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User Reviews for 7 Wonders

Decent Adaption

ALL RIGHT. Fourth time writing. Learning curve is finally taking effect. Did the tutorial again and some of my frustration is gone. I’ve played the board game many times and find the speed of this game disconcerting. Hopefully, my understanding of the nuances will grow. Started out with one star, changed to three, now give it four. Ok. Third time I’m writing. I am totally frustrated with this game vi play all the way through, get to last move. I have two cards left and have to choose one to play. However, neither is playable, I don’t have what’s needed. So, the game just sits there, keep telling me to choose a card and drag it into place, WHICH IT WON’T LET ME. So, the game is stuck, impossible to move on. Great. I’m liking it less and less and am removing a star from my review. One of my favorite board games. Game play is incredibly fast - really too fast. It would be better for me while playing against AI to see each players actions one at a time. It’s easy to lose track of their moves.

28monty28, Nov 25, 2017
Great Game!

I almost gave it a 4 bc I do see room for improvement but moved to 5 because you guys did an excellent job making this. Pros- •game is super fast to play ! You can get a game done in 5-10 min!• very easy to play if familiar with actual game. I saw a previous review and I don’t know how you can be confused if you are familiar with the game prior to playing the app. •very clear and easy to see what you have and other players. Room to improve when you upgrade?• I don’t think you should be able to pick your playing board and side. It takes away the ability to strategize on the spot. I have improved by practicing the different boards.• notification ability to hurry along a slow player•allow a lobby room for people to join a game vs. automatically placed into games at random. A lobby room would allow you to add a password and play online with people you know.•a way to rate players on wins and also if they stay loyal to a game that r if they bail early. (Game ticket to ride has some of these features that I feel works well for an online game)•maybe on offline mode you could create objectives to make it more challenging For Example • win a game with no blue cards or maybe no guild cards • win a game with having # of science combos. Overall wonderful and addicting I’ve probably have played it 40 times in the past 10 days!

Amwilliams14, Dec 30, 2017
Player count issue

This is a pretty decent digital adaptation of my favorite tabletop game, all things considered. I mean, sure it’s pretty bare bones right now, but they can always layer ranking and stats on top of a solid foundation. One thing that is an absolute travesty though is the way quick match places you in an open table. It asks how many players you want to play with, and then if it can find that in fifteen seconds it just puts you in whatever. If you back out you’re banned from matchmaking for three minutes. No. I do not ever want to play this with more than 3 players ever. It’s a completely different game at larger player counts and a much, much worse one. I will wait ten minutes for a 3 player match before I will play with more. Please, please, please give me this option. As it stands now, the fact that it asks me for a preference at all just adds insult to injury.

Beelzebozo, Dec 30, 2017
Errors in scoring

After the most recent update this week, there are errors in military scoring. This bug was not present prior to the update.Revised - I’ve also noticed the science calculation was off once as well. Not sure how often that happens. The one time I noticed it was after selecting science as the last card through the Halikarnassos special action. So hopefully that will be fixed as part of the next release as well. Thanks.Revised 2 - I know what the specific bug is now. It does not occur often in standard play, which is why it was hard to pin down. The issue is this. If playing Halikarnassos, and the very last play is to use your wonder ability that enables a search through the cards, if you choose either a military card or a science card, that card value will be doubled. So, a 3 military will count as 6, and a science card will count that symbol twice. But, again, it is only if that is the very last (18th) turn. I’ve now been able to replicate it, so pretty sure this is the issue. Hopefully, you can get you QA team to review. Thanks.

Casualboardgamer1937, Aug 08, 2018
Math Problems

After falling in love with the tabletop version of this game, buying this was a no-brainer. The app is fun and well done. As they continue to tweak it with updates, I can only imagine it will become a staple on most gamers iPads. My problems (and reason for the 3 stars) are 2 major issues. I’ve noticed when passing cards that the player I pass to will have somehow have accessed a card that I did not pass them. For example, I’ll be sure to tuck the one green science card left in the hand under my board to complete a wonder and the next round, they will somehow play a green (and did not have access to the discard pile).My even bigger issue is it doesn’t seem to be calculating points correctly. I’ll have 9 military shields but will lose the military combat because it only credited me with 6. It will also, frequently, miscount my victory points from guild cards.

CDomboski, Mar 17, 2018
I miss the old version!

