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DMV Permit Practice Test - Hub

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User Reviews for DMV Permit Practice Test - Hub

Passed my Utah permit test first time

I’ve tried various other apps before when I was taking my California permit test at 16/17 but I had failed that twice... Now I’m 21 and using this app and a full day of studying the handbook helped me pass with 90% the first time. I know it’ll vary on the state but the ways questions were worded here wasn’t too different from the Utah test, and as long as you know why the correct answers are correct you’ll understand them as they show up on the permit test. Not every single question is going to be on this app but I recognized a lot of similar ones on the test. If you’re able and have time, use this with the hand book and if you’re doing a last minute cram go through all the questions on this app will help at least a little. Good luck out there!

cassysquatch, Mar 15, 2021
Okay app, but deceiving

I used this app to prepare for my permit test. I cleared all of the sections 5+ times each getting 90% or higher, however when I took the permit test for the first time, almost all of the questions were different from the “exam” mode on here. I found that exam mode is repetitive and doesn’t switch up the questions. I saw different questions on the test that I’ve never seen on this app before. Note all questions on the permit test are worded differently than the ones on here. To help understand questions for the permit test more it’s better to understand the solution instead of the actual question itself.

chicb124, Feb 11, 2021

I love this app because it helped me to pass on my first attempt. I downloaded the app 2 months prior to my birthday. I studied almost everyday doing multiple of these at a time because I was determined to get my permit. I’m not sure how I would have studied otherwise. So glad this app is free and there’s many options of practice tests. It also lets you review the ones you missed. As far as it being similar to the actual test, I believe they were very similar. I did miss 4 however, but I still believe it’s a great tool and recommend it to anyone trying to pass their permit.

hdjxjh bdnd, Nov 11, 2021

i used exclusively this app only a week away from my test, maybe like an hour of study time each day? some days i did a little more, but it really helped me understand all of the questions for the knowledge test. I will say there should be a shuffle function for the questions as all of the questions are given in the exact same order in the app, but I did just fine without it.

hfkfhanskf, Jan 22, 2022
It’s okay but..

I really love this app, it’s really useful. However the only complaint I have about it, is that I dislike how whenever I swipe out of a question, and come back and try to finish where I left off, it resets my answers and starts back at the first question. It’s really frustrating when I got to the road sign section and it really upsets me that sometimes I just accidentally swipe out and I’ve already answered 120 questions and it took me back to question #1. I hope you guys can fix that problem soon! Because I really like this app!

LagoehqndksvjsmLaiajsjs, Jul 19, 2020
Some questions unexpected

I passed my written first try using this app, however I was caught off guard by some of the questions on the test.1. Add some more situational questions. Such as, if a person wants to drive during the night, what is the best practice to stay awake/drive safe. Also, add more about medicine and usage while driving.2. Some questions on the test were biological, such as how long it takes for your body to absorb alcohol.Great app, just needs a couple more things covered.

ProdMarshn, Aug 05, 2021
Fantastic app!

Has multiple tests, broken down by category. It has a simple interface and two high value categories for repeat questions - favorites and errors. By tracking mistakes and letting you try again it made learning super simple.If you’re cramming last minute for your driving test- this app is it.Many thanks to the developers and designers behind this app.

Sarah FC, Mar 18, 2021
More Confidence In Myself

I’m turning 15 soon and am taking my learners permit on the 7th, I was doing tests online at first, but wasn’t learning anything, like, at all. So I downloaded this app and a couple others, but this actually helped me learn. I can fix my mistakes, favorite ones that I have a hard time remembering and, it’s free (I may be a little biased by that word). I was super scared, but I realized that this is the exact same stuff that’s on the test, and I’m actually pretty good at this. I have confidence that I’ll pass my learners permit test.

Skye Durrant, Mar 21, 2021
Passed with this App!

I took my CA permit test today and managed to do pretty well. I think I missed 2. I went through the entirety of this app probably 2-3 times and made sure I memorized and picked up on patterns. Some questions were exactly like on the CA permit test while others were similar. This app (as well as others) doesn’t cover every single question that will be on the test, but it should give you the tools to give logical answers during the actual test.

VenusKiddo, Aug 14, 2018
Passed with only one wrong question

The title is pretty self explanatory. The extensive nature of the questions will really help you understand the rules of the road and regulations without having to flip back and forth through the pages of the manual. The only drawback is that when you’re in the middle of going through the tests and you accidentally swipe too far left to go back to a previous question, you could exit out by accident. Then when you tap to go back to the test, you have to restart the whole test all over again, instead of picking up where you left off. And the marathon is like 400+ questions. Im sure anyone would lose their s#it if they had to restart that hahaa. Other than that, it’s been a super helpful app!

WykedSid, Apr 15, 2021


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