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Fan Quiz for Harry Potter

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Fan Quiz for Harry Potter

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Anas Amhajjar
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User Reviews for Fan Quiz for Harry Potter

To many adds

So this app is good but way to many adds .there are adds every 1 or 2 questions.and the questions are to easy

angel wolfy, May 11, 2020

I wasn’t expecting this app to be all that good considering the other reviews, but this app is horrible.I know my Harry Potter knowledge inside and out, and this app always says that I picked the wrong answers even when I’m right. For instance, one of the questions is how many brooms are in a quidditch match? The answer is fourteen not fifteen. And another question is what potion did Slughorn offer as a prize? The answer is Felix Felicis and it said that was incorrect. Also if you get a question wrong ,or “wrong”, it sends you back to the beginning. Please don’t get this app.

Cmboehlke, Jul 06, 2019
It was fun

However, felix felicius was the prize Mr. Slughorn awarded in his class..

Codythenolan, Aug 12, 2019
Terrible quiz

their are way to many ads and pop ups and as i was playing i noticed that one (theirs probably more) of the facts was incorrect the question was “What potion does Slughorn give as a prize?” and the correct answer is Felix Felicis but the game said it was Polyjuice

Emoji621💩😋😮, Dec 31, 2019

I tried this game and it was not cool. There were sooo many adds and when it asks for how many people are on a quidditch team, the answer is fourteen, but they say it was fifteen. And obviously, the potion slug horn gave out as a prize was Felix Felicitous ( or however you spell it). But I am writing this for your own good. So please do not download this game.

ggirl 102021, Jun 16, 2021
So bad

The app is soooooo horrible it starts you at the beginning when you get a question wrong

K . E . F ., May 26, 2019
Hate it!

This game is so bad! 1) it brings you back to the beginning when you get a question wrong and 2) every time I choose the right answer, it says I’m wrong. I’m clearly right!

Madelyn Rose Taylor, May 27, 2019
Horrific Questions!

To start, there are too many ads and pop ups. Even though they are short, they’re a nuisance. The questions were unclear and difficult. For example, one questions asks “What is the name of the potion Slughorn uses as a prize?” The answer is obviously Felix Felicis, but after two tries, it was apparently Polyjuice! I’m confused! Maybe the whole fifteen books and movies are a lie and JK Rowling chose this app creator to rewrite it. Or this app is just really terrible. The creator wouldn’t even bother to spell Fawkes with the E. If the creator sees this, I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just being honest. My advice would be to put more effort in and have less ads.

Potter1824, Jul 07, 2019

It asked which potion Horace Slughorn gave as a prize. But it marks Felix Felicis as the wrong answer, instead saying that Polyjuice potion is the correct answer.

tootsweet13, Nov 13, 2019

Not great:( also the answer to the slughorn question is wrong, it’s Felix Felicis. Also Fawkes is spelled wrong.

tttttttnnnns, Jul 11, 2019


Check out how much you know about Harry Potter! Guess the answer for many questions about Harry Potter in This Quiz. Disclaimer: This is an unofficial app that has been created by a fan of Harry Potter.

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