I’ve had this app for over a year and enjoyed playing it — until now. The new update with the new 2nd edition graphic design SHRUNK all the icons, making them hard for me to see. And all the text is gone too, so I can no longer tell at a glance (i.e., without having to hover over the card to see the pop up text) what a card is and what its chaining benefits are. Instead, players have to memorize all the illustrations and/or pictorial icons to remember what a card is, what its chaining benefits are, and what abilities those chained cards will give you.I also miss the text because it added a lot of thematic flavor for me. I liked being able to say, “hey, I’m going to build the Agora!” Or the Pantheon, etc. Right now, I feel like I’m just pushing around a bunch of tiny icons.To the developers: I would love to have the option to go back to the “classic” version instead. But if that’s impossible, then having a “low-vision” option with BIGGER icons would be wonderful. It seems silly to have so much empty wasted space when I’m playing this game on a large iPad Pro screen!

DigitalGamer31415, Mar 08, 2021
Wonder-ful digital adaptation

I’m a huge fan of the board game, and I think you guys did a great job on the digital format. My feedback:There is a bug where Halikarnossus counts the card collected by its wonder twice sometimes. I’ve had it happen a couple times, but people abuse this in online play occasionally if they know how to exploit it.I would like to see more records kept in game, maybe like a stats page tied to your account (win-rate, number of games played, highest score, wonder win percentages, etc.). Doesn’t have to be too fancy, but this could be a really cool feature that a lot of us more nerdy players would really appreciate. The user interface is great and I can usually find what I’m looking for, but looking through the card selection history it can be difficult to tell which card was taken. If you held your finger over the icon and it showed the card that would be awesome.The tutorial was very good and was a nice touch for beginners to learn enough to get started and veteran players to learn the controls. The games flow very well and are the right pace. It doesn’t feel bogged down by clunky controls or interface. I like the timer in online play and the matchmaking screen is clean and easy to understand.

Mkyvcdhkvdd, Sep 07, 2018
First update is an improvement

The game works, it is 7 wonders, it looks good but... it is hard to tell what is going on. There is no indication of when neighbors buy resources or who you need to pay for a resource (unless you have the option to pay either neighbor). You can see what card your neighbors have but it would have been nice to see a short animation of their decisions to make it more noticeable. Heck the game plays in 3 minutes so slowing it down would not be a problem. Speaking of animations, a few could have been thrown in to spice up the game, it feels pretty clinical now. There is no option to select ai difficulty. The first update did address the biggest issue with the game... needing an internet connection to launch. At least now the game can be played while off WiFi.

sgreasby, Nov 24, 2017
Great game, could use minor improvements

I love the tabletop version of this game, and the app is true to the original. I did the quick tutorial, and it was really simple to figure out, but I can see how it might be frustrating to jump in without the tutorial. So far I have only played the AI, and I’m disappointed that I can’t increase the difficulty level. I’m consistently winning, so I foresee growing bored with AI (unlike Carcassonne, where different AI players have vastly differing strategies and skill levels - I’ll never get tired of that!). I guess I’ll have to try the online version. The display is good, but I’d really like to be able to easily see cost of wonders and military win/loss tokens of opponents, and to see opponents’ cards when playing with >3 players (without dragging down). Overall, though, I’m really enjoying it - and it plays so fast!

Tor-Bjorn, Mar 23, 2018
A 5-Star game now operating as a 1-Star app

I have had the 7 Wonders game on my phone for the past 2+ years and have played it on a *daily* basis. The interface was simple and I never ran into any issues with the app.Then at the end of February 2021, the app was updated to coincide with the new release version of the board game, so new cards were added. However, this new update has been a trainwreck. I have encountered issues with the game where certain actions are either not permissible that should be or flat-out lock the game so you have to reset the app. I have emailed the developers twice about this since the release and have seen little in the way of a fix. The lack of transparency and communication to fix these issues is unacceptable, and a previous go-to mobile game is now a disappointing shell of its previous self.I’ll change my rating if these issues get resolved, but until then it’s totally warranted!

Zee_Gee, Mar 17, 2021


Strategy/card game. Go up against players from around the globe in the world's leading, award-winning board game. Can be played offline against the computer.

Requires an internet connection for the network functions. Recommended devices: iPhone 6, iPad Air or more recent. 7 Wonders is a fast-paced, card-based, civilization development game with incredible strategic depth. The rules are simple and a tutorial will help you quickly master all the game's different concepts. Military, commercial, scientific or civil development... Combine your strategies and lay down your cards to make your city achieve glory for thousands of years to come.   COMPETE ON AN EQUAL FOOTING: no cards to collect, but a card selection mechanism (the draft) that guarantees constantly renewed and different games. Only your strategy will make the difference!   NO WAITING TO PLAY: all the players play at the same time, so you don't have to wait for each player to take their turn.   PRACTICE MODE: play against Artificial Intelligence in single-player games.   MULTI-PLAYER: Up to 7 players can play at the same time.   GAME DURATION: 5 - 8 minutes   LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Dutch, Italian

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