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User Reviews for MyMetro

Metro cost me income

For a year now, I’ve blamed my gig apps for not working. Turns out, it’s metro that doesn’t work. This service has cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars because it doesn’t work. Next week, I will fork over the extra cash to go back to Verizon just to have a dependable network. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience” doesn’t cut it when the landlady is standing in front of me needing rent. Never again metro. NEVER again.Update: to the developer response, why in the world would I get on fb to send you a message when I’ve called you multiple times about my network not working. I have been paying for a service and you haven’t delivered. I don’t know what you’re doing over there at metro, but when I open my apps and it constantly says “no network connection”, you aren’t providing service. I’m sick of it and your savings aren’t worth a nonworking network. This sneaky little thing you’re doing with data throttles will eventually get you sued.

A lannister always pays, Aug 03, 2022
Weeks later and still won’t work

So weeks after the interview here I am still not able to use the app. I have even called metro and told them about this they acted like they had no clue anything was even wrong with the app. And it had already been down for 2 weeks when I made the call. It is still flashing when I open it and that’s all it will do. Metro will this EVER be fixed??!!! Do you even care if your app isn’t working???!!! This has been going on for over 3 weeks now!!! This is how I paid my bill and kept up with the amount of hotspot data I have left and now I just have to hope I’ll turn my hotspot on and it will work and I have to go miles to the metro store to pay my bill and get charged $3 to pay. And I get charged to call and pay but I go to the store because at least I can understand what they are saying to me there. The app was one of the best things about the metro over all setup and now it doesn’t work and you all won’t give us a new update to fix it! Yup you all really care about your customers. I can tell.

Ashm1987, Jan 15, 2020
Excellent service....

I am giving 5 stars because that’s the experience I’ve had with Metro PCS. Nothing fake or not true about my review. I get great service at an unbelievably wonderful price. Customer service has been on point every time I needed help. I do want to say that once I did have a problem with entering my payment information.....the was a problem with the app accepting my information for some reason..... it was a very simple fix. I just pulled up Metro PCS on the internet without using the app for that time. I figured the was a glitch in the app that was making it not do what should have been done.........yeah it took a little more time doing this, but I got the results I was looking for “Paying my bill”. I had no other issues after that. I’m so sorry to hear about all the problems others are having. I know that Metro PCS is working on the issues. After all, NO COMPANY WANTS TO LOSE CUSTOMERS.💁🏾‍♀️

Bernie's Anya, Oct 31, 2019
They robbed me but made it better

So on April 6th I called a guy on customer service and I wanted to switch to a $30 bill so he said there will be added fees and I said that’s fine then I gave him my card info to pay my bill he then stole 20 extra dollars and set my next bill at $10 more so it would be $40 for a $30plan which made no sense to me but luckily TODAY APRIL 27th the customer service woman I called was amazing and so helpful she seen that guy stole extra money and added extra insurances to my phone that I didn’t need and she was the best customer service I had she knew it wasn’t right and she was destined to get my problem solved if it wasn’t for her I would’ve sued y’all mfs 😂If anyone wants to switch plans keep in mind do it through the app u won’t get robbed and the charges are how they are supposed to be

gmtbruhh, Apr 27, 2020
Top up data is broken

I’ve had this problem multiple times, and it happened again today. I topped up my data on the app today because I saw I was close to using my monthly allotment. About an hour later while I’m using my phone I get the notification that my monthly high speed limit has been reached. No big deal because I just bought top up data right? WRONG. I check my data usage on the app because I notice my connection is slower. I see 2/2 of my monthly gigs used and 9.5/2.0 gigs of top off data used. I haven’t used any top up data yet and it somehow is calculating 9.5 gigs already used. This has happened multiple times before and it hasn’t been fixed.The only way to get it to work from here is to spend an hour getting a hold of a customer service agent and they make you reset your wireless settings which causes you to lose all your saved WiFi networks and passwords which is beyond inconvenient. This is unacceptable. If there is a top up function it should work without me having to spend an hour on the phone to get it to work.

goodbenjamin, Oct 04, 2020
Didn’t work App 1 star MetroPCS 4 star

I downloaded the app to view my account info, pay etc. I was not able to access the app due to an error. I am new customer to metro pcs but not to apps or service.After reading all the complaints about the app I decided to pay directly through website to avoid the in store charges.From experience with other carriers I usually only do business with “corporate” stores instead of “authorized retailer/seller”. The non corporate store have their own fees and charges, etc plus if you purchase any metro pcs items they may not honor the warranty or exchange due to store being independent authorized reseller and didn’t make the profit off the initial sale.Service is fair and that is dependent on where you need the service. Some areas only get ATT, or Verizon, Sprint. T-Mobile towers are good if they cover your area. I like the simple billing and all fees included price and no contract.I buy my phones unlocked from Apple so I can literally take my phones to any provider Verizon, ATT, Sprint. (ATT and T-Mobile use same technology on phone service so if your phone is unlocked it can be used between those two device by changing SIM card).

Jestar irongate, Aug 30, 2018
Error putting in payment info

The app won’t let me put my Debit information in at all, it consecutively tells me there’s something wrong with my card, I went to my bank nothing is wrong with my card, I then proceeded to speak to an agent after being in hold for about 5 mins, they insisted it was on my half that was causing the error. My whole thing is I have been paying my bill with the same card for years and just this month it decided to stop accepting my card I can’t top up data, pay my bill etc.. very inconvenient if you ask me, I tried resetting my network, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, I made sure I had an internet connection and still no luck, I’m very close to switching teams metro is messing up

joejoe 198, May 12, 2022
Amazing customer service!

I had a problem with the person I purchased my metro phone and metro went back for every month and credited my account. I thought there’d fight me on it but they said no sir l, we apologize you are correct!.. I was astounded!… Then they made sure things were right for real… I had so much trouble with other companies on smaller issues, like AT&T couldn’t even do just that… Ever ! Metro is all around the best, if your phones off EVERYBODY gets an automatic courtesy extension by request! Pick them and you’ll be glad you did!

Kelr0k, Apr 27, 2022
It just never works anymore

I remove WiFi in order to make my payment as instructed but it never works anymore. Recently an online employee hacked my account, made purchases to my metro account, but the worse and scary part is that he/she hacked my PayPal and Accorn account. I don’t know what else this person has access to. So far No one has given me answers. They said the cyber team was going to contact me, but it hasn’t happened yet. When we call customer service they ask for our password and we give it to them without hesitation. Not knowing some of them are criminals and use our private information to steal from us. I demand an answer or I’m going to speak with my lawyer regarding this horrible experience. And please fix the useless app. It’s getting old.

Lizz2272, Mar 02, 2022
Works great!

Honestly I’ve been with Metro PCS since 2003 and all other prepaid services but metro I’ve had a much more better quality experience. Now regarding this app it’s definitely okay and it gets the job done, my only complaint is that if your cellphone is out of service you won’t be able to connect because you need to turn off your WiFi rendering your cellphone useless that is my only complaint right now lol. Differently recommend to anyone on a budget.

Mark&Mafis, Dec 12, 2020


This free application is used for Metro by T-Mobile customers to make changes to their account at their fingertips. Check your balance and due date, review your high speed data usage, make payments, change plans or features, and even reset your voicemail password. Just another way to take care of the simple things without making a call or standing in line.