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Liming Zhang
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User Reviews for Slim & Skinny -Thin Face Photo

Finally one that works!

I got at least 5 other apps that were supposed to be able to manipulate your pics so that you could make someone’s body thinner or fatter, their breast larger or smaller...but none of them worked. They tried to force you to buy something or pay a monthly subscription fee or they did nothing at all and I was about to give up when I found this and it’s exactly what I wanted.

anygirlsnams, Dec 20, 2020
Easy to use, I love it!

Sometimes you see a photo of yourself and think, 'wow that's a bad angle' or 'I hate how fat that picture makes me arm look!' I love that I can use this app to make small tweaks and turn unflattering photos into gold. The slim tool can be a little tricky to maneuver, but I like that the app has 'strength' settings and I love the manual option for targeted areas. So awesome!

bshotti, Apr 17, 2018
PLEASE FIX the issue not being able to SAVE or EXIT

WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM??? Or GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK???? I've been using this app for about a month dealing with the ads and finally decided this morning I would pay to have those pesky things removed so I wouldn't have to deal with them anymore while I edited my pics. Now that you got MY MONEY, the app is USELESS TO ME. I can not save my edits nor can I exit because now the picture is so big it covers up the check mark and the "X" button which prevents me from saving or exiting!!! PLEASE FIX THIS OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!

Caburkes, May 28, 2018
Not worth the upgrade

Have been using app for a while now every time I tried thin head or face it would show as “undetected” so the only option I had was manual or full body. Which sometimes made you look really disproportionately odd. So I purchased the app thinking that would help with the face mode. Now it doesn’t work at all! Once you choose a pic it and select face you still get the “undetected” and it just freezes. So you cannot go back to make another choice or safe the pic. I have tried numerous pics and nothing! Now i can’t use the app at all! DON’T PURCHASE!

Izabella83, Dec 27, 2018
Great app!

Easy to use! Love it! Sometimes a picture doesn’t always turn out the way you would like it to, but this app allows yo to edit the photo to look the way you intended it to look. I would definitely recommend downloading the app and trying it out for yourself. I never seen another app that allows you to edit your photos like this out there some I’m glad that this exists!

kay22445566, Oct 23, 2019

The app is good BUT…… they have added this new algorithms of games and ads that stalls you & holds you hostage in the ad while you’re editing. It wasn’t like that before. You should get rid of that feature. Aside from that big FAUX PAS the app easy to use and user friendly- this is soooooo important!!!!

Kcbizboss.com, Dec 07, 2021
Why does this app exist?

The fact that this app exists is sickening I’m so many ways, and from reading the reviews about the ads that people have seen doesn’t make this app sound any better. When someone gets a editing app to look skinnier, imagine how they feel. Imagine the person is already insecure about their body and then to top it off they get this ad. I tried this just to see what it looked like on me (pretty skinny) and I looked extremely unhealthy, almost bulimic. Also, think of children who are unsupervised and are downloading apps like these, no matter the age, they are learning from this app that in Order to be pretty or handsome they have to be skinny.

Mariah Zoë, Jan 16, 2022
Great app

I love this app! It makes all your pictures look sooooo good !!! I think especially when someone gets your wrong angle and you need to fix the face to slim it down. I highly recommend this app more than face tune!! I also don’t know how much more I hve to write to have this to post!!! I can’t say much more but it’s awesome


I was wanting to take a Valentines picture for my boyfriend cause he’s in prison. Well he didn’t know I had gained like 40 pounds so I downloaded all kinds of apps to make you look skinny and none of them worked untill I came across this one! OMG This app dope!

tribbdhk, Feb 15, 2021
Perfect app!

So many times I take pictures and I have to ask “I don’t really look like that right ?” Lots of my pictures make me look much bigger than I am not sure why the camera adds 20 pounds to me instead of 5 lol but this app comes in handy to fix my “picture” ginormous arms or if my hands looks deformed super helpful app

Yasmine54321, Jul 12, 2021


What would you want a perfect figure with thin face and slimming body? Do you worry too plump figure? Slim & Skinny can automatically accurate positioning to the face and body, you only need a few simple operations, a perfect figure instantly on the show in front of you and your friends!

MAIN FEATURES: • Auto detect head, face and body • Thin Head,Face and Slim Body via by Slider • Remove double chin • Support manual mode, Skinny Anywhere you want • Adjust skinny strength, Before and after comparison • Save creations to photo albums and share with your friends via email or SNS tools(facebook,twitter,tumblr,kik,wechat etc.)

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