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Simple Sirens LMT

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Jacob Simon
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User Reviews for Simple Sirens LMT

Really cool!

I love this app. It's the best siren app on the App Store. If it wasn't for this app I would have no hope for the siren apps. I wish the sirens would transition better when switching but not that big of a deal. I would like the developer to make a new app for fire truck sirens only. Like an app with the sirens you hear on pumper/ladder trucks. Anyways great app and worth the money!

Brenden173, Jun 25, 2014
Amazing SS2000SM siren!

My friend, this app is amazing! Can you tell me what program or software you used to create this app or how you created it? I’m interested in creating my own version if you don’t mind.

caramirez777, Sep 03, 2021
Great app

Fantastic application, I was looking for one that matched my patrol vehicle at work for a DayZ RP (like mentioned in another review funny enough?) only issue is that the horn can’t play at the same time as other sounds.

CDTSpark, Nov 22, 2023
Honestly really high quality

Look, I’m a siren geek alright? This is a smart siren, similar to the ones used by LAPD and NYPD, and other various departments. It is a great siren and a clever name. It works great on games with proximity chat and a microphone without noise suppression, for example DayZ(I will find others soon). It is great for Roleplay and other aspects, and for Christ sakes it is an amazing deal compared to a real one, but I wouldn’t recommend using this siren(or any siren real or fake) in real life unless you wanting a Police impersonation charge. However, 5/5. I do recommend remaking the Hi-lo to be a bit longer and even tones, which can be a bit different then the real one. I understand copyright and all that but it is worth a shot. The Next best thing for free would be SirenBox I guess. Used it for a bit but I prefer your apps honeslfy

Jack Stailers, Jan 05, 2023

I've never written a review before but for this I just had to... I've tried many siren apps and they all sound so fake and toying but this one is by far the most realistic! Definitely worth 99 Cents (:

Jamesrg1234, Mar 15, 2016
The best siren app out there

This review is five star, the only other thing I can ask for is an update with the option for the rumbler siren with this. That would be amazing, I’ll even pay for it!!

Justin NYC Bossman, Oct 29, 2020

Are u going to update the app so it will work with iOS 11? I use it almost every weekend for my job and I can't anymore. Any thought would be greatly appreciated.

Nick231354214, Sep 19, 2017
Awesome siren box, would be awesome with a rumbler.

When I first saw this app, I was so excited. I was elated that my favorite siren box got made into an app. I have a few request that I’m my opinion, would greatly improve this app. Please add a rumbler unit application, that you can turn on and off. Also, please either change, or add another manual function, that has more of a wind down. I don’t know the exact function name, but the one where the manual completely winds down. Edit : I read in the description that he will not add a rumbler due to copy right, but I wonder if he could change it to a slightly different frequency than the copyrighted one. A rumbler added would be amazing.

NRO88, Jan 10, 2019
So cool

This app is so cool and realistic, I work for the NYPD and it is the exact siren we use. I do want you to have the 2 rumblers in the next update, but overall you guys did a wonderful job thanks NYPD officer,Nicholas Madden

NYPD LEGO BOY, Jul 06, 2020
Triggers my PTSD

I worked in NYC for many years, and this looks and sounds EXACTLY like the sirens we had. I was just looking for an app mess with my friends as a passenger in their cars but it sounds so real my heart rate goes up and my mouth gets dry thinking of bad calls I responded to in 90s and early 2000s. Whoever made this really put allot of effort into creating something really authentic. Thanks!

PaulD858585, Jul 24, 2019


Turn your device in to a squad car siren box for 99¢, just 0.1% of the cost of a real one! The Simple Siren LMT is modeled after a real system and behaves the same way! The siren unit design creates a realistic siren experience, perfect for pranking your friends or turning your car into a real emergency vehicle!

Includes: -Wail Siren -Yelp Siren -Pier Siren -Hi/Lo -Airhorn -Manual Siren Buttons light up as the real sirens do Realistic look to have fun with sirens! ~Don't forget to unmute iPhone when using this app!~ ~Also note that some sirens are copy-written and therefore won't be able to be presented through this application~

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