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User Reviews for Word Seek HD

Entertaining but annoying

This is a fun way to challenge your mind as well as keep you eye/ hand coordination sharp. Unfortunately, the author of the program has used a dictionary database that is sorely lacking. For example, common words like “stent” and “lasered” are not seen as words; these are only two examples of many. Entering a commonly accepted and standard usage word and having it deemed incorrect detracts significantly fro what would otherwise be an excellent product.

ARBeck, Apr 05, 2018
Word Seek HD - fun for word lovers!

I have always enjoyed these word-finding games. This one is great--I can play alone in landscape mode on all my iPads. It's challenging and brain-stimulating. Only thing I would change is the colors--do not care for the lime green! (perhaps make optional color themes). Highly recommend!

BAR112, Jun 18, 2017
My Favorite Word Game!

I do ❤️ this game! I play every day. Sometimes I’ll play a 5 minute game, but occasionally I’ll switch to unlimited time. I can play for days, or even weeks, on the same game. It’s interesting to do a long game because I’ll close a day’s play when I can find no more words. When I open the game the following day I’ll find more. It’s good challenge to see just how far I can go. 😁

Flamingo 1, Jan 13, 2022
Crashes constantly

This game would be great if not for the constant mid game crashes. I bought the pay version thinking that it would be better seeing as the free version only crashed during the ads at the end of the game. That issue caused my scores to not save to the leaderboard which was a minor annoyance and combined with ads being gone seemed worth 2 bucks to deal with. How wrong I was! In the pay version the game still crashes either mid game or after the game and will not record your score if it does. Complete waste of money and will be requesting a refund from App Store in the morning.

Freeeeeeeetokens, Mar 31, 2021
Great Game Idea…

…marred by a buggy interface. I enjoy games of this type, and played many of them.This one suffers from an interface that just does not work. Letters are either included when you have not selected them, or it misses or confuses letters you have selected.Very distracting to have thr game miss your choice three times in a row, only to finally accept it in the end.This could be a 5 star app if it played correctly.

HeadMoose, Nov 16, 2021
Broken App

I have been playing this app for years. As of the last update it will no longer let you play a game unlimited by time that goes on for more than a day. Well, technically you can keep playing but after you leave and re-open the game your score is gone and you cannot accumulate any more points. I don’t know why developers keep ignoring the best advice ever given: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I used to rate it 4 stars when my biggest gripe was that you can’t rotate the board like you can in Boggle.

lreadl, Mar 30, 2018
Great dictionary depth

This game has a better dictionary than many of these games do, which cuts down on frustration when you know something is a word, but the game insists it isn't. It also has a relaxing no timer mode I really enjoy.

Tajnyj, Sep 25, 2017
Lights up my brain

I found this game while looking for boggle. I needed a reading/word game for a summer reading clinic for kids who struggle with reading. This game is a winner with the fourth grade kids (going into 5th), and I love it too.

Turtlebearmare, Jan 01, 2022
Good game, but ad supported

The game is good, has excellent dictionary. But I detest the ads each time a game is completed. Many of the ads are videos, and even though you can exit, they will load and start first. The game with the really comprehensive dictionary is better than most and would easily score 5 stars, but the annoyance of the ads for my use has me making a stand at only 2 stars.

Vitalstatistix-2, Nov 29, 2017
Good learning game

I’ve been playing this game over and over for years now. I love learning new words and if you do, then this game is for you. It’s not easy but I get better each time I play. I would have given it 5 stars, but although my high score shows up on my screen, it’s not reflected in the overall leaderboard. If it were, I’d be in the top 1%. I’d really like to see this corrected, then I’d give it the 5 stars it deserves.

Woman with no racing skills, Oct 10, 2019


*** Come join the Word Seek HD crowd! This is the game for you if you love social word games or puzzles! *** Sharpen your mind, expand your vocabulary, and challenge yourself to solve a puzzle with this innovative, interactive, and addictive play off a classic word search game. You’ll have tons of fun as you find as many words as possible by yourself or live online against your friends in this board game! ___________________________________________ Not ready to buy?

Download the FREE version - Word Seek HD Free ___________________________________________ If you see any crashes with the newest updated game, PLEASE tell us about the crash at [email protected] to help us fix our issues! We hate crashes. *** Reached #1 Word Game in the Belarus, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand *** *** Reached #2 Word Game in the US *** Rated 5 stars - "OMG........I can't put it down....this game is not only edifying but addictive. I guess having an addiction to building upon my vernacular is not such a bad thing. Great game...!!!!!” - Ron Lewis Rated 5 stars - "Fabulous! Love love love this game! You can play for hours and also learn new words. Have to keep coming back to see if I can get more words and better my personal score. Don't miss it!” - Si gal You’ve always loved word find puzzles, think you’re pretty good at them, too. Sure, it’s kind of a lonely game but you don’t mind so much. You have the words and the board to keep you company. But wait, it doesn’t have to be like that! Playing word finding games isn’t a solitary pursuit anymore, now that there’s Word Seek HD. This app offers the very best in high quality game boards and stunning HD graphics, as well as interaction with others who love word finds as much as you do. If you enjoy playing Scrabble, Text Twist, Scramble With Friends, or Words With Friends, then we're sure you'll love Word Seek HD. Avid users have already played more than 50,000 hours worth of Word Seek HD and hundreds of games are being played every single minute! Don’t think that the games are too easy, just because they’re in an iPhone or iPad app! Select a 4x4 or 5x5 grid to play and find out for yourself how fun and challenging these word finds can be. Missed some words? Don’t worry, the app will show you a list of all the possible words at the end of the game, to help you out for your next try. One of the things you’ll notice, right off the bat, is the amazing HD quality graphics in Word Seek HD. Combined with the easy-to-use interface, this app is an absolute pleasure to use. Feel like mixing things up? Great! Try your hand at some of the other challenges available in Word Seek HD. Play online live against others just like you, and see if you can score more points than them! Once you’re done a game, it’s okay to brag about how well you did. Go ahead and share your scores with Facebook and Twitter fans, maybe even challenge them a match. Competing with others is easy, using the Apple’s Game Center. Look for the top scores on the leaderboards then try to beat them. Check out some of the incredible features waiting for you in Word Seek HD: * Easy, attractive interface * Amazing HD quality graphics * Full, ad-free version * Just drag or tap to find your words * Share your scores with friends on Facebook and Twitter * Compete with others using the Apple Game Center leaderboards No matter how you look at it, Word Seek HD is just lots of addictive fun. There’s no downside to this app, whether you’re a veteran word puzzler or a beginner. You’ll expand your vocabulary and join the world of avid word find fans. Got feedback, questions, or ideas for the next version? Drop us a line at [email protected]! We will read everything from rants and raves to media inquiries and more.

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