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World of WIT

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for World of WIT

Trash app

Literally says it needs an update when it’s fully updated and need an iCloud account... not worth the download. Do not trust

auntiilk, Feb 04, 2021
I did it

I got a booty pic with this

carmecallson live, Mar 17, 2022
Games wack

Can’t Even Move Puzzle With This New IPhone Update !

Damian Balderas, Oct 19, 2023

keep saying it needs to be updated.. but the app just stops working

ghhdhnvftrunnn, Mar 07, 2020

Keeps telling me it needs an update. It won’t let me play I already tried updating it it won’t let me

haiayhdbsjs, Jun 02, 2020
Never loads

Great concept but I’ve been waiting for two hours for it to download

I saw fakemon, so I expected, Mar 24, 2022
Where do completed puzzles go?

Cool game but I don’t know where to find my completed puzzles. They should make it where once you complete a puzzle it gets sent to your camera-roll.

mannyg1999, Apr 13, 2022

its SO BAD i usually dont write reviews but this app is terrible and doesnt let you even use it. USELESS app and i just think its a scam just to see your data and your icloud. terrible, terrible app, DO NOTTT download nor use or give up ANY of your data. i would give it a zero if i could.

normal lynn, Jul 27, 2022
Find another

I'm willing to bet there's plenty apps better than this one, it requires icloud and I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow i wake up with six hundred fraudulent charges on my credit card. Shady. :/

Rockfire gg, Oct 04, 2019
No hints

All because of that app my girls wants make me solve 3000 piece puzzles and the colors all look the same but I can’t not solve because she’ll get mad….

Silent🙊, May 07, 2023


Photos are memories. WIT encrypts your photos into puzzles that have you discover your memories all over again. Play or share.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter … have your friends look closer with WIT. Surprise, amuse or challenge them. WIT converts any photo into a puzzle, even with a nice hiding blur-option. Make your photos stand out – send them as a Wit. Your friends can solve them right in the webbrowser or in "World of WIT". Be warned! It's really addictive :-) Puzzle – Definition: /'pʌz(ə)l/ noun A game designed to test ingenuity or wit.v ______________ What is WIT? • WIT stands for: What Is This? Where Is This? Who Is This? Why Is This? When Is This? • Any photo can instantly be converted into a puzzle. • You decide how hard it is to solve! • Want an extra *surprise*? Turn on blur and the photo will slowly become sharp as your friends solve it! • Surprise, challenge, amuse, … you provide the photo – WIT does the rest. • Be creative: send invitations or proposals as a Wit. • Make your friends smile as they discover your message. • Have them look at every curve and detail of your picture. • Once solved they know your photo by heart. • Use any photo just Pick – Shuffle – Send _________________ Photo Memories Decrypt a random photo of yours and discover what happened today 5 years ago. Who is this? Where is this? What is this? You never want to stop. The more you play the more specific the categories get. • Today x years ago • Last month • This is a favorite of yours • This is from an Apple picked memory … ___________________ Value your Photos Friends normally rush over your photo, have them stop at your special moment. Engagements, birthdays, parties, vacations all lead to beautiful pictures and you want to say something to your firends: • We are engaged! • You are invited! • Wish you were here! • Isn't this hilarious? With WIT they will stop at your puzzled-photo and their eyes will open as they step by step take it in. _______________________ Show your Witty Side Some photos quite hide their content when scrambled, some need some blur to stay surprising. No matter what your friend with discover every details as the put together the pieces of your special moment. • Surprise your friends with amazing photos. • Show your witty side. • Misslead your friends – sometimes things don't look like what they are :-) • Disguise your funniest photos with our blur to increase the effect. • Challenge your friends with difficult to solve Wits. _______ Always • Nature pattern, make great challenges. • Strucutres are super challenges, too. • Pictures with skin always mislead … send a photo of your foot and turn on blur ;-) • Special moments come only so often, have your friends discover them. • Have a picture with something surprising in the background? Make sure one of the Wit cuts goes right through it, your friends cannot miss it :-) _________ Features • Instant: use in iMessage, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, … anywhere where you can post a link! • Flexible: Use any photo or take a picture! • For anyone: From trivial 2 pieces to 144 pieces. • Fun: Use blur-feature for a special surprise. • Smart: Pieces that match move together! • Versatile: Choose your own challenge messages. • Easy as 1-2-3: Pick a photo – choose the cut size – send. That's it! ______ Enjoy Go ahead and try the brand new "World of WIT"! Be creative and send personalized Wits to your friends and family. Website: TheKeptPromise.com Facebook: facebook.com/TheKeptPromise Twitter: @TheKeptPromise

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