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Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

  • Education
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Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

  • Education
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User Reviews for Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Love it

I don't understand why this game doesn't get promoted more by Apple. It's the best most consistent preschool App in the store. It teaches young kids basic reasoning skills and keeps them entertained with a simple to play interface. Love this and the other games by the same company. I'd choose this for my kids before some terrible character based App any day.

Addfgteegfzgvhyes, Sep 21, 2017
Yes. Just yes.

I would play this when I was in kindergarten and it was great. I don’t understand why most people don’t know it and don’t really promote it. It teaches things from shapes to colors and all sorts of things. It is truly a great preschool learning game!

Easy to use and fun for 2 year olds

With a little practice, my 2 year old can play this app on her own. Love the variety of little games to learn colors, shapes, letters and counting. I wish they would occasionally add new content or mini games.

Bluebear109, Nov 14, 2018
I remember this game

Low-key remember this game and I used to love it but I literally paid two dollars for a game and it’s OK personally I wouldn’t say you should get it but I like the game I remember since I was like three weeks old I had this I don’t know how long it’s been out but I think that😃

CAROLINA🌺🥀, Apr 29, 2022
Great idea but lacking

The app works smoothly and my daughter loves it but where it fails is in the simplicity. It never gets harder and after an hour my 2 and 1/2 year old mastered all the games. If it continued to get harder to challenger her I would give it 5 stars. I was hoping there was a way to set it on a harder setting or it would learn to give her harder games. Not worth $2.

Dr_JD, Jul 31, 2022
Amazing but one problem

So I downloaded the app for a two year old and it kept him busy for hours but he loved the wrong noise so I think you should just make no wrong noise but keep the right noise because he also thought it was funny but otherwise I would definitely download it

ggvfggd, May 18, 2020
Please fix annoying sound

We love this app and use it all the time but please make it where you can turn off the monkey sound.!

lbryant61, Aug 27, 2020
Where Did The Sound Go?

I’ve had the paid version of this app for years... first for my niece and nephew, and now for my own kids. Since the most recent update, the sound stopped working (and yes, the volume on my iPad is up the whole way and other apps work just fine). I tried updating my iOS, uninstalling the app, resetting the iPad, then reinstalling, and still nothing. I also checked the app settings, and the sound is on. It’s useless with no sound.

PittDad05, Jun 23, 2020
Don’t get this

I got a paid version of this app and it like a free version with very minimal games. I have to upgrade and pay again to get more content. This version kept my 3 yr old busy for maybe 5 min before it asked for more $. Even though it was only $1.99 it was a complete waste of $. I found it very deceptive. There are free apps out there that have way more content and better. The graphics look really old school and the voice sounds like an old lady.

Plisken04, May 13, 2020
Not starting up!

I would have gave this game a 4 stars, because my 2yr old son really enjoys this game, but for a few days this game has not been starting up! Every time my son or I click on the app. It doesn’t start up. It’s stuck on the image of the monkey in the beginning, Please Help!

RJ'sMamaa!, Jun 27, 2018


The #1 preschool game in the app store. Learn and have fun by helping monkey pack lunch! Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is a collection of seven exciting educational games for your preschooler (ages 2 to 5). *** FEATURES *** -7 different games that teach kids about colors, letters, counting, shapes, sizes, matching, and differences. -Lovable animated monkey helps kids along as they play the games. -Dozens of sounds and voice recordings of colors, letters, fruit names, and more. -Animated Stickers!

Kids get sticker rewards to encourage their progress. -Designed for preschoolers -- no confusing menus or navigation. -Unlimited play! Each game flows right into the next. *** INCLUDED GAMES *** 1. COLORS. This picky monkey only likes fruit of a certain color, touch only the color they like to pack the lunchbox. Teaches colors, color names, and grouping. 2. MATCHING. Match pairs of fruit hidden behind the cards to pack lunch for this monkey. 3. COUNTING. Count off the fruit the monkey is looking for to fill up the lunchbox. Teaches numbers and counting. 4. LETTERS. This monkey only wants fruit that starts with a certain letter, pick the fruit that starts with that letter. Teaches letters and letter sounds. 5. PUZZLE. This monkey's fruit broke into pieces! How odd! Put it back together for them. Teaches shapes and pattern recognition. 6. SPOT THE DIFFERENCE. Help the monkey spot the fruit that looks different, or is a different size. Teaches patterns, bigger, and smaller. 7. SHAPES. Help the monkey find the fruit in the shapes. Contact THUP! Have some comments on our apps? We'd love to hear it! Want to find out what we're doing next? Come visit us: Email us: [email protected] Like us: http://www.facebook.com/THUPgames Follow us: http://twitter.com/THUPGames

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