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ABBYY Business Card Reader Pro

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ABBYY Business Card Reader Pro

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User Reviews for ABBYY Business Card Reader Pro

Family Share is not easy to set up and tech support is only available via email

Family Share has been difficult to set up. Don’t count on having a quick conversation with tech support. Can’t get anyone on the phone. At alll!

164737:848;)), Feb 20, 2020
Could be better

This app has great features that other apps do not offer. I like being able to search them on LinkedIn, save their photo, and export my contacts into an excel file. However, this app can do better with the address function. If the address isn’t correct, I have to make a new address and delete the original because it will not save my edit, or it will mix the state into the street address. Additionally, once I do get the right address and export to an excel file, the state, street, and zip columns are never accurate in the file. It’s very frustrating. Have you thought about making specific fields when inputting the address on the app instead of one long line? One card will work, while the other card from the same company won’t. I just don’t get it. Also, I can’t download the app on my desktop because it’s a windows, and my phone is an apple product and it shows there’s no device found. In order to get the app on my desktop, I’ll have to pay for the app again..? No. Again, this app has better features than other apps, but I don’t know if it’s worth $35.

ASK1423, Dec 19, 2018
Best one I’ve tried. Rather pay up front than monthly fees like most

Best one I’ve tried, probably 10 a year ago. Ones that are free are like a trail or limit how many you can have. Others are monthly fees so you will spend this much within a year. It’s been the most accurate but has hard time recognizing some cards with designs, odd print or busy cards. On simple cards it’s great, made me think of how I want my business card, plus I can send my business card instead of carrying tons of them. I do check every card after entering because there are sometimes mistakes so make that a habit but always can go back and do that later. Some small business owners appreciate you just scanning their card and handing it back saves money and paper. If people that use send error reports it will help them better the product. They make updates quite frequently. I’ve got a few people on this. Y’all should give me a referral fee or have a program or something to get people on board. Also a way to import from other programs, though I haven’t checked it out much. Maybe update with more custom features to make more personal or let people keep default. I look forward to other products. And I don’t leave reviews often, having 1000’s of apps and 10 or so devices personally. Thank you for making my life easier for card reader

cwilliamt, Dec 17, 2019
New User, Not Intuitive

I just paid $40 for this app and isn’t only mediocre. The first card I scanned it made the persons title their name and now that I fixed I can’t figure out how to add a title. A couple more cards in and more errors. Plus, I’m still trying to figure out how to fix my own card which it asked me to scan after I entered the second card. There is a feature you can sms a card to someone, but it’s just ugly text that is sent, not a contact. Not super happy so far and not sure why this app has 4.6 stars. I’d say find a free option, should work just as well.

etienstar, Jan 03, 2019

My expectation of a product like this at its cost is that it would save me time and add real efficiencies. It doesn’t. In most cases, all it does is replace the time spent entering data from a card with time spent correcting the mistakes the app makes when scanning the card in. When contacted about this, they replied that the cards in question don’t meet some amorphous standard of quality. Whatever. It isn’t about quality of the cards, whatever that means. It is about the fact that many cards have different formats and this product, despite its promises and price tag, is not able to adequately address those variations. In other words, it doesn’t do what it says it does. When I sought a refund, I was denied. Don’t buy this. Use an inexpensive or free version or do it the old school way. This product has negative ROI

Hadrian's Visit, Jun 03, 2020
Best product in class, would give 5 stars if they would allow me to change my email address on file

Card recognition and automatically adding new business cards to your contacts is best in class. Sending an intro email automatically to your new cards is an awesome feature.Several months ago I started a new job, thus access to my old jobs email is no longer granted to me. When contacting customer support about this via email, they told me their is nothing they can do.

HRedteam, Sep 23, 2019

Hands down this is one of the greatest apps you will ever have if you meet many contacts on the daily. This app has changed the way I organize new contacts I meet at the job site. I would recommend this to anyone. In fact I tell more and more people all the time about this app when they hand me a business card right away.

Joey Meloni, Oct 20, 2019
Fantastic App 268 contacts!!!!!

