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Vocabulary - Learn words daily

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Vocabulary - Learn words daily

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Monkey Taps
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User Reviews for Vocabulary - Learn words daily

I love this app! It has words that I have never heard before.

I have two other apps created by Monkey Taps. I downloaded this one from a suggestion on their Motivation app and I am so glad I did! I just started reading the words randomly and because of the wide variety of vocabulary it offers, I now choose one word out of five that is typical by definition, but that is not used regularly. I memorize the word and the context in which it is intended to keep in my memory for future use. I’m impressed with the apps that Monkey Taps has created. They are people centered, growth oriented and are easy to use. I purchased the yearly subscription to all 3 due to the functionality and the benefits that they provide to me. 👏👏👏 Thanks everyone at Monkey Taps!

1234$slots, Mar 08, 2023
Great tool to improve your vocabulary.

In a world where you need to learn to choose your words wisely, it will be prudent to polish your vocabulary. I began to study a book on how to have good, productive conversation that people would want to hear what you have to say, I came across a section that taught how to polish your conversations by using the right words. The author advice to write words that one is not used to using. So I bagan to look for an app that would help me to learn in a simple practical manner. Since I spend most of the time on the phone communicating through texting I also got used to doing everything in it. Like reading and especially writing. So looking for apps I found this one and it has help me because it works like study cards. I memorize words that are commonly used by many people especially at the job, doing business in conversations except me. Awesome app.

1WHOSHINES, Nov 02, 2021
Wants me to subscribe for a monthly/yearly fee

Downloaded this and then started a setup process once you open it. Asks about how many times a day you want to see notifications, what your vocabulary level is, etc. All questions I’m okay with until about ten questions in I get a screen that is talking about the subscription. $30 a year, but you can cancel at anytime, and you get a three day trial. Only option I saw was to continue, which I’d assume would mean accepting the subscription. I’m all for learning new vocabulary, but I’m sure there are better options out there that aren’t charging you money. I’d even understand a free app that has most functionality blocked until you subscribe. But making the app free to download, without making it clear it’s not useable without a subscription, seems wrong. At least let me test it out without subscribing, and a three day trial that I actively have to take steps to cancel doesn’t count. Immediately closed and uninstalled the app.

Aaron Storms, May 16, 2023
Would Recommend if You’re a Knowledge Hungry Gryffin-Claw (Griffindor and Ravenclaw)

Honestly I’m sure any type of person would enjoy this app. Kids, teens, and adults alike (It lets you pick your level of vocabulary to improve your experience). And it actually (mostly) gives words that you (again mostly) don’t know. But I would say it’s a bit annoying that it continues to ask me to get premium. Which is dumb because it’s really not worth your money. Which is why it’s stupid that someone would keep these features from you. What is even the point of preventing people from having the best experience with this app and improving their lives (at least al little) when know one’s gon’ waist their money in it anyways. It’s POINTLESS!!! Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this app as I have.

BiggestStarWarsFan, Jun 02, 2021
Great idea, but not fleshed out for Quality of Life

This app is good so far and the idea of it is quite good! This app could use some updates on quality of life and usefulness.Pros:1. A really great idea to help expand vocabulary -It’s nice to scroll through list of words to see what you don’t know and to learn them-Getting notifications about words you may or may not know2. The International Phonetic Alphabet is used for pronunciation 3. Lots of themes!Cons:1. Getting sent words that are not for an advanced level, such as “acute,” “husband,” “ethereal,” etc. 2. No dictionary reference to easily see synonyms, antonyms, etc. or to search words3. Hidden menu under the share button to add to certain lists, etc.4. Having a favorite button and a dislike button are a little confusing 5. Could expand on themes more, like having a color picker for background and fonts and being able to choose from a list of fonts6. Words are locked behind premiumIn conclusion, this app has a bit of ways to go, but is heading in a great direction; the developer responses are on almost all of the reviews and we’re seeing updates that are reflective of those reviews.

