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User Reviews for Shiba Force

Unfinished product?

The game is very good I love the art style and the cute little shibas. The tutorial is nice and quick but the tutorial basically shows the ENTIRE game. All you do is send shibas, get rewards, and repeat. The coin system is also broken. You’ll only make enough coins to send 2 shibas on a mission which makes the player seem like they never progress. The game just feels very unfinished and will every easily get boring within a week of playing. I suggest completely changing the game and making it into a turn based action game similar to Pokémon . That could propel the game into completely new levels

Bush sky, Sep 24, 2019

I’m not even sure what the point of this game is, when you first play it you think there’s a storyline and a point to it but then nothing happens. You send out your dogs and they bring back either coins or occasionally items or on the very rarest of occasions a diamond so you can recruit more dogs. Okay well that’s great and all except I’ve recruited 4 dogs and only 2 of them are ever available to do anything, my index shows I have 4 but when I try to pick the 2 who aren’t in the room anymore the game just kicks me out. The items you bring back have no purpose other than to fill up the room, and the “weapons” your dog brings back do nothing except sit on the trophy case. Sometimes you have to watch an ad just to get your dog to complete a “quest”. This game is just one giant ad masquerading itself behind cute animations. I’m quite disappointed in one how much this game was hyped and two how long it actually took the developers to come out with a game that is nothing more than a pathetic cash grab and ad show. Save yourself the time and space on your phone and DON’T download it.

CourtneySKSK, Aug 05, 2019

I don’t know what else I expected, but the game is pretty much just KleptoCats with a fresh coat of paint, as are most of Hyper Beard’s games. The novelty wears off quickly for me, and though it’s cute to waste time on once in a blue moon, it just isn’t very engaging or exciting and it’s easy to drift away from it and just let it rot in my games folder until I uninstall. I was hoping for some kind of fresh features, which I guess the level up system could be seen as, but it’s horrendously slow progress. Not to mention so far it seems like the shibas rarely bring back items, which... is the entire purpose of the game. To get items. Although these games are nice to look at, they’re rather bland in terms of gameplay.

HazeRegallis, Aug 01, 2019
The game is ok....

The game is pretty good. I ADORE the art style, and it’s definitely one of my favorite parts of the game. So far, I’ve only gotten two doggos, and haven’t really progressed yet. My main problem with the game is the way you get diamonds. So far, I still have one gem after having the game for several hours now. It looks to me like the only way to get diamonds is by collecting the daily reward... but that wouldn’t make any sense since there should be a faster way to get diamonds. My other problem with the game is the mini games. I’ve only gotten one mini game so far, which is the one where you dig up random objects, and then cover them back up with dirt. This can get pretty repetitive after a couple minutes, as the only reward you receive for completing each dig is a SINGLE COIN. Why not give you more than just one coin, how about ten or 20? Over all, the game could use another goal, besides getting every doggo. Anyway, the game is pretty decent, BUT could use some tweaking.

Jaxmommee, Aug 08, 2019
A great start but. . .

I ended up preordering this game because it looked like a neat, cute little game and I’m proud to say that this game has met most of my expectations. The only thing I have to say is that the game could use a bit more action. I personally think that maybe a battle system could be used to get that action thats needed because the game in its current state is basically: send dogs on mission, play mini game or do something else, collect reward, repeat. The game just needs a tiny bit more player interaction to push it into 5 star territory. But overall I love this game for its cute art style and amazing pups! Keep up the good work!(P.S. I found a typo for you guys to fix. . . The Scrump Doll currently says in its description,”Her head is too big beacuse she has a bug in there.” Just a little thing to fix. Keep up the good work!)

Lil Shimp, Aug 05, 2019
Hooked me in quickly, but lost my interest faster

How do you intend to maintain interest in this game when there’s only 1 minigame to play at the beginning, where there’s hardly any goal or reward to it? Not to mention a mini game where all you do is swipe down 10 times every time should barely qualify for the label “game”. The characters are adorable and the animations hilarious, but I’m lost... is there a storyline to this game? Why are the only things I can click on are ads for other games or a store that asks for real money? What a wasteful use of creative character design when you cannot interact with them, nor can they interact with each other. I read that this is a new game ... which I can therefore cut some slack for the absolutely dull state it’s currently in (but why release it like this in the first place?) Unfortunately the last update was almost a month ago, indicating there is little care by the developers for this game’s success in the long term.

Mynicknamesnevergetaccepted, Sep 23, 2019
Not Exactly Perfect.. Yet.

I Pre-Ordered the game, so I could get it to download as soon as possible. This game is really good, there is cute little doggos, the game looks great (gg to the artist), but no game is without flaws. The game at the start is great, the tutorial runs you through the game quick, but after that, you’re kind of just stuck with a 20 minute wait, with only a single mini game to play. I get it though, the game just launched, and I’m sure those things will be changed, but in the mean time, it’s just sort of boring.I think by adding more mini games to play while your shibas are doing stuff, would make it better. My biggest idea is, maybe while your shibas are doing their thing, YOU could be there. Maybe something like Pokémon, where you could control your shibes in a battle, and every shibe has different abilities, like “Growl” for defense, or “Scratch” for attack. These are just ideas. Anyways. Aside from that, this game is really nice to look at. I will be playing more in the near future. Looking forward to new content updates, toodaloos!

OMGitsPhinatic, Aug 01, 2019
Save the world !

This app is amazing I feel like a superhero playing this game but sadly I had to delete the app for space because I wanted another app but this app is wonderful if you’re reading this review you should download this app because you’ll have an awesome experience and it’s free love it now when I’m older i really want to be a superhero wonder why you can collect coins and collect pups isn’t that amazing and thank you for reading my review so that’s all I have to say about this app bye bye!

Poonpoon 1113, Sep 05, 2020
Doggos Unite!

This is one of those games where it’s less about the gameplay itself and more about the satisfaction of seeing everything come together. Mechanics are simple enough, with you sending up to 3 heroes at a time to complete missions and bring back coins, gems, and collectible treasures. It’s the items you get that really make the game fun, seeing the stuff that your dogs bring back. Also, love all the references in the game (Sailor Moon Shiba is best pup). Highly recommend for those looking for something casual.

PopStarPlatinum, Aug 10, 2019
Is this just a glitch? (@Creator)

Hey! So, so far I absolutely love this game, I pre-ordered it because it looked interesting and it really is! Although, there’s one thing that I am a little confused on. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but I think that it needs to be addressed anyways. So every time that I leave the game for a long period of time, or when I clear my screens, it completely restarts the game all over again. The other day I collected a rare item and a pup, but when I came back today, it had brought me back to the tutorial stage again. (I lost everything.) So please if you could get back to me on this, give me some feedback or maybe tell me what I might be doing wrong that would be amazing. I love you guys’ games so much and I really look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! ❤️

SurroundSound22, Aug 03, 2019


Kaiju are destroying the city! But you must never give in to fear, for as long as evil threatens the peace of dog-kind, the Shiba Force will be here to stand in its way! The Shiba Force is a sentai group of powerful shiba dogs ready to fight for what's right!

A snout for every odor! Recruit adorable shiba dogs with different armor suits! Go fetch! Recover treasures from big nasties in missions and use them to decorate your Shibase! You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Level up and evolve your Shibas! Let sleeping dogs lie! Take a break from your phone while your dutiful Shibas are out on missions! This game is not intended for children and may have some content that is inappropriate for children under the age of 13. Privacy Policy: https://hyperbeard.com/privacy/

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