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User Reviews for TinyServer


Something t-ó píle with

as a hoot im stan, Apr 11, 2021
Best Web Server Possible on an iPhone

This is very simple to use and takes in what other web server apps on the AppStore and simplifies it to something that isn’t a hassle to work with and it works well! Also I love the choice between the 2 URL’s that can be used to find the device that the server is being hosted on so you don’t have to send someone that you know your LAN IP like if they are next to you.

Damien_2004, Jan 02, 2022
Great app

This app creates a website on your phone/tablet that lists files on the device and lets you download them. It’s a relatively simple way to make the files on your device available to other computers. For my use, the other computers were Garmin GPS units and the files were routes downloaded from websites to the phone. The developer updated TinyServer so it would also work for this use. Very cool.

syzygyman, Apr 27, 2022


Use your mobile device as a web server! Access static websites from a computer or other mobile device. FEATURES • use folders stored locally on your iPhone/iPad or in iCloud • serve static files and websites over HTTP • enable Directory Listing to browse the selected folder in your browser • Bonjour: no need to type in IP addresses - TinyServer will show a friendly URL like http://myiPhone.local:8080 • iPad Multitasking: use an external editor to edit your files and preview them in Safari running alongside TinyServer CHOOSING A FOLDER There are several ways to open a folder to be served by TinyServer. • In the app, tap "Choose Folder", then long-press a folder to bring up the context menu.

Choose "Serve in TinyServer" • In the app, tap "Choose Folder", tap "Select" in the navigation bar, select a folder and tap "Open" in the navigation bar • on iPad, you can have the files app and TinyServer side by side in multitasking. You can drag and drop folders to the top of the TinyServer interface.  Keep in mind that this way creates a copy, so if you change the files you have to drag them to the app again to see the changes. IMPORTANT: The web server can not run in the background. Keep TinyServer in the foreground and the device unlocked. If you do change apps, the web server will restart automatically restart when you bring the TinyServer app back to the foreground. TinyServer only works on local WiFi. The web server is not accessible via a cellular network connection. It is meant for static files, so you can't run e.g. a PHP or Ruby on Rails backend from it.

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