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iMusic HQ - Offline Music Player & MP3 Streamer

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iMusic HQ - Offline Music Player & MP3 Streamer

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User Reviews for iMusic HQ - Offline Music Player & MP3 Streamer


I was searching for a music player to stream offline and I came across this. I read most of the reviews saying that it wasn’t offline but I still gave it a shot. I tested out multiple features this app has and of course tied it offline.Sadly, it doesn’t work offline. I kept trying to make it work but it just wouldn’t budge. This is a mayor issue since the title states it’s “offline”. Many people (like myself) are looking for an app that can stream our music both online and offline. Another thing that this app can be helped on are the songs. I was very disappointed when I found out I wasn’t able to play the original songs I liked. This is another issue that can be worked on to make this app better. Last but not least, I tried to change the order of the songs in a demo playlist I made with different versions of the songs I liked. To briefly sum up this rating, the app it’s self is great! The organization of the app is impressive. I would just keep in mind those issues with this app and I hope my review can bring better updates to it.

.+*Dani*+., Mar 23, 2018
Great but

I enjoy this app, no doubt about it and it is easy to use and is very fluid but I dislike the fact that when you are trying to find a song you get a lot of covers and 30 second prices of the song

Daniel Klene, May 31, 2019
Now I know why I deleted this

At first, it was a great app, but then one day, the songs never played. I tapped on a song, it wouldn’t play. I waited and still no sign of it playing (it would stay at 0:00 and wouldn’t play) yes, the play button was on and I tapped it a few times for good measure so it’s a absolute mystery of why it didn’t play.When it worked, it was a great app so I hope someone will fix this bug.

England Scotland Wales, Dec 03, 2019
Plz help

My songs just froze out of nowhere now it’s been a week and tried everything ,even deleted the app and it still won’t play the music it’s stuck at 0:00 . I’ve never had problems this is the easiest music app to use

i need help folk, Nov 27, 2019

I came to this app in search for a music player that would play offline, it looked pretty good (or so I thought) and I downloaded it because of the good ratings. I guess I was wrong! There’s ADS every ten seconds, it keeps asking if it can take a break, and it sounds low quality! I can’t even type in the names of songs without an ad. Please do not get this app, save yourself the waste of time

ihavenoideawhaytoput, Nov 26, 2021
I dont know what to say....

This app disappointed me very much, first of all, the creator freaking lied about this app being offline i was in a car ride for 3 hours and i wanted to hear music before i left so I downloaded this app, and well the first try it worked but then I disconnected the wifi and what do you know..... The music stops playing and i turned off my phone and well it stopped again i was like wth!? So if you wanna hear music offline.... This app is not for you....

kimberkymariegallardo, Jun 21, 2019

this app is pretty great,good remixes and original songs, but there is a problem. i was waiting for an offline app,wich would allow me to listen to music offline. well,i still found a hack😄😄 its not like a real hack and im not a hacker or smth, but i found a way to listen to it offline, with using just a little internet😀😀 well,to sum up, this app is pretty cool.

likaduchidze, Jan 14, 2019
Kind of Glitchy

I’ve been using this app for awhile. It has worked without problem for awhile (accept the offline part) and figured out if you put a song on repeat it can play offline. But recently it’s been glitching out, the app refuses to load and just lots there with a randomly popping up logo. I think it might just be a temporary error but I’m still going to hope it works better.

Rympkii, Mar 08, 2019

Well FIRST I thought dos app would play music for me OFFLINE.I was just causally scrolling to find an app that would play music OFFLINE FOR ME and I found this. Hey why don't u have a different title for it?! I am sad it won't play music offline. And also the songs r not the original versions of it. I was looking for the song "Lace Up" because I like Wengie's music but it was a weird version. Another thing is that the adds r near the controls so it's hard to pause the songs. I just hope my review is heard. - MusicLover926

UnicornMusic982, Jun 09, 2019
Shhh... everyone stop writing reviews.

This is an excellent app. You want to know why? It's completely illegal. You can LITERALLY pirate music just like that. Thank you, who ever you are who created this. You deserve a award for this.

Your dad 123, Jul 03, 2019


Free music player and listen your favorite songs, comedy, news, podcasts and more from your iPhone/iPod/iPad. App Key Futures: - Browse by categories - Listen music from your music library - Repeat and shuffle songs - search for category, artist, DJ, song, remix or cover - Create, edit, remove playlist - Play Songs in Lock ScreenMode as well - Support Air-play - Passcode lock - Sleep timer

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