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User Reviews for ScanBizCards

Great product and great service

I have used this app for almost a decade, and it is terrific! When it first came out, there were minor issues, especially with OCR, but the developers were actively interested in learning about those issues so they could improve their product. They have actively and continuously engaged with their users to refine their product, and now, they have one of the best business card scanner — eRoladex — I have ever seen! Having been a user over the past few years, I have definitely seen this app evolve into one of the most powerful and useful tools on my iPhone. This is a must have app for mobile professionals. 👍🏻👍🏻

bfcoats2, Feb 21, 2023
Biz Cards

I seem to gravitate to just a few characteristics when evaluating Apps of any kind: ease of download and setup, intuitiveness, ease of integration with other Apps, plainly stated directions (DEVELOPMENT TIP for APP developers-check your spelling, grammar, and properly formatted sentences),--this is not meant as a criticism of Apps from other countries; but if your description and directions are not written in plain English you may as well just watch movies rather than waste your and your customers time.BIZ CARDS meets all of these criteria. Love its ease of use, despite being a relatively complex program with tremendous and straightforward integration with other APPS and the iPhone programming. Congratulations on a great piece of work.

Bluedot0649, Jun 08, 2018
Great concept but needs work

I love the app and the concept. Huge time saver. That is, if it would only capture the information actually. I would say 0% of the cards scans have loaded without mistakes. It is still often faster to correct a few problems then enter 100% of the info from scratch but if you are not careful it almost always has an error or two, or 3. There has been a couple that if not corrected and saved that would have caused either a problem or worse.Again, great app and great concept. I hope they continue to improve and send me updates. If it helps to know, I am using an IPhone 6S-P so the camera is good and not the issue.

CA Frogman, Mar 12, 2018
What a lousy app

A one star rating is extremely high for this app. I installed this app a month or so ago so that I could easily scan in business cards in my phone without having to scan them on Dymo CardScan device. The problem showed up after doing a about 120 cards and attempting to sync with my contacts. The app took anything that was already in my database and randomly linked them adding email addresses to totally unrelated contacts as well as phone numbers. So, I have been going through my 800+ contacts and deleting the unrelated details for each contact. I suppose it would be easier to just delete everything and start over using the Dymo card scanner.

FJYoung, Apr 26, 2019
Great app!

I’ve been using this app for several years. Recently I had a problem accessing a backup due to migrating to a new phone. I sent one email asking for help and they replied quickly. Not only did this resolve my issue, but they checked back to make sure all was well. If I had to choose between an excellent app with mediocre customer care or a mediocre app with excellent customer care, I’d choose the latter. But in this case, both are excellent.

JSB58, Jul 18, 2018
Needs work

I had some business cards that I wanted to throw away but didn’t want to lose the contact info so I downloaded this app. I like the idea of keeping all the business cards I have in one app and if I want I can export it into my contacts. The problem is I scanned 3 different business cards and all 3 I had to edit. It would put the name of the person into the wrong field. Had the address wrong in the one and had the phone number wrong in the other. If you could get it to scan all the correct info into the correct fields it would be perfect. I’m going to keep the app because I like the way it organizes it. I just didn’t want to edit every business card, but oh well.

Justme1972inmy40's, Jan 07, 2018
Highly recommended

I have been using this app to scan and store business cards. This is a great tool the not only scans business cards but also enables a quick addition to the contacts app. Works great and I never experienced any issue. There has been a change in the interface that moved a button to access your cards to below the home screen view. I reached out to the developer support and received a prompt response regarding finding this button. Very much appreciated .Highly recommended app

LISNC, Jan 30, 2020
Customer service fail

Like you, I got tired of keeping cards and selecting which ones to put in my phone and which ones to add to the 1990’s Rolodex that I still use. I did some research and selected this app to buy. My mistake. It wouldn’t synch with my work Exchange account and I kept getting an error message. I sent an email and they asked for the email address associated with the account. Huh? It’s the one I emailed you from but whatever. I responded immediately and didn’t hear anything back. I sent another email and ..... nothing. Save your money. Pick another app.Update. I’m an idiot. I was incorrectly trying to pair it with a non-existent account. They called and walked me through the process. Well done.

midtownmphs, Apr 19, 2019
Gamechanging Relief!

