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What Will I Look Like Old Face

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What Will I Look Like Old Face

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User Reviews for What Will I Look Like Old Face

The worst game ever

So I really wanted to see what is the scapes because I was so anxious to see what I look like in the future but don’t download this read it before you play the game and I just saw how good it was was aired it was a good game for me but after a couple days I realize they were just tricking me because I thought that it was a fun game I only kept it for like one year now I’m old enough to know not to play these games beware of parents like some of the other people said there is a really dangerous thing they’re trying to do to your kidsDo not download this it’s really boring and also it cost you money for just one random thing it’s so so bad I don’t even like it I gave it only a horrible reveal so U2 kids and parents and teenagers be careful that button is not for fun it’s for danger just to see what you look like in the future just to see how good you are to steal your identity and you’re busted hope you liked my reveal see you tomorrow a

Cc Gracie, Apr 17, 2022

Hi there I’m just wondering how much you wanna do y’all want me some more of you can I just drop them out for you guys please thank y’all for the time I wanna do y’all have a time tomorrow I’ll be there in a few days so sorry about the weekend I’ll let you go I’ll take care you guys I’ll be sure I’ll let you guys know when y’all are ready I’ll pick you guys up and I’ll pick y’all guys around if you want to go to pick up the kids I’ll pick you up at the park I’ll be home is your way I just want to make a quick trip and I can have you do it a bit I’ll text y’all tomorrow and I see y’all bye love ya guys I hope ya had an appointment tomorrow morning I will be back at your office I’ll let ya know when I wanna do I need you for the next weekend I can have you pick the boys I’ll be around tomorrow if you wanna come here I’ll be in the area I’ll let you guys be in the morning and I can meet y’all at my moms I was just curious what y’all doing today I just got to work I’ll text y’all and see ya next time I’m gonna I want ya back and then we have some good time and I

jack'in deez nuts, Aug 04, 2022
Thought about getting this

So I thought I was going to this game because I wanna see what I look like when I was Aidy so I so I read the reviews and the reviews look horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible so I would not recommend will not recommend read the reviews they will say it’s bad it adds Papa blah it is sounds horrible yuck I am not getting it I downloaded it and didn’t read the reviews I go to read the reviews and some of them are like one star I am never going to get the skin so I’m just going to warn you I’m sorry I didn’t mean to goofDo not get the adult do do do do do not get this I’m warning you do not get this read the reviews on every single thing you get there very bad look in a different game all right save yourself some time

Kenz0925, Jul 08, 2021

I am honestly so sick and tired of these types of games. On their cover they never say a thing about payment, they just show you the things you can do on the app. I have been trying to get an app that makes my face look old for a while now but they all cost money. This one straight up lied. I had to do a whole bunch of things before it finally set me up. And then it was saying that I need to pay 5$!!! Like honestly, you didn’t tell me that before. Are you trying to make people download your app just so that they can delete it again? If it costs five dollars, then you might as well have made the game cost five dollars! But no, nobody would download the app if they knew it cost money! They are basically liars! Dont download this game unless you want to pay for something that should be worth nothing.

Lemon icing, Jan 14, 2020
Five dollars a month

If you get this game can I do you not gonna be happy if you all have five dollars a month that is going to be bad I was going to do it but it didn’t work cause I choose to not do it because like well I bet you guys will try it but do you want to get rid of your of your if you get this game can I do you not gonna be happy if you all have five dollars a month that is going to be bad I was going to do it but it didn’t work cause I choose to not do it because like well I bet you guys will try it but do you want to get rid of your money five dollars a month really five dollars a monthIf you do this it’s going to change your whole life just don’t pay it get rid of the game

miss stinky face, Nov 17, 2021
Don’t waste your time it doesn’t work

So anyway this is going to be a long review. First off, it doesn’t even work. I thought it would be cool to see me in my thirties! But as soon as I opened the app, there was an add! So I waited 30 seconds and I took a picture. As it was loading another ad slipped onto my screen! Then I clicked to see my results and I needed to pay so I just did the 3 day trial. I finally got to see myself after around 6 minutes of waiting for ads and having to get the trial. BUT the really crappy thing about this, is it more makes you look like the thing from the fantastic four than an old person. It’s just a bunch of lines on your face! Uhg this was such a waste of time when I could have been something productive. DO NOT BUY!!!!!! 👿

Queen of the animals!!, May 18, 2019
What is the point of this game?

