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User Reviews for Chichens

I do NOT recommend

How are people playing this?? It takes 1.8 million coins to get the 30 feathers (premium currency) needed to open another garden. And there are 7 gardens to open. And that’s only if you save every coin to only open gardens. Tapping on the little guys drops coins, but it would take a month or more to open the next garden. 600 coin per 1 feather, and you need 30 feathers. Until then, you only have ten slots to collect. And only one or two slots for eggs. An extra egg slot is another 30 feathers, or another 1.8M coin, another month of constant tapping. Either people are spending an outrageous amount of real money on this game, or they are tapping for hours and hours and hours every day. I love tapping and idle games, but this is ridiculous. There just isn’t payoff for the amount of constant tapping you would need to do to get the next little thing. I’d be happy watching 20 ads, but thats not even an option. I really do not understand how or why people are playing this game.

Afterthought42, Apr 14, 2020
Could use some improvements.

I like this game, it’s pretty good, but it could use a few improvements. One improvement would be a better way to get feathers like watching an ad or something or unlock them from a race instead of a hat. Also could you maybe make it optional for a chichin to wear a hat? The hats are cute, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I’d rather win something else besides a hat all the time. Also you might wanna fix your method of getting free feathers because even if I do exactly what it says, it doesn’t aways give me the feathers. If there was a way to make a chichin to switch sides (side A and side B) that’d be nice because it’d let you have certain chichins you like the most on one side instead of having to pick the other side or sell a chichin you wanna keep. I still don’t see why we can’t just watch an ad for feathers instead of paying for them since some people don’t have money. Yes, I know there’s a way to get them free, but sometimes it doesn’t always give you the feathers no matter what you do. I really like this game, it’s very fun, but it could use some improvements. It just needs some more stuff added or something because after awhile it can get pretty boring and make people lose interest.

Candy Goodra, Aug 25, 2021
Cute and fun but could use some stuff

The are is really cute and silly! Love finding new chickens and getting them outfits :) there is some problems where if you get a new chicken and you already have 10 it will ask you to delete one or discard the chicken. The problem I’m having is every time I click on a chicken to delete, it doesn’t delete the one I picked and delete a different one :( it can be very frustrating and I have lost many beloved chickens to this. I also get disinterested in the game very quickly(maybe people like clicking on chickens and nothing else idk) I think it would be a more fun experience for everyone if you could play games with your chickens helping them level up! You could always leave it to just giving them food but I think it would give the player more variety in the game and give them a goal to achieve at the same time :) I always fun games where you get characters and dress them up and take care of them always have some sort of mini game(ex talking Tom) that give the player a way to earn coins and of level up the characters(in are case chickens) and will make them play the game longer! Thanks for reading hope this helps in some way!

definitly not zoe, Jul 21, 2019
Fun but many issues

This game is amazing!!! I love the cute art style and just the game in general. It’s really fun and I highly recommend it. But, I have many problems with this game. First, my sister and I each got this game on our iPads. It was all fine until I realized I never got any feathers like you are supposed to in the tutorial. So, I decided to delete the app and get it again. It then was working just fine until I wanted to sell one of my double chichens (which was leveled up completely) because my inventory was full. I did so but it just made my chichen go to level one again. I also didn’t get any coins. I tried to sell it again because it didn’t the first time but it didn’t let me. So, I tried to sell another one of my doubles. It didn’t let me sell it. I then decided to close the app and reopen it. It was still the same. So, I decided to delete the app AGAIN and reinstall it because I love this game and I have hope in it. I did the tutorial and everything and then it asked me if I wanted to do the iCloud save. I put yes and I got the glitched version I had before. But, this time, it didn’t let me race or go to my cave world which I had. PLEASE FIX THIS BECAUSE THIS GAME IS REALLY FUN AND I REALLY WANT TO PLAY IT WITHOUT GLITCHES.

Gloria Boltz, Apr 14, 2019
so cute but not cheap

sooo this game is indeed super cute i love the animations and honestly any game from this company is so aesthetically pleasing so it’s always worth checking out, but wow it’s PRICEY and what i mean by that is that you have to save up so much coin for one freaking feather and you need soooo many feathers to basically advance in the game. and by advancing i mean collecting more unique creatures! like i want them ALL but I CANT cause i’m BROKE. that’s my only complaint and it does knock off a WHOLE STAR because it’s just so much time tapping and watching ads, which i still do…… but i realize it’s either you waste your money or your time on these stupidly cute games, and yes i might’ve chosen a little bit of both and will probably continue to do so but hey it’s a cute right???