After, finally throwing in my “tough guy” towel in my life I finally started to get things organized in my business and personal life.One of those things I needed to organize, was the insane amount of business cards I had. Getting something like this has been on my stubborn mind for almost 5 years! Way too long. Now that I have this app and have seen it in action I now don’t have to worry about ever saying to someone I failed to reach back out to, “Hey! So sorry I didn’t reach out to you all those years ago! I lost your business card that you gave me at that conference/cafe/etc.”The 3$. I’m a business owner so every penny counts but I also understand that I need to spend money to make money.Worth it.If you’re a serious business owner or someone who is just in business, this is a necessity, not an option, in my opinion.These guys who made this app, made it happen, so you can make it happen, out in the chaotic business world.Thank you to the developers and anyone else who was a part in the creation of this app.Bless up!🛫

ReadyAction dude, Mar 30, 2019
Great app for retirees

I really like this app. As a retired business man I would of really used it back in the day. We travel frequently and pick up cards from businesses and people we meet. I like the ability to make folders that allow me to quickly find a card related to where/why I have it. Keeping these folders separate from my contacts is exactly what I need. I recommend this app to everyone. The scanning is great and very effective. I started with the Free Edition and became familiar with the uses and quickly decided to upgrade to Pro Edition. I needed a little help to transfer cards from free to Pro Edition. I contacted Customer Service and received immediate response and follow up. Great App Company.

Sealbch, Jan 29, 2018


Business Card Scanner App | Scan Business Cards | Scan Conference Badges - Capture More Leads at Events, Conferences and Tradeshows Scan cards and badges in seconds or submit tricky cards for 100% accurate human transcription! ** Latest additions to ScanBizCards ** - Email signature capture now available to worldwide users (earlier restricted to US users only) - Export contacts directly to Hubspot and Outlook (limited to 10 card exports) KEY BENEFITS - BUSINESS CARD & CONFERENCE BADGE SCANNING APP * Unlimited business card scans * Export directly to Hubspot and Outlook (limited to 10 card exports - unlimited on the Premium app). * Easily add contacts to iPhone address book * Create new contacts or merge scans with existing records * Scan both sides of the card--never lose a note! * Scan in any direction--it detects text automatically * Human transcription available for hard-to-read cards ADDITIONAL FEATURES * Add notes to each contact * Forward contacts to colleagues (text, image and VCard) * Send instant email and your VCard to new contact * Search and sort cards with cover flow 3D view * Compatible with ScanBizCards Enterprise (available on the Salesforce AppExchange) LITE (FREE VERSION) BUSINESS CARD & CONFERENCE BADGE SCANNING APP LIMITATIONS * Add unlimited business cards to the address book (USA users only) * One-time credit of 2 card exports to Salesforce * No assigning contacts to groups Install ScanBizCards Premium for instant access to unlimited business card saves, full calendar integration and CRM integration, group creation, email signature import and much, much more. AWARDS AND REVIEWS “Pretty amazing stuff” [Apple Gazette] “Bringing order to the chaos of business card collection” [New York Times] Winner of the 2011 MOBI Award [Sept 21, 2011] Featured on ABC TV LANGUAGE SUPPORT (21 languages) Czech, Danish, English, German, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian, Spanish, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese MORE ScanBizCards is the favorite business card app reader with reviewers because it doesn't just scan cards into the address book (better than other apps) - but goes much beyond, offering over 27 premium features not included in ANY other business card scanner app. For more information please visit https://support.scanbizcards.com/ or email us at [email protected]