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iPlay Tube - Video Music Play

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iPlay Tube - Video Music Play

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Pham Thai Son
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User Reviews for iPlay Tube - Video Music Play

Two Small Problems

I like the app, but the only two problems I have is that when I try to unfavorite a song, it stays when I open the app again. Another problem, it’s not really a big one either, but it’s just whenever I turn off my phone to listen to my music it pauses for a second and then continues to play my song, it might not bother me as much, but it might to someone else. Overall I really like this app, and I know I’ll be using it for a long time! :)

AnnaCakie, May 18, 2019
Was good enough for me till recently

Since I downloaded this app around 8 months ago, everything was fine. There were some standard issues like in the other reviews, but overall it was manageable.Starting around 2 days ago, I can’t search music anymore. Whenever I type in a keyword, it just pulls up a Trending List by #RedMusic: Just Hits, which is frustrating since the music I listen to must be searched and isn’t trending.I hope the developers fix this. I hope no one else experiences this, but given the fact that I deleted the app and downloaded it and still had the same issue, it seems like an update.

Divzee410, Mar 10, 2020
Works, but with issues

Overall, this app works very well! No stuttering issues or quality issues, and videos load quickly.However, it has a number of irritations, the most obvious of which is the autoplay, which wouldn't be a issue at all--if you could turn it off, anyway.The biggest issue, however, are the ads. This app will play ads--not even video ads, just the banners at the bottom of the screen--that play repetitive sounds constantly, and never mute, even when a video is playing. The popup video ads aren't an issue, but sometimes you'll select a video and a video ad will play instead, and once it ends, it moves to the the next video on the list without you ever having seen the one you wanted to watch. These, of course, could be alleviated by paying to remove these intrusive advertisements--if the option existed for US customers. The developer never added the "remove ads" option for American users, so not only can I not support the developer, I can't even get rid of these advertisements that are making the use of this app more of an annoyance than it needs to be.

DragynHart, Nov 11, 2018
WHYYY did you offer me 3 different versions to upgrade to and then change this one anyway???

I loved this app because it let me loop video game music for when I’m gaming without having to go back and restart. Now with the new version of the app the repeat button is there and simply doesn’t work! It just takes you to the next song regardless of whether you have it set to repeat the playlist or the individual song. Please please fix.

drestrife27, Apr 19, 2020
Doesn’t play the songs automatically

This app was good at first then as it goes on, issues starts to come out. First of, I cannot delete some music that I don’t really need or sometimes I don’t know I already had and I red to remove from my list. Secondly, I wouldn’t play automatically like how it used to be before. I hope there’s a better solution for his app, I need this app that’s why I’m keeping it, but if the problem gets worse, I may need to delete it.

jennie.alto, Jan 03, 2020
Play back

I like this app but my problem with it is no matter whether I put it on repeat or random, it keeps repeating the song over and over. It’ll be nice too if after a song is finished, it’ll move on to the next song instead of stopping or repeating the song again. I can’t enjoy my music when after every song played, I have to grab my phone and manually play the next song.

Kenike671, Oct 31, 2019
It was good till updated my phone

This app is amazing, but when I updated my phone last night, it wouldn’t play the next song on my playlist till I went on the app again. It wasn’t like before I updated my phone, and when I turn my phone off and then back on it’ll show that it’s on playing but wouldn’t move to see if the song is over, till I press the pause button. It’s a great app but you guys should really fix those problems.

maddyx209, Apr 04, 2019
Really disappointed

When I first downloaded this app I was able to download the music offline as well and it worked fine!!! but then they took it off and said they created a new app for the offline music so I downloaded that app as well and I was so disappointed because when I downloaded the songs and try to pay without the WiFi it would not play at all and it just kept shuffling through the songs like crazy so I would close and reopen the app and it would still keep doing the same!! I’ve since deleted the offline app which is a big lie because it plays with WiFi but not without and I’m thinking to delete this one as well because it’s no longer doing it said it would!

Msft_gigi, Sep 28, 2018
Play offline

This app is great, it’s easily designed and it’s fun to use. It looks like a default iOS app, But.. I was disappointed for not being able to play my favorite music offline.. the main idea of such an app is to be able not to put all favorite music in one place and gain easy access for them, but more important to be able to play them offline when necessary. I really hope that you take this review in consideration and make some awesome upgrade!All the best!

Ridha MM, Feb 10, 2020

This app used to work perfectly, but about 2 weeks ago the app started acting weird. -Every time I play a song it plays over and over instead of going onto the next song-When I turn off my phone while the music is playing I keep having to skip to the next song myself but sometimes the song says it’s playing another song that isn’t in the correct order of my lists of songs and the song isn’t the same as what it says-This isn’t a glitch or anything but I get hecka annoyed when almost every time I press something on the app a ad comes on

the raddest of the raddest, Jun 05, 2021


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