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Faizan Faisal
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User Reviews for Wordoodle


This game was initially really fun, as I enjoy little puzzles like this. However, it only uses a handful of words and repeats them over and over again every few levels. Thus, the challenge is gone. I would increase my rating to 5 stars if they would just expand their dictionary.

AimeeHous, Feb 11, 2022
Not My Favorite

My major complaint is the inclusion of three letter games. Even if you have figured out two letters and know where they belong, there will be many possibilities for the missing first letter. This is horribly boring, because you’re no longer using strategy, you’re just guessing first letters: bun, fun, gun, nun, pun, run, sun …. You either give up or start spending 50 coins per guess.Deleting.

AustinGramma, Apr 24, 2022
Ads are annoying

Ads pop up in the middle of a level and there is no way to exit out of some of them. This means you have to exit out of the app and then back in. The level then starts over again so you lose any progress you’ve made in solving it. I only played until level 4 and it happened to me every level and twice on some levels as I had to restart it. Fun app the little I actually go to play it but not worth the time and effort.

BAMCCA, Feb 25, 2022

When you finally get sick of waiting for ads and pay for the ad-free version, you are not ad free. Just fewer ads but a full 30 to 45 second ad between every game. DO NOT PAY THESE people. They are ripping you off. Additionally, I now only get monotonous 4 letter words. No variety. So disappointed.

cjccdc, Aug 04, 2022
Disappointing 🫤

Okay - I paid for No Ads. Then I paid for the piggy bank a couple of times. I hate the three letter words. But I still played & played. Then when you get to a certain level, it only gives you four letter words - over & over & over. That’s it. There is no way to contact support on game app to report this malfunction to developers. And I tried everything on my end to fix the dilemma. Okay - I got taken.

Customer-Review!, May 12, 2022
Need a “no ad” option!!!

An ad after every puzzle is ridiculous!!! Please fix!!! Other than that, a fun and challenging game

jersey1371, Feb 06, 2022
Words Repeat

I am on level 80. The words start repeating It is happening often now so I think I’m done playing. Also the 3 letter words are sometimes impossible because they contain common endings such as “ad” or “at”. This app would be much better if only 5 letter words, no repeat words, and if they took away the sparkle effect when you get a letter right. I would rate it 2.5 stars.

Jog:4456))||~??asd, Mar 01, 2022
Too many ads!

This game would be great if there was not a long ad after each and every. I think I’m going to end up deleting it because I’m tired of wasting the time on the answer advising. It is especially ironic because several of the ads have been for games that say they are ad-free.

Mucky too, Mar 11, 2022
Fun Wordle game bedeviled by bugs and privacy concerns

Apple’s privacy report shows this app using my network constantly even though i play the game very little. Maybe because it forces players to watch an ad after every game played (and games take like a minute) so that’s a lot of data needing to be downloaded. After several levels of gameplay the amount of internet traffic into my device due to this app results in my ipad slowing down my <1 year old Apple IPad Air 4 until it eventually crashes. Recommendation: find another Wordle app.

urbanpaul, May 17, 2022
Not bad

Fun game after you purchase the ad free option for $5. But, everytime I get passed level 100 whenever I restart the game they restart me at level 50 for some reason… and they are the exact same words. Weird bug that needs to be fixed

yourmotherlovesme, Mar 13, 2022


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