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TriviaCube: Trivia Game for Harry Potter

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TriviaCube: Trivia Game for Harry Potter

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Ricky Mills
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User Reviews for TriviaCube: Trivia Game for Harry Potter

Great app! Few mistakes though...

This was a great app! I only recently got it, and it had some great questions! There were a few times where I thought they had made a mistake, but really I didn’t know how to spell Gryffindor. But there were a couple actual mistakes, like Luna Lovegoods patronus, is a hare, not a rabbit, and Harry’s first son was James Sirius Potter, not Albus Severus Potter. These are easy mistakes and you can usually tell what they think the answer is, and if you know the actual answers then it’s all ok. Another thing that a lot of people said was a problem was the ads, there are a lot of ads, but all you have to do is either wait through them for maybe ten seconds, or just disconnect from Wi-Fi. Overall, great app and I would definitely suggest it!

&1263$68, Dec 09, 2020
Ads and Question 40

Way too many ads. Every 30 seconds there is a new ad. Also question 40 has a mistake. It asks who is Harry's first son. The real answer is James, but it only has the letters for Albus and says Albus is right. I am a Harry Potter freak and that is not right. A few additional problems...Hogwarts is spelled wrong they spell it as HodwartsAzkaban is spelled wrong they spell it as AskabanAlso any other spelling and grammar mistakes

audyb07, May 27, 2018
Too Many Ads

I enjoy the game but there are by far too many ads! Every 2 questions you have to watch the same ads over and over for 25 seconds. It takes the joy out of the game and just causes irritation.

BrookieBee1990, May 21, 2018
Ads & Accuracy

First, there is a 30 second add that you can’t skip after every other question. It’s gets really annoying really fast. There is also a lot of spelling errors. They spelled Hogwarts as Hogwards, they spelled Azkaban as Askaban, and there was also a few other mistakes. Question 40 asks the name of Harry Potter’s first son, the answer is James. Though the “correct” answer is Albus, who is Harry’s second born.

iediwj, Jul 30, 2018
TOO MANY ADS!!!!!! (Plz read all)

I like the trivia in this, but there are absolutely too many ads! I read the other reviews before I got the game, and everyone also said there were too many ads but I figured there couldn’t be that many and I got it but I was wrong there are ads every 2 questions so you should only download this if you’re ok with ads every 20 seconds.

jodiddley, Nov 26, 2018
Fun but needs some fixing

I am enjoying this game and I like trying to remember how to spell some of the different answers. Now as for some fixing number 40 asks about Harry's first son which they have as Albus Severus Potter (note they just ask for first name) but his first son is James Sirius Potter or James Potter II. I use Harry Potter Wikia when I need to double check something, if that is helpful.

Kristy-Misty, Jun 22, 2017
Some of your answers are wrong

I love the game but I have come across some questions that don’t have the right answer. for example level five asked “what did Harry Potter use to survive underwater”? I answered gillyweed and it said I was wrong. I have read all the books and watched all the movies and it clearly says that he used gillyweed. Other than that the game is fun.

Lovetteom, Feb 12, 2019
Awesome!!! But...

This game is so cool! I love the trivia questions and I love to test my knowledge on Harry Potter! There’s just one problem; there are WAY TO MANY ADS!! Every two answers I get ads and ads and ads! It’s so annoying! I would give five star if you took at all the ads. You could have a few here and there but every two questions?! Seriously?! Thank you!

MiraculousMarinette😉, Apr 07, 2018
Question 40

Like what Kristy-Misty said, number 40 is incorrect. Harry Potter named his first son James Sirius. It’s in the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (book). Also Hogwarts is spelled wrong. It was spelled Hogwards. Also Azkaban is spelled wrong. (It’s not Askaban). Horse like should also be horse-like. The main problem is grammar, spelling and incorrect info.

mnd_, Mar 23, 2018
Not great

At first it was fine, but the third question it asked me was, “What is Luna Lovegood’s Patronus?” It is a hare, but it made me put rabbit instead… I may just be picky, but hates and rabbits aren’t even the same species! And then, when it asked “Which of the Marauders betrayed the Potters to Voldemort,” there were not the right letters to put “Pettigrew.” I had to do Pfttiqrow, which was of course marked wrong. I would not recommend this game.

Purplehorses3, Apr 23, 2018


Test your knowledge of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with this ultimate unofficial Harry Potter Trivia Game! With questions spanning all the books and movies, your knowledge of the magic that is Harry Potter will be tested to the limit! Work out the character names, places, quotes and more with this exciting trivia game from the TriviaCube series!

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