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Sketch Master - My Cartoon Photo Filter Avatar Pad

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Sketch Master - My Cartoon Photo Filter Avatar Pad

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立明 张
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User Reviews for Sketch Master - My Cartoon Photo Filter Avatar Pad

Great App!

All in all, great app. I was able to convert my photo into a sketch as promised and nothing less. More if I say so myself. I was expecting a cheap, crappy sketch converter but this is good quality. There is also a photo editor. That was surprising to me. Not a bad thing, it’s pretty good as well. One other thing, the app UI is very confusing. A wand that leads to the sketch converter, a crop button that leads to the photo editor. What? I would say this is a great app for people who want their photos in a sketch illustration or just some lazy person who wants their friends to think that they are cool. I would recommend this app to people who aren’t professionals and just want to have fun. Leaving out that one last star for the misleading UI. thanks for reading!

@RBXAesthetical, Apr 03, 2019

So I get onto the app and I pick a photo and I start going through the filters. I click on several,trying them out,and then when I try to click on a certain one,it tells me that the trial is over and to access this filter I have to rate the app five stars. I try some more filters past that one and the same notice appears. I had no idea about the "trial". None at all. If you are going to do a "trial" you should at least notify the users!!!

😱isosceles😱, Sep 26, 2017
Pretty good

It’s a good quick app with a few cool filters- the pros: quick pretty clean and editable Cons: many of the filters are the same or have backed in backgrounds - it would be nice to be able to adjust the level of the filter and refine selected areasOverall worth the money if you want to take a photo and generate a quick and pretty accurate “line” versions of your photographs - I have been using it for quick layouts for story boards and works great - however most of the additional filters are meh.

DJ meowmixx, Jun 08, 2018
Perfect for making coloring pages

I got this specifically to make black and white coloring pages from photos of Chinese woodblock prints, and generally either the “simple sketch” or “simple line” works perfectly for the purpose. Also fun for making portraits more interesting. I especially like that the free app lets you save images with high resolution and no watermark. Very satisfied.

Elsabisa, Dec 27, 2018
Limited capabilities

I only gave it two stars because the ways it’s written specifically says that it can be used with any photos. I draw and sketch a lot and those of us who do know how frustrating it can be to try to show shading and depth using the limited capabilities of apps like Snapchat or Instagram to upload our artworks without having to go through the process of pulling out professional devices every time we want to take a photo for our profiles. Sometimes I just want to do a quick live shot, you know? I thought something like this would help wherein perhaps a filter or darkening of the frame could better show shading but this app didn’t do that. And I have to say, the app photograph itself is a little misleading. It had a lot of options but they didn’t apply well to the photos. It looks really.....amateur, even ones I took of myself. Additionally, I had to click off a total of 9 ads in the process of saving just the one photo. I guess it’s okay if you just want to have fun with making funny pictures.

Prettygirlmissypthegreat, Jun 07, 2018
Surprisingly Better Than Expected

As far as apps go, this one is pretty good. I was looking for one to make a pencil sketch of a photo. This one not only does that but you can adjust the softness by tapping on the profile button after you make the sketch.. as well as make any other adjustments. It's easy to use. I figured it out just by playing with the 'buttons' at the top and bottom of the screen in the program. This app does a few things.. play with it.. you have nothing to loose and it's free. I love that it gives you the option to save in 3 different sizes. Nicely done.

RiverBabeNFM, Jul 22, 2017
Amazing app, but one little problem

I love this app,I can use it when I’m bored or just for fun,but their is one little problem with the app when I’m drawing(when I’m almost done) it gets me out of the app and I have to start my drawing all over again( it makes me frustrated),so please fix this glitch or whatever it’s called I just want to draw. Sincerely, Maria 😊🙏🏻🙏🏻

stranger things fan:), Jul 25, 2019
Worked for me

I downloaded then deleted 4 apps of this type before I got to this one. Some want you to pay but don’t tell you that before you download and some didn’t work well or do much. One was just wonky and strange and didn’t seem to do anything and then crashed. That was such an annoying waste of time I wanted to rate this one simply for working and not wasting my time and being free. I’d rather have ads than find out I have to buy to unlock after downloading. Also, it worked smoothly and offered lots of free filters and allows you to save at different resolutions.

syzygyprod, Feb 06, 2019
Awesome Editing App

I really like the app - it allows me to edit my photos to make them more clear or add a certain atmosphere I want it to have. My camera is also not that best in quality, so I can use the app to make the photos better. I've been using the app for more than a year and I can certainly rely on it. I don't have any issues with the app - I'd like more variety of stickers though. I do recommend it to any person in need of uploading pictures of better quality.

The one who cried, Jun 15, 2017
Sketch Master

This is an excellent app and worth purchasing. However in the last few months it freezes when I save or share the changed image and I can’t use it for more than one photo every day. I don’t think the developer is doing Quality assurance to this app any longer. A second SketchMaster2 was created which is exactly the same so I did not purchase. It also freezes exactly after only one photo. I still use the app but can’t do more than one photo at a time.

WildNatacha, Jun 17, 2021


SKETCH MASTER is a simple, funny app that lets you convert your photos into sketch or cartoon avatars by applying up to 60 different image effects filters. ------WHAT ARE THEY SAYING: (1) Awesome review [5-Stars] [from US] by Reporteroverandout This app works very good it will turn a old an boring pic of yours into something totally new! Ok so now u haw read this crazy review..... So go ahead and download the app I have had 0 problems with it:) (2) Amazing and Easy! [5-Stars] [from US] by Gracie_elizabeth This app is the best sketch app ever!

You know how to use it right from the start and the pictures turn out wonderful! This is THE BEST and I mean THE BEST,(no joke), THE BEST sketch pic app ever! (3) Photosketch [5-Stars] [from UK] by Zohaib Rehman It's a good if its the right one for you but personally I think that it's a good app for my use and I kind of liked intact some people just download this app and take a pic from the Internet and sketch it ... (4) Awesome! [5-Stars] [from Germany] by alex.ellis A really awesome app for messing around with photography! I highly recommend this as a replacement for photobooth and instagram!!! LOVE IT!!! (5) Fantastic!!!!! [5-Stars] [from US] by Connie S!!! This app is the best ever!!! It is so easy to use I freaking love it!!!! ------Main Features: - 60+ different sketch & cartoon effects: Pencil Sketch,Color Pencil Sketch, Skateboards Sketch,Crayon Sketch,Comic Black-White Sketch, Gouache Sketch,Water Color Sketch,Blue Art Sketch,Frame Sketch,Bricks Wall Sketch,Smooth Sketch,Posterize Sketch, Gamma Sketch, Black & White Sketch, Black & White Photo, Reverse Color, Memory Style Photo,etc. - 5 Ways to crop photos (1:1 4:3 3:4 16:9 9:16), three kinds of image quality level (high / medium / low) to save photos - Support image editing and sharing to networks - Easy to Use The Sketch effects can be applied to any image. Please send all feedback and suggestions to [email protected] . We love to hear your ideas.

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