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User Reviews for Steam Mobile

Barely Functional

This app only just barely manages to do even the most basic functions. Some of the UI is extremely unstable and will frequently bug out and make navigating it impossible. The prime example being the steam points shop, where if you scroll too fast, it hard crashes the app. And if you even open some of the pages on that section it will start randomly opening previews of things like profile backgrounds out of nowhere. It’s over sensitive, it considers every touch a full tap, so touching to scroll will open whatever you touch. It’s possible to drag your finger across some text that’s supposed to be tappable and it will select it and highlight it like any other text. You cannot get this to go away either without moving to different pages. Overall very displeased, I only download this every now and then to check prices on some games, and every time I’m reminded that really I should just use the mobile website through a web browser instead.This is a good example of an app that’s drastically inferior to the website, but for some reason some stuff requires the app. The steam guard mobile Authenticator is the only way to manage selling game items without having to wait 15 days while the item is on hold, and that would be fine if the app actually functioned.

Cameron Chisholm, May 18, 2021
15 day trade ban/hold is the most silliest thing ever

I recently changed into my new iPhone and I have also changed my old phone number to a new phone number ever since I moved to another state to live there. Since I can’t confirm any trades on my new iPhone, they instructed me to disable the authenticator on my old iPhone and enable it on my new iPhone, which I did. HOWEVER, 1 big issue I have is that they never “warn you” what happens when you disable or enable a steam guard authenticator. They place a whopping fat 15 DAYS of not being able to trade with anyone and use the community market at all. During that time I had made great offers with a person on Discord and because of this I have to apologize to him due to the 15 days of trade ban. My BIG issue here is 15 days is waaaaay too long to not be able to do anything. If Valve’s excuse is to prevent Hackers that accessed your steam account and start trading your items to theirs or something like that, shouldn’t 1-3 days be more than sufficient for the actual owner of the steam account to respond, remove those trades, change password and security instead of 15 WHOPPING DAYS? As long as they don’t change that 15 days hold/ban I am keeping this app at a 1 Star, I wish I could rate it a lot lower, and I HOPEFULLY WISH they read through the comments, criticism and reviews and improve on one of the major flaws of their trade/ authenticator system.

Lord Ainz, Feb 05, 2020
Not Great

It is convenient to have a way of checking the Steam store from your phone and the mobile authentication is a helpful feature, but that is where the positives end. Despite being an app made for accessing the store on mobile devices, it’s easy to see that they put little to no effort into converting the store for mobile use. Navigation is difficult, often words and buttons are too small to use (you end up clicking things you never meant to click because the screen is too crowded). The app is ALWAYS crashing and lags like nobody’s business. I have used the app for a few years and have yet to see any significant changes to performance or design, so I’m not sure if Valve is even maintaining it. In fact the only reason I’m writing a review at all is because I’m hoping someone will take these low reviews into consideration and make some real changes to the app that improve performance and ease of use. The one thing I can say is when you’re using the app you can tell it’s Steam you’re on; the interface is so similar, but again that’s not exactly a good thing when you optimize something for mobile use. I really hope they focus on a more mobile friendly design in the future.

MadMusic26, Dec 02, 2019
A Usable Trainwreck

If you’ve seen the previous reviews, you already know the Steam app is pretty mediocre. While it does execute most of the features of the Steam website on desktop, it doesn’t do so enough to justify using the app instead of the web version on your phone. Only get this app if you want an authenticator and are willing to deal with the UI and frequent glitching. I’ve tested out purchases, store pages, and community browsing. The app crashes on the new “steam points” page when you look at animated backgrounds, and sometimes randomly crashes while browsing communities. Purchases are relatively painless, even with the clunky UI. Overall, I’m giving the app 3 stars for its built-in authenticator feature, which you don’t need to navigate a bunch of menus to get to, and its passable store and community features. The profile management is also on point with no hiccups. The Steam app has a LOT of room for improvement, and I encourage Valve to give more attention to this application, as it hasn’t come close to the degree of quality I expect from them.

MagicSofa, Jul 01, 2020
E-gift Cards

Writing here because it’s somehow the only way to voice my issues with this platform. I don’t use Steam, but my partner does. I wanted to gift him an e-gift card for his bday, but discovered Steam doesn’t have a “check out as guest” type option. As a result, I created an account. I then found out I couldn’t send the e-gift card until he and I were friends. But I couldn’t add him as a friend until I had spent at least $5 or loaded $5 to my wallet. Since I was going to get him a $100 gift card, I just loaded that to my account/wallet, then added him as a friend. The next stupid rule Steam sprung on me was that I could not gift him anything until we had been friends for at least 3 days, and now I’m seeing I may not even be able to send an e-gift card with the money I loaded into my “Steam wallet”??? So that $100 I just loaded to my account might just be a waste? It’s 2022, and Steam needs to get with the times. None of the Reddit threads I’ve seen supporting this archaic approach make sense to me. It’s so common to be able to send an e-gift card for virtual or physical products on sites that you yourself are not a user of, but the receiver is. It’s non-sensical to me that Steam/Valve won’t allow this… It’s like they’re asking to not make money? It makes me glad that I myself don’t use/support this platform myself.

