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Matchrella Limited
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User Reviews for Bella Villa

Amazing perfect love love love

This game is amazing it gives u so many boosters and unlimited time to play I been playing for over two hours with unlimited life I am past level 100 in one day and I have never had that happen with a game usually they get to hard and I get stuck for days and give up but this one is different and when the fruit drops u get so many blow ups just like the ad shows in all other match games when u make a match or even a big match ur lucky if u get more this one doesn’t stop its super easy to clear the board I will be spending money on this game to thank the developers finally a game that’s not fusterating I have not found anything to complain about or anything to make it better I love it just the way it is please don’t change it also keep the life the way it is it’s nice u get to keep playing when u pass a board and it doesn’t take a life away great job developers would love to see a seek and find game with a story line in it from you guys I’ll keep watching hope to see more games from you guys

9231988, Sep 20, 2020

I don’t usually write reviews because all games start out fun and enjoyable at the beginning then they turn into impossible games that try to force you to spend money to keep going. NOT THIS ONE! Thank you so much for making a game that can be fun, relaxing and enjoyable continuously throughout. I play games when I need to escape frustrations and kill some time, the games shouldn’t add to my frustrations. So far, this one has surpassed the 20 other Match 3 games that have been deleted after the completion of one area. The stars required to complete a task are completely reasonable and the match 3 games aren’t frustrating or make you feel like they were set up to be impossible just to make you pay money to move on. Please don’t change this feature!!!! I have loaded and deleted so many of these types of games because I get bored with constantly being stuck on a level and not being able to move on without paying. I completely understand that you have to make money for your time. I would gladly buy something at this point because I feel you deserve it for making such an awesome game. You haven’t made me feel forced to spend it just to pass levels and move on. Kudos, applause and standing ovation 🙌🏼👏🏼. This one is destined to stay on my phone longer than any of the others. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

DanaB1215, Jul 23, 2020

This is the first game I’ve played that doesn’t try to force money out of you. The levels get harder, but not so much to where you think they purposely made it impossible. I love getting to see the house come to life, and I like getting to pick the set up. This is also the first match 3 game, where you don’t need an unreasonable amount of stars to fix something! I like being able to play a game without it getting me mad. The best part is that I’d your stuck on a level, after a few tries, they give you a power up to help you out! Please don’t change anything about this game. You guys did an AMAZING job. They don’t force you for money, the levels are actually reasonable, you don’t need an unreasonable amount of stars to fix a table, it’s fun overall, and if your stuck they throw you a power up. What’s not to like about this game? Definitely 5 stars for me!

dez3597, Jan 13, 2021
This game cheats you

I thought I was crazy for the longest time while playing this game. They’re were certain moves that would go off randomly when I was setting myself up to do things. I kept thinking to myself I have to be messing up. Then I decided to screen record while I was playing. The game intentionally sets off moves during the game. It must be programmed into the game and it’s ridiculous. When that proceeds to happen and you lose the game will then throw a ad in your face. This is disgusting type of marketing and I don’t recommend wasting your time with a game that would stoop so low to obtain your hard earned dollar.

domdude1197, Jan 29, 2021
Fun game for Adults

This game is awesomely addictive and fun. I’m an Adult and I enjoying playing these types of games on my phone. Bella Villa is a cute little adorable game. I like playing games that takes you on higher levels instead of ending it at level 40. I’m on level 339. There were a few times I paid for extra gems but you really don’t need too. That’s something I wanted to get for the level I was on. But now, I have ran into a bug. My game has been crashing often now. Hopefully the developers can look into it because I hate to waste energy turn once the game crashed or delete the game. I came so far into the game I want to make it towards the end. I want to finish renovating this house. So please fix the bugs in the game.Thank you in advance. Best game ever!!!!!

