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User Reviews for MyHome Design-Luxury Interiors

Ads will get stuck

I have enjoyed playing this game a lot. The main reason for the 3 stars is because some of the ads get stuck. Some of them don’t have an Exit to leave ad once it has played. I have lost extra turns because of this.

???frog, Oct 17, 2020
Good game ruined by ads

Starts out awesome. Then slowly they add in more ads then you can select additional add to double your win and get more moves then they start playing another ad after you just chose to watch one and then by middle of the second scene your spending more time watching ads than you are playing the game. Totally ruins it, can’t get into it after that.

Anywho123, Dec 12, 2020
Luxury interior

This games is awesome but it has a few computer glitchesMost of the ads are getting stuck, when I’m tryin to get extra counts or more of the money to decorate.

Hennings68, Sep 19, 2020
Fun but too many ads!!!!

I like this game but you have to watch 30 second ads and ads after the 30 second ads. You watch more ads than you actually play the game. I think I will probably quit playing just for that reason!!!

Kat668, Aug 14, 2020
Frozen ads

I like this decorating app but I had to re install it because the adds were freezing and I couldn't play anymore. Now that I re installed it, it went back to the beginning and I don’t want to re decorate the rooms I already finished. It should have given me the option to go back to where I left off like other apps/games do....................................................................................................................................................................................................................I love this game but I had to delete it. It froze on me so I re installed it only to find out I had to start all over again. I didnt want to re design the same rooms again so I can’t play this game anymore :( ..... if you fix the bugs and restore where people left off then I’d love to re install it again.

lindalu223, Aug 25, 2020

This game has enough choices that a person could find out that they do have some kind of decorating style inside of them. I enjoy it.

Nana-10., Jul 14, 2022
So far so good

I have been playing this now for about a week and now it won’t open. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it and it still just says Luxury Interiors. What gives and can you please fix it? Thank you!

Nicky Chaps, Aug 18, 2021
Needs some serious work!

You’re given one of each booster when you download the game but there’s no way to collect more unless you pay (and they’re not cheap!). No daily bonuses at all like *EVERY* other app I’ve gotten has! If you run out of moves before completing the challenge you can opt to watch an ad to get a booster to continue *BUT* often there’s no way to close the add so you end up having to restart the game, and the challenge, without getting the booster. You can also watch an ad to get 50% more coins after completing a challenge *BUT* most of the time when you try to close the ad it sends you to the app store instead, sometimes more than once and sometimes the app closes so you have to restart it. Really irritating ! I haven’t been playing for long but the challenges are becoming more difficult... like all the others out there... so I expect I’ll soon have to pay for boosters to complete the challenges or just delete this game.

Razzberrie54, Sep 17, 2020
So far so good

I just found this game & although I’m not much on match 3 games , this seems to be fun so far , I love decorating as is , I’m in the living room right now & the decorations are gorgeous. Hope the rest of the game goes this well ! Steph

StephD73, Aug 27, 2020
Good game!

I am enjoying it, but when I touch the orange button to get three more moves if I watch a video, it freezes up and I can’t get out of the game unless I turn off my tablet. The “loading” keeps spinning and doing nothing.

youreadithere, Nov 14, 2020


Do you ever dream of living in a luxury house? Tired of only seeing beautiful interiors and home design inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram and co.? Do your own thing and prove your interior designer skills by choosing a magnificent sofa, the trendiest table, the most amazing carpet and create your perfect luxury interior!

Solve cute and colorful match 3 puzzles to earn money and design and decorate different rooms. Select furniture, mix and match or color-code the room to create unique, beautiful and totally insta-worthy home design rooms and places! If you love makeover, redecor, home design and interior design games then Luxury Interiors is for you! Be inspired by contemporary and modern designs like you have seen on Pinterest and Instagram. Here's how to create your own Luxury Interiors: Meet fun and extraordinary clients and design breathtakingly beautiful places! Design, renovate, remodel kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and luxury swimming pools. Choose furniture and decor according to your style and preferences! Exciting and addictive Match-3 puzzle games! Play puzzles to collect coins and use them to create your perfect home design! Express yourself and nurture your interior design skills! Plus, find inspiration for your own insta-worthy home makeover! Play for free and offline! New episodes and match-3 puzzle levels released regularly! Make your home design dreams come true in Luxury Interiors. *Please note that [ Luxury Interiors ] saves your progress on your device. Data will be reset if you delete the app or change your device.* ------------------------------------------------ DEVELOPER INFO Are you into home design? Puzzle games? CookApps Playgrounds fan? For news, giveaways and fun join our Facebook community on: https://www.facebook.com/PlaygroundsTeam/

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