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Zhao Chen
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User Reviews for Photo Editor - Image Beauty

Body shaming?!

I hate the fact that the descriptions and photos say that editing your body and face makes you beautiful or pretty. No body needs to hear that and it’s a lie. Every woman’s or mans body is gorgeous nmw!!! Please change the description and the photos. There is a reason girls have body dysmorphia and this is exactly why. Smh!! And I also hate the fact that it basically bribes you into rating it five stars so it removes adds. It’s 2018 love your body and know you’re worth it. Otherwise body shaming people I’ve read other reviews that said it was a good app so I’ll give it 2.5 stars for now until they prove me wrong.

Addvicotos, Aug 17, 2018
Love this!

This app is one of my absolute favorites. If you hv the greatest photo but there is like one thing that u can't stand, use this! It is so great for reshaping anything. Your arms, body, whatever! It is for little fixes, u can't chop anything off bc it will distort the photo & makes it very obvious. I'm so glad I hv it on hand! One of my favorites. If they ever hv one that can step it up a little more- such a being able to change something w/o distorting everyone or yourself & auto balance it- I wld pay for that!!!!

Amelia-a, Jan 08, 2017
Genius App

I happen to love this app and use it A LOT. The one thing I wish it offered was some color toning or makeup but maybe it’s just wishful thinking. But wish their was a way to reshape without the background images stretching or showing but I understand it’s hard and nothing can be perfect but it’s definitely perfect for me 🥰 so thanks to whom ever invented this app because it’s great 👍🏻 just please don’t start charging for it because then I won’t be able to use it 😢 but definitely genius and well worth downloading! Might be one of my top 3 apps ever🤩

Christina Marie D, Dec 07, 2019

It's a good app but I've had another one that was a little better that I can't find on the App Store anymore. What that one had I wish this one would is a separate screen in the corner so when your finger was on an area you were working on, you could still see what you were doing. I find my finger gets in the way and when I'm editing small areas I need to be able to see that. It would be nice if they added that.

Kennaissoannoyed, Mar 14, 2017
Easier than most

A lot of the editing apps, only do black and white one color or something. I like this one because it actually lets you adjust how much filtering you want to do to your complexion and you can actually make your neck a little bit thinner your face a little bit thinner. you just have to be careful But I like this one it’s my favorite

Luckytonilee, Dec 06, 2018
App is just ads

This app does not work for anything not even to crop a photo . You load a pic to it or take one with your camera, see an ad ,click on one of the 5 options /modes, see an ad then once you think you're finally on your way to some progress the app closes its self for you to start over again trying to maneuver through it so the process can be repeated , all for the sake of real plastic surgery and war game ads?!?Plus the pictures depicted for the app are not even how the app is like smh Wish I could give it no stars !!!

MixtaChica, Jun 05, 2017
The best photo editing tool

I love the consistency with the app. I can trust that the app will remain the same. Not too many updates. I love the look he gives me and I love the response I get from others will never find them today. I've never used it to enlarge but I will say for slimming down certain areas of the body it works amazing.

Monta J., Aug 04, 2017
Fun app

Just a great app to touch up those areas that need a little help on a picture. I'm sorry, but for everyone who wants to bash this app.....not everyone wants their double chin or muffin top showing in every picture. Some are more important than others. Enough said. We're all different.

Skitsymama, Jun 24, 2017
Owner manager ,” Tejano Photo”.

Show us IOS users that you can and will improve your simplicity and range of use as compared to android’s huge variety of photo apps. Polish up all the fine points on the free end and give us users increased latitude and we will rate you higher and use your app more!

Taurushorn, Jan 10, 2020
Good app

Love this app and most everything about it.I don't find it to be quite as easy to use as I had hoped. In the screenshots it shows arrows to lift or expand areas. I'm not seeing those. Yes, you can make those changes but not with just a simple push or pull. Also the blemish removal is more of a blur .Auto retouch works nicely if your young and have tight skin.I haven't found I'm able to decrease the wrinkles much at all.Still, better than any others have found and I heard if you give 5stars, they remove the constant annoying ads.If not , Ill be re-rating

ylaurie57, May 09, 2017


Want your selfie photo looks more beautiful? Want have more perfect body shape in Image? Want have more pretty face?

Then come try this app, It has very powerful photo edit functions. You can do whatever modify you like with some simple clicks. HOW TO USE? • Select a photo from album or taken by camera. • Use your finger to grow or shrink any part of the image you want. • Undo all the changes if you are not satisfied with your modifications. • Save your creation to album or share with your friends. Information: This is a Photo Editor App provide plenty powerful tools to modify a Image, change body shape and face shape of you selfie photo

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