KaiMiMi, Nov 19, 2020

Hi,This is a private message to you. My 8 year old daughter shares my computer and plays your game as do I. I wrote a review telling you how much I enjoyed your game. My daughter played and got stuck on a level for a week and was reduced to tears. She wanted me to buy her stuff to get through it which I did not do. I told her she could write her own review and tell you how disappointed she was that she felt she had to buy something to proceed. You sent me a list of countless great reviews as if to make her feel she was not justified in her feelings. This is a kid not a 70 year old man or an adult, from the glorious reviews you received. During these times of COVID we need understanding and compassion. Kids get frustrated. I got my daughter off the level she was stuck on and we are continuing to enjoy your game. I personally love it. Please in the future show kids some compassion with their ratings.Thanks for Your Understanding

lizzylawless, Aug 06, 2020
Like the game so far

It is a cute game and keeps you interested. The only suggestion I have is……it would be nice if you could zoom out when choosing decorations ~ so you could see how it goes with the rest of the room. Also would be nice to get more than one star (or whatever it is for doing stuff) for the lvls you have a hard time doing. Some things take 2 stars but you only get one at a time. Seems unfair ~ but still a cute game.

Toby ., Sep 15, 2021
Worth It

I made sure to play through the entire first room and well into the second. It gets a fraction harder but still has bearable levels. Thank god. I get so tired of games that immediately become a cash grab. This is one of the few games I actually won’t mind spending real money on because they don’t try and force it out of you. If you do happen to get stuck, after a certain amount of tried they throw you a booster too which is great.The storyline is simple and the dialogue is cute with lots of little inside jokes. The choices are actually decent instead of hideous mismatches like other games. The price to change items isn’t ridiculously astronomical. This is just a really fun game that is actually enjoyable to spend time on. 10/10 recommend.

Whetherman07, Aug 08, 2020
Lives stolen

I never ever do reviews bc I never had any issues with any of the games I play. Many games I play is bc I suffer from anxiety and ptsd and playing games that you need to have a bit of brain power lol. And this game I reached level 1100 so I put time into this game daily. However I logged in and all my lives where gone I mean all the ones that were given to me from my team mates and friends all gone. So I reach out and they tell me that they get taken away every 3-4 days when tech folks here this is exactly what they said in the email : Lives will disappear after 3 days, and it might be a little longer than 3 days due to the automatic check time of the database. what the heck are you serious why would my lives that folks and friends have given me make no darn sense when we play video games are lives don’t get taken away only the ones we use. So I am not happy with this at all and I will advise others to watch this because why play a game with thief’s. I m out of here. Do better people. 😞. UPDATE: First off I do not need sarcasm you folks are thief’s I put a lot of money in this game and my time as well you want to come back at me with your sarcasm “it’s a putty” you know what you can do with that. I think it’s not fair not right. Those lives are given to me on how to use not you. So until this game stops stealing from players I will not play and I will make it very well known what you do….

wine1970, Sep 13, 2021
The Game Is Horrible

First the story line is just trash. Second once you get so far the levels become pay to play. Every other level is Hard, Very Hard or Nightmare (sometimes one right after the other) so pay to get past it or grind for weeks and maybe you might get past it to just get another hard if not harder level. What I thought might be a fun game to play turned into frustrating boring game. When there is a contest with other players if you are a higher level with impossible levels you are screwed right out of the contest. Don’t waist your time on this game. Get a root canal instead might be more fun.

wondertrek, Sep 03, 2021


This is a story about following your dreams. Bella dreams of becoming a top-tier interior designer. Possibly the best in the world!

Help her make her dream a reality by swapping and matching your way through thrilling levels! Collect stars after each victory to unlock new furniture, new rooms and riveting story scenes. Will Bella achieve her life’s ambition? Can she reclaim the former glory of her family home? Is the love of her life closer than she thinks? The only way to find out is with your help! Let’s start our journey together right now! Game Features: *Simply swipe to operate. User friendly. Fun for all ages! *Full HD quality artwork. Adorable characters and vibrant puzzle pieces. *Thousands of exciting stages! Balanced gameplay and fresh challenges. *Renovate & decorate: you decide what the house will look like! *A fascinating plot! Mysteries, love interests, villains and more! *Multiple characters available! Learn more about their stories!

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