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Manmohan Garg
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User Reviews for Worldle ·


I like the game but wish more clues were available

batshitkrazy, Jun 29, 2022
Great geography practice

The dorks in my family think I google to get the answers… I just studied this!

Byrnes dilemma, Jul 31, 2022
Pretty good game!

This is a pretty good game and really helps with my geography retain ability. Keep up the good work.

Cool but with Flaws, Jun 28, 2022
Great game.

Only version of this type of game that doesn’t completely bone you on amount of plays. Truly seems to be created for the player. Would suggest getting for anyone who enjoys having fun.

Gorijellobstern, Jun 22, 2022
County outline are really poor

I normally get the Worldle in one guess. It’s an ongoing game me and my buddy play. Thought I would try the app. Well folks this isn’t the same people, and it shows. The first county was Austria, the drawing was squished side to side. The next was a set of islands, I’m still scratching my head. Oh well.

GrahamR72, Aug 06, 2022
Tokelau is not a country

It’s not on the list of United Nations member states and seems to be a territory of New Zealand. Regardless of this error, Worldle is a good game for identifying the shapes of countries. It could be much improved with a game mode that allows users to identify countries on a blank map.

jehobu, Jun 27, 2022
Fun but hard

Very difficult without context you’re often lost!

jel51, Jul 26, 2022
Best World quiz app.

Excellent content and quizzes with the perfect format. All of this for FREE…not charging $5 a week, like some other apps.

PandaMentor, Jun 16, 2022
Good geography lesson

Giving both the distance and compass direction to the answer location is a good teaching technique.

Rchertzy, Jun 17, 2022
Challenging but fun

Good free content. Basic, no frolls. The arrows indicate the direction of the country from your current guess.

StHelenaSaint, Jul 10, 2022


Worldle is a new geography game where you have to guess the hidden countries. How to Play:- 1) You have to guess the hidden country from its map in 6 or less tries. 2) Each guess should be a valid country or territory. 3) The distance, direction and closeness of the hidden country relative to the guess will be revealed after a guess is submitted. For Example - Let's say you entered united states while the hidden country is India, then it will display 13,576km, -> , 33% which means the hidden country(India) is 13,576 kms away from United States and is in the east direction and 33% closeness indicates that it is quite far from it.

Keep on trying and we are sure you will become pro after a while :) inspired by worldle web app by teuteuf Terms of Use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/ Privacy Policy: https://sites.google.com/view/worldle-globle-privacy Map Icons from: https://github.com/djaiss/mapsicon Some Icons from Flaticon - https://www.flaticon.com/

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