I bought this game only to find out that it wasn’t a game and had no purpose. Where is the actual face aging part? I thought this was free but they scammed me, and judging by the reviews, a lot of other people too! This is making me furious to think that so many people have been scammed by stupid games like these. I have tried a couple games like this in the past but either they cost money or they just replace your face with a random old guy or lady’s face. That is just what I call being an idiot. This was the last time that I’m going to try games like these without checking the reviews and I’m yet to delete this pointless game. Plus, nobody can actually determine what we will look like yet. They just put wrinkles on our face and make our hair grey. Do you really want to pay that much just to see your self with wrinkles and grey hair?? I certainly wouldn’t. Overall, I don’t recommend this game at all there is no actual aging, just you losing money for pointless things!!! Honestly, I think the creator has some major improvements to do or just delete this game. Nobody is dumb enough to buy it anyway! 👎🏻🤬😢😡😞😒😕😟😔😣🙄🙄🙄🙄

Somebody who got scammed, May 22, 2020
DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to see how I would look when I was older and then I take a picture and then it wants you to do a free trial and then I said to myself ok that was weird and then I take another picture and then it does the same thing I took one more it did the same thing and then I got really mad because I really wanted to see how I would look when I was older I recommend anybody who see’s this do not get the game all they want is money they do not care that people actually want to play the game with out paying for it I am so mad I am never ever downloading this game again this is the worst game I ever experienced I can’t believe this 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

The star queen👑, Jan 16, 2021

Ok so I got the app thinking “wow cool i wanna see what I will look like in my thirties.” I opened the app up and it instantly came to an add. Then I waited for the add to be done and I clicked the button to use a picture and I chose one. Then it came to a screen to chose what age to look and the youngest you can chose is 40. So I did that and waited for my result and it said I had to pay for it. So I clicked the restore button and it went to my picture and it showed my result but not on my face it was off to the side of my face. So i thought maybe it’s because my face isn’t in the right place on the picture so I chose the option to take one. And it did the same exact thing. So, in short, it’s a scam and don’t waste your time and DEFINITELY DO NOT pay for anything!!

tmonkey17, Jan 28, 2019

So my sister had an app where you can see what you look like if you were a man. So I thought What will I look like when I’m older. So I looked up apps and found this one. I looked at the reviews and stuff and I said to myself 3.7 not bad and the reviews were awful. So I said some people may not enjoy the app so let’s buy it. So I got the app and I tried to get the free trial. $4.00 FOR A FREE FREE DO YOU HEAR THE WORD FREE TRIAL! But at they end it said to subscribe or it didn’t work so I sent the request. My parents didn’t except. So I tried to find another way to do it. It let me take my pic but it didn’t work! And plus you need to pay for the results! Out of all apps I ever had this is the worst one. I didn’t have a good experience. I hate this app. This is a waste of money. Do not buy it trust me. The ratings are a lie the one with one star isn’t. I wish there was a star where you didn’t rate that’s how bad it is! Do not buy!!! Why is this app turn out to be so much money? WARNING DO NOT BUY ⚠️ IT SHOULD SAY THAT. WELP DO NOT BUY!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😒

vreergashrthysr, Jul 12, 2019


What will you look like 100 years from now? Now you can find out! Choose from our ridiculously hilarious photo effects, and see what you look like!

MAKE ANYONE OLD Take a photo, and select how many years you want to add. You can choose to add 20, 40, 60, 80 or even 100 years. Also be sure to check out your silly Personalized Gravestone, now accessible through our Old Face filter! BECOME YOUNG Want to go back in time? Our young face filter will get you there. Your photo will be sent back to a time when you looked younger. BALD YOURSELF Remove that head of hair instantly. This hilarious filter will place your face onto a bald head! You can even flip through our different overlays to find the perfect pic. UGLY PHOTO Ewww gross! You get to choose exactly how ugly to make each photo. Are you sure you really want to press that 100% ugly button!? STICKER FRENZY Choose from a plethora of free stickers to spice up your photo. Add some quirky fun with word bubbles, beards, glasses, hats, and many more, all created uniquely for the What Will I Look Like app. SEE THE FUTURE With our free, newest feature, you can get a whimsical glimpse into your future. Similar to the children’s game of MASH, The Crystal Ball will ask you several questions then sort out what your future holds. WHAT WILL I LOOK LIKE? APP FEATURES: Automatic face detection makes photos easy to use. Free, limited access to most filters. Free stickers and future prediction. Algorithmic photo filter effects. Fun animations. Get unlimited access to all features with Old Age Pass Subscription. Please note: a subscription is required to fully access some of the app's content. All subscription-required features are marked by a star icon. Users may access the OldFace feature to view their Personalized Gravestone for free, but a subscription is required to fully access OldFace. This app provides the best and most accurate results when used with front-facing and well-lit photos taken with Apple devices. • Compatible with iOS 12.0 and up. • Restore your past purchases at any time via the Restore button at the bottom of the Subscription offer • What Will I Look Like works best with photos taken with your Apple devices! Regarding the Collection, Use, Disclosure of User, Device, and Face Data: If you are using the iOS app, you can simply uninstall the app in order to remove any stored data. We do not collect, share, or save any user's photos or face data. We do not share user face or photo data with third parties. Subscription pricing and terms: What Will I Look Like Old Face offers one auto-renewing weekly subscription option. The listed price is for customers located in the United States. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to local currencies depending on your country of residence. Your What Will I Look Like subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by the user, and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. Your iTunes Account will be charged when your in-app purchase is confirmed. Read more about our privacy policy here: https://rhsbintl.info/privacypolicy.html Read more about our terms and conditions here: https://rhsbintl.info/terms.html

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