MattEllz, Mar 26, 2022
The app is good but...

The app is good, it is a little klunky. I really liked the mobile authentication. The problem I have with this app is Steam itself. One of the worst companies out there. I have had my account for 5 years and have 20+ games on it with over 2,500 hours total play time, and I can’t use mobile authentication anymore. For some reason, when I got a new phone and wanted to use mobile authentication on my new phone, it would not let me. I was locked out of my account for 5 days and unable to play any Steam games. So I messaged Steam Support about the problem and their solution? Permanently remove my phone number that has been attached to my Steam account for 5 years. I also can’t use my phone number on any other accounts. I can’t use mobile authentication to log in, my account feels less secure, but then again, in the first place I only played games with friends and never shared my password to anyone. Why feel the need to permanently remove my phone number from my account or any account. In conclusion, for a company who wants people to play their games and use their software, they sure do an awful lot to keep people from doing that.

Maxwell Burke, Dec 29, 2019
Great app for checking the Steam store..

This is a good functional app which I've been using since it's release. Once you get used to the somewhat clunky GUI, it's very good at tracking the store sale of the day as well as the big sales, and your library. I don't use it for any other deeper functions or communicating with friends or anything else, so I don't know whether all the additional features work. I did try remotely installing a game after purchase, and I know for a fact my pc was turned on and had Steam running...but the game install request simply did not queue up in the Downloads area on the PC. That's first world software problem though... the store purchases work fine and quickly, which is the important part. My only suggestion I have is to please please please add 'swipe back' browsing gestures. It's annoying that the back button must still be used while browsing the store all this time later as iPhone processing power effectively doubles each year. We don't need pinch turn or any other fancy gestures which no one uses...we need reliable 'swipe back' though.

Mbrogz3000, Jul 02, 2017
Buggy but decent

To start there is a huge bug that always signs you out of your account each time you close the app or have it running in the back for a while. But I do like that you can buy games and chat with your friends on steam through the app or checking up on your library. I wish that they would implement activation of steam products instead of having to use the web or desktop application. Plus having the steam guard attached to the app is wonderful always a good thing to have extra security on your accounts to prevent unauthorized people to access your account. And having it go straight to the app instead of checking your email every time you log in makes it so much easier. But I did give it three stars due to the issues that is has like the signing you out, long load times, and random crashing. I would have given it 5 stars if they fix these issues but it seems like after a while they still haven’t fixed it even though they have acknowledged that they have known about the specific signing out issue. I love the app and it use to work flawlessly not earlier this year. I just hope that they can return the app to its former glory.

Shaggyz5150, Dec 30, 2019
Needs a lot of fixing

Don’t get me wrong by the review, I love playing on steam. But the fact that trading cannot be done without having this app is infuriating. For those that don’t know, trading, unless you have this app, takes about 2 weeks for items to arrive for both parties. That’s pretty outrageous. But the app itself is incredibly Non-user friendly. Buttons taking multiple clicks just to work, strange layout, that sort of thing. But trading can be one of the worst things to deal with. It would be so much better if it didn’t force you to log into the app to confirm a trade for 1 item. Plus there’s signing people out for no apparent reason, which forces them to reset the steam security, which then forces you back into trading holding, for a much shorter time, but you still have to wait. They decide that just signing in at points restarts the steam security. It’s just a pain to use. Please valve, fix this app. First thing should be to make the app more user friendly. Then focus on more specialized areas, like fixing trading, something like that. Either that or revamp the trading system to make it less of a hassle to deal with. Just a few suggestions but as the title implies, it needs plenty of fixes

Tanner Jones 73, Oct 08, 2019
Broken App Needs more Attention

There are a whole bunch of problems with this app. The Steam Guard is absolutely horrendous, especially since you cant sign back in with the guard on via email confirmation and it HAS to be by your phone number. This ended up locking us out of our own account and having to contact steam to get it back. Another thing is when we don’t have troublesome Steam Guard on and when i put up a sale on MY OWN ACCOUNT. I can’t confirm my sale to the market because of not having the Guard on. DESPITE BEING LOGGED IN ON MY OWN ACCOUNT THAT IM MAKING A SALE ON!! which makes absolutely no sense. theres another problems and thats with the chats on the app. I dont get notifications from the application when someone messages me and thats bothersome when i get onto the PC of steam and someone messaged a good few hours before. Another thing which is a nitpick but for a reason. on our computer whenever we open steam the application logs us out every time we close the app or restart the computer. This..would be fine...if my games wouldn't have been uninstalled when i get logged back into Steam. I really hope this app gets fixing but i really don't have faith that it will improve anytime soon.

Tiki_chik, Apr 24, 2020


With the free Steam app for iOS, you can participate in the Steam community wherever you go. With the Steam app for iOS, you can: - Chat with your Steam friends. - Secure your account with the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator. - Access your inventory, trades, and the Community Market on the go. With Trade and Market Confirmations, you can be sure that your items never leave your account without your approval. - See the latest screenshots and posts from your friends and the most popular content from across the Steam Community. - Keep up on the latest news and discussions from your favorite groups and games. - Remotely download and install your games straight to your PC at home.

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