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DailyCam - Face Aging Editor

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User Reviews for DailyCam - Face Aging Editor

No. Terrible. DO NOT GET IT

I got this game because I thought it would be cool to see what I might look like when I’m older. The other aging games I tried didn’t work, but by the look of this ad, I really thought it would work. But I was wrong. VERY WRONG. it’s a total scam. You can’t really see what you’ll look like when you’re older. It just makes your face a little wrinkled and it sometimes changes your hair color. I once pressed on the age that was the same as the age I am now, and it made me look younger and changed my hair color to black when my hair is brown. It does not really make you look older. And I have tried to work the app but it’s weird how it works and it doesn’t do anything really that great. So don’t get it. It wasted my time, and if you get it, it will waste yours too.

ABCOMG1234, Jul 19, 2022
Awful User Experience Upfront

As soon as I opened the app, I saw one ad after another. I did not even know what was the actual app, and what was an ad. I was then redirected to a page to agree to a $20 monthly subscription. I was able to bypass it, only to get to more ads. Finally I was able to take a selfie to test the features of the app. But after two more ads, and more push to pay for subscription, I was fed up. I exited and deleted the app in less than 5 minutes after downloading it. A truly Awful User Experience.

ahappyhuman, Feb 09, 2022
totally worth it

I love your guys' app! It is so amazing and I want to recommend it to everyone that I know. I don't know how to explain it but this app is worthy trying! And now a lot if people in my family are using this app. The first function that I used is time machine. I tried it and got my future look. And my feeling is like it is absolutely a magical tool! It is so cool to see how you look like when you gets ole! amazing and different experience!

Allexia Larouxfr, May 07, 2022
Home entertainment

Family entertainment is not possible without a dailycam! You try to imagine a family event where you take some quirky photos and the atmosphere becomes very cordial and joyful. My younger siblings love all the weird pictures we take as a family. They think it's a family photo they can take to school to show off lololol. trust me, taking fun photos together is what brings us closer together!

Brystal Brickellgjygrf, Jul 11, 2022
This is a scam

So I was checking the ad out so I downloaded it I started trying stuff and it wasn’t the best so then I started aging it didn’t Even look like me and second you have to pay for everything your scamming people for money it is nothing like the ad at all and so many ads to unlock things what is wrong with you? So I started checking out how much the subscription cost THIS HAME AIN’T WORTH A PENNY Bro me and my bro tried this he was so excited and now he disappointed MAKE YOU GAMR BETTER LIKE IMMA REPORT IT AND TELL PEOPLE NOT TO DOWNLOAD IT like I read these reviews and their right it’s not worth 5 cents FIX YOUR GAME PLEASE

da_rater, Feb 11, 2022
Horrible game

This game made me laugh but it’s totally not realistic. It’s a total flip off don’t get this app it’s horrible. It looks so fun and entertaining and realistic but if tell you it’s just a rip off. This app is horrible don’t get this app it is a total rip off and total thumbs down👎🏻👎🏻 this app can definitely not predict what you’ll look like when you’re older it doesn’t tell the truth. I mean it doesn’t even look like a real person like that is not what you’re going to look like you’re older there’s not a good app . It is a lie totally a lie if you actually want to see what you look like when you’re older different app this app is a ripoff, it makes you look ridiculous when you take a picture just makes you look ridiculous and if you’re trying to get a good face app that really works try a different app. This app is a rip off it is horrible weird and not just not a good app

Emma Claire Lansdown, Aug 01, 2022
I just got it and yet somehow it’s trash 🗑

So I put in my face for when I’m older. I put 90 and the results were so disgusting that I couldn’t even look🤢. Then I put 40 and I saw something even uglier. I looked like I was 200. Then I put in 10 years old, which I am, and it made me look like a big furry hideous mess. And for ADS. This app makes people think that they will look hideous when they’re older. Don’t get this app, guys. You’re beautiful just the way you are. 😘 Peace out ✌️ 🐹 ~Hamster girl! 🐹

HamsterGirl11, Mar 06, 2022
You shouldn’t Download it

You shouldn’t download this app because when you get in the app you have to pay money. And also there is a chance it can’t be accurate for the aging, so I recommend not getting the app. And the free trial is not worth it because when it runs out you will have to pay after and thats not fun paying for a app that may not be accurate. Although it may be not accurate you can still use the free trial for a while but if you are paying then just maybe pay once.

Hunter683, Feb 05, 2022
Very disappointing

The aging process is childish, comical. Nowhere near realistic. You can’t control much. And they want so much money for this application. I suppose they are hoping you will buy right out with a subscription or go through a free trial as I did but forget to cancel. I will definitely cancel after writing this review. This app is terribly overpriced. They just don’t have the artificial intelligence know how to make this app usable. The artistic features are interesting but I don’t need it. I needed a subtle aging process. This is not subtle and the result is not realistic. Sorry to say.

Jim Maxey, Jun 11, 2022

When I got this game I read the reviews and they were not great but I’d decided to give the game a try. I didn’tNo if you had to pay for it but I tried anyway. Welllllll, 🥱🥱🙄 it said I need album permission so I went to settings and turned it on. It still didn’t work! Sorry for being so mean but it was hard to figure out what to do! I was so exited but it didn’t work. 😭😭 great…. I gave a two star because i feel bad.

jujujujujujgfss, Mar 26, 2022


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