Icon Enigmas by Potterish (for Harry Potter fans)

Enigmas by Potterish (for Harry Potter fans)

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Enigmas by Potterish (for Harry Potter fans)

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Potterish LTD
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User Reviews for Enigmas by Potterish (for Harry Potter fans)


You can’t sign up. I tried with twitter Facebook and creating a username/password. And from the reviews it looks like it’s been like that for over a year

batmaneswufe, Feb 25, 2020
I though it would be fun

This game won’t let me sign up. There is something wrong with this. When I try to sign up it starts loading and then stops

dooalla, Dec 27, 2019
Won’t allow me to sign up!

I can’t even play this game because it will not allow me to sign up. I’ve tried email and Facebook signup but will not load anything. Deleting.

KJD0519, Apr 09, 2018
Won’t let me sign up...

I want to play the game as I’ve played before but it won’t let me sign up or sign in to my previous account .

Mojowhdkzvxi, May 03, 2018
Can’t sign up

It won’t let me sign up the wheel spins stops and doesn’t do anything sad I really wanted to play! If anyone knows how to fix it let me know!

Zbirdmommy, Jan 15, 2018


Enigmas is fun new game for fans of Harry Potter (TM) by Potterish. It's a series of brain teasers, which will start off gently, but will get more and more challenging as we go. For each challenge, you'll see an image relating to the Harry Potter universe, along with a word or short phrase, then you just need to work out the answer as quickly as possible.

If you get stuck, you can ask for a hint (called a TIP). But, to keep things interesting, there are only a limited number of tips available, and we'll add four minutes to your timer when you use a tip. Oh, and you might not find all the tips that helpful, so think twice before using one! When you play, you'll be ranked against all othe Enigmas players across the wizarding world. Your rank will be based on: - How fast you solve the challenges; and - The number of puzzles you've solved. You can only play three challenges per day, so don't get too frustrated when you hit that number - just remember to come back the next day for more brain teasers.

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