Lcupcake123, Jan 08, 2022
Love the game but have a few problems

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME it’s simple and fun I love the art style the only problem is that you give us quests or tasks so that we gain feathers a little easier don’t make it tooo hard nor too easy. One of the problems I’ve been having is when I have too many chichens and ran out of space and I wanted to sell one out and switch right? Well whenever I chose the one I wanted to sell it sold a completely different chichen that I didn’t choose and then I couldn’t get it back and that upsets me sooooooooo much another thing is that for races could u tell us what lvl the other chichens we are racing so then we know what to feed to be more prepared for the next race we do? That’d be soo helpful. Anyways I hope you guys do take all of this into consideration, Thanks MUCH LOVE TO THE CREATORS <3

OGFL7567, May 24, 2019
Very cute, very glitchy

I love chickens and I love games, so when I found Chichens I was excited to play it. It was good for the first eight chichens I hatched but afterwards it gets really glitchy and just not fun. The egg would never hatch and I would infinitely spawn chichens. I would close my game to see if it would help but no, my egg would completely disappear and I would have to restart the hatching time all over again. I even tried using coins to see if that would work, but the game just took them the egg still spawned infinite chichens. Also when I’d mute ads on this game, it would mute everything entirely. And there are some tabs that aren’t able to close and I have to close the game to re enter.This game is good but there’s so many problems with it. Also why would someone spend money on a game this glitchy, it’ll end up as a waste. So please Hyperbeard games, make this game great again, I would really love to see this game work properly. So far it seems you were ignoring this game and that’s really sad. I would’ve love to play a game like this in my free time, but no, it had to be butchered and glitchy.

Pixel_sniper, Jun 12, 2019
I LOVE IT!! This opinion really matters.

My sister said it was super cute which is cute. Whoever drew this has talent. No stress. Not even it the race! If you hate it think how AMAZINGLY CUTE it is. No way you can say no to the cute chicken faces! Think about how cute it is. I could not stand the cover of this app. This could be in my top five favorite apps. If you like you things and chickens this is the game for you. I gave it to my sister she is now in love. If you have this game I hope you feel the same. If you don’t like this app you are crazy. I have a UNICORN chicken is my favorite. I like how creative they were making the chickens/chicks. If I make this up it would take years for me to make because how amazing it is. If you know a five-year-old her, like my sister put it in front of them and they were five minutes later they will love it. I just love the game. 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 👏🏻 By The girl who really loves this game

The dancing pug, Apr 26, 2018
I don’t know what to do...

Ok so, I absolutely love this game. It is adorable and the Chichens are amazing. But, every time I go to open a new egg for another chichen, the eggs either disappear or I can keep tapping the egg and get absolutely loads of chichens in one area. I took a screenshot once and I swear there were hundreds just in the forest area. It was absolutely hilarious, but when I closed the app, I I didn’t get my chichen from the egg I had been tapping. There also is this weird duplicate chichen I never had gotten, and it won’t let me sell or delete him. It’s super glitchy just as I have explained, and I do not want to have to delete the game and start again since I am pretty far into it. I do not want to loose all my progress, but it looks like this may be the only solution. For now, I give this game 3 stars, but just to be clear, that is only because my game is super glitchy. I love the game, and I think it’s super cute. Keep up the good work, HyperBeard, and I hope the glitchy problem gets fixed.

The Unknown Game Geek, Apr 14, 2019
Good, but not perfect

This game has had a really good impression on me. I like it so much I actually went out there and started writing the review!First of all, the design is, as you have probably been told many times, quite good. It solves it purpose perfectly, the aesthetic is strong and likable. Next, the mechanic is solid and simple, doesn’t pressure the player into micro-transactions and one can see that the devs wanted to create an enjoyable experience for a wide audience, not just profit for themselves. I would strongly suggest you to prevent the player from accidentally pressing on the buttons of the menu that pops up when you’ve got yourself an egg but no slots are free. As the player might continue tapping by the inertia, they risk to spend their feathers without the need to. An «Are you sure?» window after pressing on the «Hatch now» button would be a solution.

Topach, Oct 28, 2017


Look! It's a chichen! Tap it.

Again. Tap it again. Don't stop tapping. Oh wait. They are sleepy now. You probably should have stopped tapping, but don't worry, it will be okay. Oh look! It's an egg. Let's hatch it. I wonder what kind of chichen is inside. Could it be a pizza chichen?! Maybe a double-headed chichen??? OMG could it be the KleptoCat chichen?!?!? Fingers crossed! Chichens, from the creators of 2016's best cat game, KleptoCats and the team that brought you 2017's cutest claw machine game, Clawbert, and 2018 most heart-warming journey, Tsuki Adventure, is a game that is all about tapping, you guessed it, CHICHENS! Chichens are cute, silly little critters that go insane when you tap them and drop all sorts of fun things. Fill each world with chichens and unlock the next one. You never know what these silly chichens are going to do!

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