions and answers are the Exact same in the DMV. It blew my mind how this app helps you some much. I never read the book, I only studied this app and I passed all my tests. Now I’m going back to take all my endorsements. I never in my life wrote a review but this app changed my life and gave me so much hope. I will recommend this app to everybody. This app is legit.

LLTeddy52, Aug 23, 2018

If you’re stressed out over taking the tests or you just want ensure you’ll pass, this is the perfect app. I paid the $30 for one month and did all of the general knowledge, air brakes, and combo vehicles practice tests- the marathon- then when I felt confident, I did the practice exams. The one gripe I had with the app is that the answers to the questions are always in the same order. Like question x, the correct answer is always the third option. So, for the practice exams, I had my wife read them to me in random orders. When it came time to actually test at the BMV (Ohio), the questions were the same ones you’ll find on the app. Only one or two instances where a single word was different than what I had read over and over on the app. If you actually spend time on this app doing the tests, forget the manual, the app is more than enough to help you.

Mr. Keki, Jan 05, 2023
DEFINITELY worth the download!

My friend recently took her permit test using this app, and she recommended it to me. I gave it a try at first, and it was rather difficult. However, this was because it was my first time taking the quizzes, so there’s no blame on the app. After taking the quizzes repeatedly until I got 100% each time I took them, I was ready for the simulation. I only failed once to get a pass right afterward! Every time after, I passed as well; sometimes I even got 100%. I went to the DMV this morning, took my test online, and the questions were almost EXACT to the ones on the app. Only reworded! I passed my permit test with only 2 wrong answers, but I flew through the exam. I highly recommend this app to people who are unsure about what’s on the test. This app is very accurate to what you’ll see at the DMV. If you want to go the extra distance and get premium, feel free. I did not purchase premium and STILL ended up passing. PLEASE DOWNLOAD!

Nhillig1, Jul 09, 2019


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