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User Reviews for Player GR - Offline Music Play

Need an edit playlist order section

I really want to add new songs but I can’t because I really like to know the order of songs (OCD thing) and I can’t do that unless I can put songs at the bottom. Other than that really good app. I like not needing data for music.

95446, Apr 21, 2022
It’s good for offline but…..

It’ll be better without the ads and everything time I try to skip something it takes about 7 seconds to play and sometimes I have to exit out the app and try again because it plays with no sound. But it’s good for offline.

Andthenntherewasfours, Jul 18, 2022
Actually great

The offline music app I used to have downloaded has been giving me too many issues so I decided to search for a new one. I didn’t want one you had to download songs on, I wanted one you could just search for songs. Also one that DOESN'T require a subscription (that annoys me when apps do that like I just wanna listen to music freely ppl, not pay to listen to it!) And let me just say…. I will be keeping this app for a while. I can easily find the songs I wanna listen to and add them to my playlist. The only issue I have is a few times I have searched for a song and nothing would come up, but other than that, great app! I haven’t had one this good in a while. Highly recommend.

AudreyBrand, Jun 18, 2022
You can add music to a playlist and play it offline but…

It works, although there are times when it the video/song glitches in and out. Not only that but whenever you play your playlist, the app automatically skips the first few seconds of the song. Like the first 3 seconds are completely inaudible… I’d like to hear the ENTIRE song when listening to music. There’s also a slight pitch bend in each song that plays. The more you use this, the more it gets annoying.

Awesome game 😁😃, Aug 12, 2021
Over all good (need to add 1 thing)

I think over all everything is good, but I recommend this app to add 1 thing, which please do something where we can manually rearrange the order of the songs. (Also another recommendation is probably not gonna happen, but make the ads less..)

hyt beast, Dec 22, 2021
Plzz see this

Hello! I have used this app for almost a year now and I gotta say it’s a really good app. I really hope you can get back to me though because despite the app being really good, I can play music offline, add playlists, name them, and customize them, there is 2 flaws that I really want fixed. Sometimes the songs I play don’t play for the first maybe 2 or 3 seconds and it’s completely silent and I would really like to hear my whole songs, and then number 2 is when I exit the app and then open it the music cuts out for a couple seconds which is a downside, so I really hope those can be fixed. Other than that, it’s a really nice and good app.

josh bowne, Jul 08, 2022
Bring back the classic layout!

So I’ve been using Player GR since 2019 and have nothing but the best to say about the app, but I don’t like this new setup where everything’s all different looking and there original tabs are moved around. I wish I could attach screenshots to show what I mean by that but the best I can word it is when it was when it listed the tabs at the bottom as “search,favorites,history,playlists, and now playing” and on the search tab where under the search bar it listed “videos,playlists,channels, and views” I love this app dearly as it’s the closest thing to the original iTube from 2014 but the new update I can’t say I’m all too fond of

Mikaela 🐻, May 14, 2022
Please add a backup and restore feature!!

The app is good, I used to use the old Player GR app and I guess it’s no longer on the App Store hence why I’m looking for new offline music apps. The old player Fr app had a feature to backup and restore all your saved songs and playlists. This new Player Gr doesn’t seem to have this function, how can I transfer my old songs from the old app that I have a backup of on to this new app? If there’s a way please let me know!!!

Selena1234314, Jul 01, 2022
Amazing app

I love this app it’s amazing but the only thing I feel it’s missing is the search bar to search the songs you already downloaded cuz I hate having to scroll just to find a certain song I want to listen to I have a lot of songs so it’s a struggle.

vangelixu, Mar 19, 2022
Just what I needed! However…

Great! If there is a way to move your music around in the playlist, it’s not very clear. If there isn’t, I hope that’s changed soon. A way to visit channels would be nice. I also personally don’t care to see what’s trending or the genres. I feel they are intrusive personally. It’d be neat if it just opened up to my playlists and a search bar, however that’s not a big deal. Shout out to y’all for this amazing app. As someone who lives and breathes music every second of every day this is a big deal.

xoPHOENIXxxSTORMxx, Jun 14, 2021


Player GR - Offline Music Play is an amazing music player with powerful EQUALIZER that enables you to enjoy your favorite music Anywhere Anytime!! Key Features: - Full SUPPORT LightMode, DarkMode for all iOS versions. - Powerful EUQUALIZER let you play music with any style audio tone. - Discover TRENDING with different categories: Classical, Rock, Jazz, Dance, Country, Folk, Hip Hop and so on. - Smart SEARCH suggestion for artist, DJ, song, remix or cover. - Easily FIND your watch history - Auto play next music - Repeat and shuffle songs - Background playback - Lock screen playback controls - Sleep timer

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