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User Reviews for Word Pearls: Word Games


UPDATE: either I passed the glitch or the developers fixed it. I really do love this game. It’s very addicting. On level 500 now and there is a larger variety of subjects. I don’t mind paying for quality games and supporting developers. PREVIOUS: I am on level 263 and have been playing the same words/categories over and over again. I must have played them at least 10 times each already. I paid to remove the ads. I’m sorry I spent money on it now. It’s a fun game but too redundant.

66mustangsally, Sep 02, 2020
Nothing like the ad that got me to download it!

The ad that popped up for this game showed a large rectangle full of circles/letters and showed a hand tracing/highlighting as many words in the puzzle as possible. Supposedly it would tell you your “brain age” based on the words you found. I have played over 80 levels of this game, thinking maybe that screen full of letters would pop up on the “secret level”, once achieved. I’ve opened THREE secret levels and have yet to see anything but little bubbles with multiple letters that you combine to form words. While this is entertaining, for a while, it is NOTHING like the ad that gets you to download the app. I’ve seen this with other apps, too. Why lure people with a promise that is nothing like the actual game? I looked back at prior, low rated, reviews and see where others have said that this game is nothing like the ad they saw. Those reviews were over a year ago, and yet the ad is STILL being used that shows a different game. That proves that you don’t care about reviews or customers and let’s me know it is done on purpose, just to lure people. Guess I’ll just delete it and find something else.

Alikirby, Sep 27, 2021
Pop goes the whistleblower

Bring the water to the house for a little while and I can cook some pasta and then I’ll be sleeping because this game is simplest the best. My mom used the make the money behind the bowling alley when my brother and I cleaned the house. I wish I had this game to play so maybe I could of had a better life. Doesn’t matter what your experience play this game because it rocks!!

Chiefken, Dec 31, 2020
Love This Game😍

You need to get this app! It is better than word cookies and other games. I love how it starts off easy and keeps going and then it gets hard but you already have had the practice. The music is way nicer than other games like this. I like how it is bubbles and not words on a circle. I hope you get because you may realize it is not that bad.This to the developer: Are you going to change the app picture for holidays because it is still on Valentine’s Day themed. If you are wondering I’m talking about it’s the icon on your phone that you click to get into it. Not a big just something I wanted to point out.

eweggroll, Mar 28, 2020
Download this game NOW and this is why...

Ok so I just finished level 11 and I have not started level 12 yet.So I might write another review later on but for now let’s talk about this app. So the topic for level 11 is put in a glass (so things you can put into a glass) so for example (wat)+(er)=water The music is relaxing and calm. I think that this game is better than other word games such as word cookies. I like to play this game called brain test and on level 59 they do the same thing as this game at the end of the level it sad that if I liked that level to try this game so I thought hey I’ll give it a shot and while It was downloading I read the reviews and so far I am addicted to this game so you should definitely get this gameThis is to the developer: great job on this game I absolutely love this app keep up the good work!!!

games🙃🙃🤓, May 03, 2020
Wow 🤩

This is an amazing app! So relaxing and fun to play. Right now I’m out of school for the caronavirus and this is kinda teaching me like in school! I’m also not that good in reading, I have a 80 something in reading so this game is such a huge help and this game will definitely help me in school and I hope this game helps you guys too! This game has definitely met my expectations if not more and it has met my interests! I hope this game does the same for you! Goodbye and 5 stars from me for sure!

ilovecupcaks.com, Mar 20, 2020
Great Game...But

I really like this game. It makes me think but it is just challenging enough to not make me want to give up. The only complaint I have is what is with the constant Joe Biden ads? I am going to vote for him but the same ad over and over again? Really? I don’t mind ads but the exact same one every time is just plain boring!

Joe in MI, Aug 15, 2020

Would give this game 5 stars because I enjoy it. But find the ‘move the phone and shake it’ to get the balls to fall extremely annoying. Can I turn this feature off?Update. I have become familiar with the shake it feature and therefore have updated my star rating. Very enjoyable. Makes you think but doesn’t make life more unbearable than it can be 🙂

MrsW54, Nov 01, 2019

This is an awesome game and I have already given it a good review. Let’s talk about the glitch that I mentioned. It has to do with the daily challenge. If you never play the daily challenge, then the glitch shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you do play the daily challenge, (which there are no rewards for anyway, as far as I can tell), instead of selecting “next”, you need to arrow back. If you don’t, none of your game progress is saved and you will have to do all those levels over! Why have you not fixed this, yet? I am not the only reviewer to mention it! I would give five out of five stars, but the simple fact that you don’t seem to want to fix this, tells me that your players aren’t important enough to you! I won’t delete as I figured out how to avoid the glitch, but it would be nice not to have to!!

Psalm103.4nettie, Oct 28, 2020
Update to my original review.

I was having game issues after the last update. An update was issued today (4/5)and now the game works perfectly. This is such an exciting game to play. I love how you can make small words from the pearls that may not pertain to the puzzle. Plus you get 25 points for finding them! It is a good brain exerciser and I feel like it isn’t just mindless fun like so many other games I have played. If you like a challenge but not mentally exhausting you should definitely check this out. And thank you to the developers for addressing my game play issues.

SilverHairLady, Apr 05, 2021


Word Pearls is one of the World’s most popular mobile word games. This free word game is a fantastic "spin" on traditional word connect games, word search games, and word puzzle games. It is the most genuine word game in the market now.

It is an original combination of trivia, word search, and word connect games. With its unique themes and music, it is calming as much as challenging. In the game basically, words are split into syllables and players need to connect words back together by using bubbles. There are plenty of engaging categories/levels. The words in each level are a part of a certain topic. Players should carefully think about words related to the topic to solve the puzzles. If some words are new to players, they can always look them up in the dictionary by simply tapping. Word Pearls brings a different adventure to word puzzle lovers. If you like crosswords and word search games you will lose track of time while playing this free word game. Features: • Latest word puzzle game with hundreds of unique challenges! • Free daily rewards! • Collect bonus words! Earn rewards for finding extra words! • Earn boosters! Use the spyglass, light bulb or hurtle when you get stuck! • Unlock new themes. Choose from themes that unlock as you play! • Great exercise for the brain. • Play without the internet. • Play offline. • Brain teasers and brain games for adults. If you are bored with word connect games and looking for new word games or fun word games for free you will enjoy Word Pearls. This perfect new game is one of the best word games for adults. Enjoy addictive word games! Download for Free!

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