I volunteer with many groups. I also have a business and friends from different groups. This app is the only way I can keep all my contacts in one place but divided among the various groups where I know them! Of all the apps I've ever owned, this has to be my all time favorite! This also makes life so easy when I upgrade my cell phone and need to move my contacts over!

NancyAz, Jun 18, 2021
I Can Recommend This App

I work in a professional setting and I meet with new people once a month within my work life and this application makes it easy to organize and keep everyone’s contacts. I got a new phone and made quick backup within the app on my old phone. When I installed this application to my new phone, I just restored from the backup (needs internet connection) and I had all my contacts onto my new phone (and on the app). It was easy to do.One problem is the character recognition sometimes incorrectly get a character and I have to manually fix it.

Nathan D. M., Nov 09, 2019
Very Useful - Some Annoying Bugs

Using on an iPhoneX- I use English and Japanese, and wish I could turn off English when scanning Japanese cards. Does well scanning both languages, but the app makes more mistakes when both languages are turned on. English is always on by default. - Annoying app crashes when editing addresses. Most often, while modifying an address, the country selector will suddenly be displayed, and after selecting a country, the app will crash and will need to be rebooted. As verifying data in multiple languages is a tedious task, these random crashes cause significant reduction in productivity. - Add group button doesn’t work when entering data. To add groups, must visit the settings page. - Want the ability to make subgroups of a group. Haven’t tried exporting the data yet, but looking forward to giving it a try. This app has lot of potential.Thank you

Rastawolf13, Jan 21, 2019


ABBYY Business Card Reader Pro –The World’s Fastest Business Card Scanner & Contact Management App for iPhone and iPad! Recommended by The New York Times, CNN, The Telegraph, Computer Business Review, Macworld. Winner of the RISING STAR Award in the Mobile Star Awards ABBYY Business Card Reader Pro easily & simply captures & stores contact from business cards in 25 languages to your iPhone and iPad.

The recognized data can be saved in either your device contacts or the app digital storage. KEY FEATURES • QUICK AND ACCURATE SCANNING ABBYYs optical character recognition technology provides quick & accurate recognition of all contact information: names, organizations, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. • AUTO-CLICK PHOTO FEATURE Automatically focuses on the business card, detects its edges, crops any extraneous background & captures an image of the card all by itself. • EASY CHECK OF RECOGNIZED DATA The app highlights “unusual” characters with blue color and displays the original image so that you can quickly confirm the output of the app. • APPLE WATCH APP. You won’t need to reach for your iPhone or iPad to remember somebody’s name. View contacts and make phone calls right from BCR on your Apple Watch! • AUTOMATIC NORMALIZATION OF PHONE AND EXTENTION NUMBERS BCR will automatically put in all the missing parts so that you can reach the contact even if the country code was omitted in print. • AUTOCOMPLETION OF ADDRESSES BCR corrects any typos and fills in the missing address fields so you can easily find it on the map. • MANUAL BACKUPS. Manual backups to archive and restore to another device. • Export contacts to Salesforce Leads (premium account required). BCR can export business cards to Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Editions of SF license. Professional Edition does not allow BCR export. • Set up voice commands in Siri Shortcuts app to open business cards by voicing the name of the owner. • Spotlight Search to find business cards from BCR • Export business cards to MS Excel in .CSV format. • Smart Facebook and LinkedIn search: connect social media account to the business card and auto upload photo of contact from Facebook. • Search in iPhone Maps for the address of your contacts. • Exchange digitally and forward recognized contacts via e-mail as VCard or JPEG files or via SMS as a plain text. • Share your contacts using QR code. • Support 25 languages including recognition of multilingual cards. - French - German - Greek - Japanese - Indonesian - Italian - Korean - Norwegian (both Bokmal and Nynorsk) - Polish - Portuguese (Portugal) - Portuguese (Brazil) - Russian - Spanish - Swedish - Turkish - Ukrainian Read us: abbyy.com/blog/mobile Facebook.com/ABBYYsoft Twitter @ABBYY_Software YouTube.com/ABBYYvideos Privacy Policy abbyy.com/privacy Terms of Use abbyybcr.com/en/eula Looking forward to your feedback on the App Store!

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