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TimeTracker - Time Tracking

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TimeTracker - Time Tracking

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User Reviews for TimeTracker - Time Tracking

Perfect App!

This app is just what I was looking for. I’ve only been playing with it an hour or so and I already got it to where I need it to be by setting preferences to my needs. This app is very easy to learn (didn’t have read anything). It is easy to use, and has a great feature set. I tried several other time trackers before I tried TimeTracker. The others were too hard to get going. This app is designed very well; it is logical, the structure is simple—Logs that contain your Time entries. And as I said the Preferences allow you to set things to the way you want it to work. Excellent export capabilities, too.

HaroldFF, Mar 27, 2019
Great program with 1 major flaw

I use the program all the time, it’s great as far as functionality and flexibility to record my client activity... but over the last year or so, it began to freeze up... I’ve been hoping for an update that would correct the issue, but hasn’t been one.. and it is very frustrating when it freezes up after you’ve put a bunch of narrative in and now you have to close it out and try again. If that problem didn’t exist, I would have given it 5 stars.

Jsb90210, Nov 09, 2018
Love the flexibility

I’ve been using time tracker for a while now. I love it! Helps me track work for several companies. Allows entry of breaks and also helps track tasks. Being allowed to enter a percentage per task would be a useful addition for me. But tasks come through like notes so it is possible it just wouldn’t tally them for the pay period. You can also set different pay rates for your time logs. I’ve never had trouble with it.

palmersuz, Aug 15, 2018
Good App but Frustrating

It is very dependable in terms of I never loose data and it emails out my time sheets very well. Most all the features work well. It frustrates me for the following reasons. I must go to multiple screens to start a clock. It lags on my iPhone so I’m constantly waiting more than 30 seconds to turn off a clock or look at the sheet. Then if I press again it opens two or more sheets and then i have to wait to close them and figure which one is the real one. Most of the time i restart my phone to recover.

really i gotta pick a nickname, May 13, 2019
Works great

When I searched for a time-tracking app, I looked for quick data entry and the ability to do several job types at different hourly rates in order to track my freelance work. Also, I needed a way to use the log data to create my invoices. Finally, I didn’t want to pay a lot. Time tracker does it all. The interface is intuitive, simple, and easy to use. The developer quickly responds to any questions you may have. I’m finding this app integrates seamlessly into my work day, which is exactly right.

Redrock10, May 09, 2018
Great App

This app works great for me. I do consulting work remotely and my work schedules vary. I have used the app for about two months, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the functionality of the program. One thing that is especially useful to my business is the reporting function. At the end of the month, a detailed report of my time and dates of work details what was worked on and the time consumed can be run. There were a few questions that arose, but the support I received from the app developer was nothing short of outstanding. I would highly recommend this app.

Russells MacAir, Jan 05, 2019
Really great app!

So I was asked to do some consulting kind of out of the blue. I hurriedly looked for an invoicing/timekeeping app that would allow me to use it for multiple projects and be able to keep track of the activities I performed as well as the time involved. I auditioned this one along with others and this by far was the best one! It made time tracking easy, I could set up the rate of pay easily, tasks, you name it! It is a perfect app for what I need. Now, Ive been asked to continuously provide support and this is how I manage the time tracking and invoicing for those projects. Even the person I consult for thought it was pretty slick and adopted it as their way to keep track of time! In my case I may do work on a project for a while and then move on to the next. So I can bill for my time separately and by project. I can also mark my entries as paid too, so I know exactly what time I need to bill for and what I have been paid for already. You can export your invoice with a few tweaks to customize what you want to bill for, and then boom— done!

scraufie, May 31, 2020
Great for simple or complex needs

I got this app to track freelance work that I do sporadically, so my needs are pretty simple. I can easily track my times by project and client. When I need to generate an invoice for billing, I just use the built-in invoice template (fields are user selectable, so you don’t have to show any info you don’t want to). I like that there are options for different file formats in the export function, and it’s great that I can send an email with the invoice attached from within TimeTracker.Overall, the app is pretty intuitive to figure out. It helped when I had some real clients and projects to set up and track. I recently had a problem with the invoice template when I exported it as a PDF, so I contacted the developer. He responded very quickly, asked for some more info and screenshots, and sent me a new template to fix the problem within one day. He took the time to explain exactly how to put the new template in TimeTracker and had a helpful hint about using the app too.Whenever my freelance work expands, I’m confident TimeTracker will remain useful. There are tons of built-in features that I don’t need now, but could be critical in the future.