c_hibbs54, Jun 23, 2023
Thumbs down

I’ve had this app for a long time, but I really dislike the fact that they’ve apparently removed the “thumbs down” option. I like building my own word lists and use the “heart” far more often, but there are words (we all have them) that are grating and that I would add to a list that I’d personally avoid using, just for fun. Once in awhile, too, a sentence example will pop up that’s a little dated (I wouldn’t go so far as to say “offensive”, but maybe a little “insensitive”)—those, too, would end up getting a thumbs down. It was all in good fun and was an easy way to differentiate words while building vocabulary.Now, only a heart is available. Puppies and sunshine and unicorns for all! It’s silly. I’m far from “get off my lawn; the way things used to be” guy, but come on: are we really so collectively delicate now that we can no longer handle even the mildest rebuke imaginable: a virtual dislike button?

EZE Ruthless, Feb 16, 2023
So Far So Good

So far this app is really good! I love that you can flip through and see all different kinds of words. This app definitely has five stars from me. I really liked that you could choose what kind of vocabulary level you were at so you didn’t get words that were too hard to understand. I also liked that you could allow notifications to send you a new word every day! This app is very good. I recommend it for anyone that is trying to learn new words or want to widen your vocabulary.

gacha girl_12, Oct 20, 2021
Love it, and killer customer service!

I got this app about a week ago and loved it. It will give me random new words throughout the day that give me guidance and inspire me to write. They will have the word, with part of speech (noun, adj. etc), pronunciation and a sentence example. I made a mistake on my end where the sentences were no longer coming up. I reached out and in under an hour it was all taken care of. I never really cared about vocabulary but I’m actually really loving it. There are some cool words out there you can add to favorites and make different folders for alike words as well. Like I said, great app and even better customer service. Don’t hesitate to download and pay the 19$ a year.

gamaka12:, Aug 30, 2020
It’s good

I like it, it does show me words that I don’t know and would like to use. I used to try and google definitions to find different words to help me expand my vocabulary but it always showed me ones I already knew. The only thing I wish this app had, especially since there is a price to keep it. Is some type of exercises for the words. Just reading the words alone and the definitions won’t be enough for me to remember it. I’m saving words I’d like to remember but it’s hard when there’s so many. And honestly who knows when I will go into the ones I’ve saved and drill over them until I remember them.

ILoveMy_Jennay, Dec 27, 2021
Way Beyond Expectations

This app makes it easy to learn new words. It has all sorts of additional helpful tools to do that, like a direct link to Google (though I do wish it was connected to Miriam-Webster because that dictionary offers comprehensive definition of the word, including its origins), so you can get a bigger definition. This is really important for me because I easily learn words if I know their origins. You can choose level of difficulty, which is perfect for me because I wanted advanced and other apps don’t have advanced. You can also add your own words. You can mark words as favorite so you can go over them again and again as a way to learn. The display is nice and clean — no clutter — so you can focus on the word. Anyway, I can go on and on about all I love about this app. This is what I’ve been looking for. I love learning words and this app has made me completely happy. Yes, happy.

Lovetolearnnewwords, Feb 01, 2022


Ready to elevate your word power? The key to successfully expanding your vocabulary is learning new words in a way that stimulates your attention. Studies show that the most effective way of learning new words is with an app specifically designed for it.

With the Vocabulary app, you can: - *Learn new words with minimal time investment, simply scrolling through your phone* - *Choose your own level of difficulty, based on your current English language mastery* - *Select Vocabulary categories that best suit your needs and interests* - *Speak and write more concisely and confidently, with the right word at your fingertips* - *Meet your linguistic goals at your own pace* - *Customize its features and make the app work for you* The Vocabulary app will convert learning and retaining new words into a fun, efficient activity that will “wow” your friends and co-workers. Privacy Policy: http://monkeytaps.net/privacypolicy.htm Terms of use: http://monkeytaps.net/termsofservice.htm

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