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Word Garden : Crosswords

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User Reviews for Word Garden : Crosswords

Not happy

Rather than continually paying anywhere from $.99 to $1.99 to 599 to get extra points to keep the game going although I’ve done that I rely on the 15 point reward for taking a minute or two to watch an ad , suddenly that button went missing just as my score got down quite low to 93. I’ve been playing this game intensely for quite a while I find it relaxing and fun but now I feel it’s rigged tic force the player to keep paying for pointsSo I’m guessing the company that owns this game is no longer content to collect fees from all the advertisers I’m exposed to and now they are going to try to extract more money from the consumer -me- I don’t like this and if the reward button doesn’t return soon you’ll be losing a faithful advertising audience

10 987654321XYZ, Feb 05, 2019
Beautiful game with some difficulty

If you’re a pro like in other words puzzle games (ie Wordington), then this game does seem much easier. Though the arrangement of letters are often scrambled in such a way that doesn’t make recognizing a word immediately possible but you do eventually get it. So the game isn’t going to be as easy for some people, like myself, even though I have a college degree. It’s challenging enough to enjoy with little tension but it’s simple enough that’s it’s mostly relaxing. Some people may find that a comforting thing.

duckiesaurus, Jul 06, 2021
Used to be SO MUCH better!

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years now, and found it addictive enough that I paid for the no-ads version a long time ago. I was in fact nearing the end of the provided games when I made the fatal error of updating the app. BIG MISTAKE. Although it is much easier to earn big points per game, the puzzles are so short/ lame/uninteresting/easy that I feel insulted. Many games — even at what are supposedly the higher levels (World 42 and up) — are shockingly easy and therefore completely boring; they also use words that are barely words at all (skiddy, didy, etc). Thank the gods I have another iPad where the old version of the game still lives; that’s the one I still like to play.

embles66, Dec 25, 2020
Ads don’t bother me none.

Great game. The ads don’t bother me none for that’s what you get with a free game. If you love the game so much and ads bother you, you can always pay for No Ads. So far I’m enjoying this game. Yes, it has words that I never heard of. I just hope in the following levels it doesn’t get to frig’n hard that it would give me anxiety (lol) instead of being relaxing. It’s hard to find a game that’s stays at the same pace just for enjoyment. So far so good.

kimmgee, Jul 05, 2019
Way too many ads!!

This game could be fun and relaxing. Instead there are ads after each game. And not just one, sometimes 2 or 3!! Each advis a minimum of 30 seconds and many don’t ever come up with a close button!! It insists that you play the game then takes you to the App Store to buy it. I’ve even had to force close the app to get back to the game. But even when I do that, half the time it takes me back to the ad. I’m deleting this app due to the irritating amount of apps and the fact that it won’t allow me to get back to my game. I understand that some developers use apps occasionally in between games but this one goes way too far.

My2Toys, Feb 13, 2023

The numerous ads are irritating and obnoxious ... far too many ads. When the game is won, the flowers should bloom sequentially, not all at once. And the flower colors should include some brilliant primary colors, not just faded, boring pastel shades. And get rid of the current pattern in which the flowers are placed ... entirely too similar to the Nazi swastika. I suggest placing the flowers in a swirl or spiral pattern ... curves, not sharp angles. The difficulty level needs to gradually increase as the player progresses through the game levels. Overall, this game has good potential to become much more enjoyable and, perhaps, to even become a classic.

RiverCityBoy, Jan 02, 2019
Great Support

I was on level 1372 on my Word game when it reverted to level 1. I was crushed because Word is one of my favorite games and I play it everyday. I contacted Support (Isabelle) who worked diligently with me suggesting several things to try. Isabelle also made changes on their end and finally after 4 days my game was once again on level 1372. Support never gave up and I never felt abandoned. Highly recommend Iscool.

rkay100, Jun 16, 2022
Kind of boring but it kills time

Not a lot of challenge here so far. I’m on world 8 of 22 and keep waiting for the difficulty to ratchet up. It hasn’t yet. It’s not so much a game as a simple distraction. There’s really no point other than earning coins. What in the world can you do with these coins? Buy hints. Only problem is, the game is so easy you hardly ever need to use hints. I’ve got 7,000+ coins that are actually quite worthless. I doubt I’ll have the patience to get all the way through level 22. I can’t believe I haven’t completely tired of it by now, to be honest. I hope it gets tougher soon.

ShaneMcGraw, Sep 11, 2018

Just discovered this game and I really like it. One BIG problem is that the screen goes black many times while I am leaving ad screen. It happens MANY times in a half an hour. Someone else mentioned the same thing but it wasn’t fixed. I will check back later to see if it is fixed. But I don’t think anyone trying this game will keep it if you don’t fix the problem. I will check back at a later date but if the black screen appears I will definitely delete it. Don’t make me do it. I like the game.This game was fixed within one day! Now there are no more black screens. Thank You for fixing.

Shannaky, Jan 19, 2023
Your new update

Because you changed my game to this new one, without any explanation of the new rules….how does one earn the gold stars on the daily game, what are they for, and can we earn more hints once the 70 hints are used? Please understand my questions…. The first day I played this new version, I was asked if I liked it, well, I did not! But as I play the not-daily puzzles, this I do enjoy! Did you sell this game to somebody else? What shall I rate this as?? How about a 4? Until you help us out, at least!

shewhospells, Oct 02, 2021


Easy to play, Garden of Words is a word game that makes learning fun! Play every day and improve your spelling! Memorize new words and expand your vocabulary!

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