Swarm_of_Locusts, Jul 16, 2018
Stable Stable Stable

This is a fabulous product series that I have used to record all of my billable hours for eight years now. When it comes to track my time with and on behalf of clients there is no other app I would trust with my money in quite the same way. I’m so grateful for the stability and reliability of this app. It’s also easy to use and they don’t keep your precious customer data on their servers so you are not opening them up to as many data breaches.

Tasha2dr, Dec 12, 2018
The Gold Standard!

To get that rating an app needs to be practical - containing all the fields that might be necessary, simple to customize, be stable with good documentation, with the final element of personal support if necessary. The developer of this app has met that standard! I needed help restoring a critical backup. After multiple prompt emailed responses to my pleas for help that I missed because of trouble with my email, the developer finally reached me by called my phone in an effort to help me. That kind of service is priceless. If you’re looking for the best TimeTracker app - you found it! This developer is top-notch!

Techwiz.joe, Feb 13, 2020


Track time spent on the job with this powerful, customizable and easy to use app. TimeTracker is your full featured time tracking and reporting application. It will simplify your life and save you money!

The latest update includes many customer requested features. It will quickly pay for itself! TimeTracker is finely tuned, exceptionally reliable and has been helping user track their time worked since 2011. ------ Its ease of use, full features and great interface make it an essential tool for any iPhone or iPad user needing to track their time spent on the job. Its' power extends to the desktop by allowing emailing or exporting PDF format or Excel friendly files directly to the desktop. It's so easy to use! ------ WHY TimeTracker IS BETTER * Elegant user interface * The most powerful and flexible Reporting features available * Organize your entries into logs for maximum ease of use * Quick and easy on-screen filtering to get the most from your tracked data * The MOST extensive set of preferences available EASE OF USE * Completely customize your app and make it your own * Record your entries with easy to use screens that show your frequently used items * Custom keyboard entry with calculator functions * Smart functions to make data entry FAST (i.e. once you select a client, remembers their rate) * Keeps a frequently used list for appropriate fields like "Client", "Project" and "Description" and presents those when entering for one tap entry * Always remembers the last log you edited and returns you there upon returning to the app * Unlimited customizable pay rates * Specify a default wage for each log VIEWING YOUR ENTRIES * Shows total earned for each log when displaying Log view screen * Sort time entries by "Date", "Client", "Task", "Project", "Rate" and several other parameters * Filter on-screen display to see exactly the information you need * Customizable 2nd line display and optional 3rd line for even more information REPORTING * The most flexible and powerful reporting available * Choose the attractive PDF format or CSV for importing into Excel * Email your time sheet reports * Export your reports to Dropbox, Box or directly to your Mac or PC via a wi-fi connection * Accountants love our templates because they provide all the key information needed PREFERENCES * Show those fields you wish to use and hide those you do not need * Ability to set password to access app * Includes client field and support for sorting and exporting by client. Ideal for those who must bill different clients * Specify a rounding preference when recording time * Choose to display time in hours/minutes or decimal format TIME * Create custom rates using one of three different rate types 1. Hourly 2. Per Visit 3. Per Day * Auto calculate overtime worked * Further categorize your time: “Work”, “Vacation”, “Sick” or “Other” INTERNATIONAL * Supports ALL major currencies BACKUP AND SAFE KEEPING * Backup your data to iCloud or directly to your computer via a Wi-Fi connection (optional add-on to backup to Dropbox or Box) * Set backup to “Automatic” when using iCloud so your data is always safe ADD-ONS * App offers unique and powerful add-ons if you wish to further expand the power of the app 1. Create your own templates for creating PDF reports to match your company's requirements 2. Keep ALL of your iOS devices in sync via iCloud or Dropbox 3. Backup your data and Export reports to Dropbox or Box cloud services. ------ Questions/comments? For a fast reply, email us at: [email protected] We have received excellent customer reviews because we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us. Simply go into TimeTracker's Prefs screen and tap on the "Email the Author" option.

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