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User Reviews for LINE


Ok so, first of all Line is my favourite texting app and I’ve been using it for YEARS. I’ve had no problems with it up until like 5 minutes ago. It was working fine since I was able to chat and video call with my friends about an hour ago. I hung up and left the app and I was going back and I went to the chats place and it’s just showing me a loading circle and nothing happening. When I press anything nothing works and the app just closes itself and takes me to my Home Screen. My friend sent me a message that she is having the same problem with line. I was thinking of deleting it and reinstalling it but that would mean I lose all my texts and data on it. My friend said she restarted her phone but the problem was still there. Please fix this cuz I don’t want to lose anything.PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME AND PLEASE FIX THIS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. I can’t even back up the messages since it won’t let me do anything on the app. The page is just frozen and just keeps loading. That’s all and I’m so stressed from this.

adcgscvjhb, Nov 02, 2020
Very upset

I’ve had line app since 2016, I haven’t been message banned in YEARS. Lately with all these new updates etc I’ve been getting message banned for absolutely no reason. I’ve never posted or sent anything that goes against their terms or services yet I’m message banned. I made a new account lost ALL my stickers and ALOT of money went into stickers. The app was great to use over the years because the stickers and other things are great. But when your constantly getting message banned for no reason it gets annoying. It’s like the app purposely allows people to get u banned so u make a new account and get new stickers which means more money wasted. I’ve sent email after email asking them to remove my ban, and honestly I feel they r just a bunch of greedy selfish people. Some people make great memories on this app and we end up losing everything from chat rooms, to stickers, to contacts of your friends. This is ridiculous and unfair. They could easily remove my message ban but they won’t because they want us to make new accounts and waste more money on this app. This app use to be amazing. Now it’s straight up garbage. I hope they end up removing my suspension. I would love to write a good review but this is crazy.

android16android17, Dec 20, 2021

I havent felt the need to complain about this app cause ive loved it since it came out but im supper dissapointed that whenever you guy’s launch cool free stickers, Im not able to download cause probably the region or whatever which is super unffair cause now you guy’s launch free Brawl Stars line stickers and the worst feeling ever not being able to download them whatsoever. That’s just not right. I remember when there would be free stickers once in a while and id get them, ive even put some money into this app cause i love the stickers but its super dissapointing that i can’t even download the stickers of my favorite game app.. it’s just really wrong..You guy’s should be fair and if it’s free, let it be on every region that people do use the app cause im from the US and now im in NL but i still use my US acc so i just dont understand why i can’t download it...its really messed up. I got all happy when i saw the pop up of the stickers hoping id be able to get them and nope..i got my hopes up for nothing..not right guy’s not right at all. You should go back to how it was when you’s would let everyone download the free stickers for a limited time when you’s announce it’s free. Shoot just heartbroken by this..

Artemis_Yul, Dec 03, 2019
Been a Line User since 2012 I love it but...

I’ve been using Line since 2012 and it’s my #1 SNS app to chat with my friends I prefer it vastly over Whatsapp (which I only use with my family). Also since I moved back home last April I was relieved to transfer my account to my new number and see everything was left as if I’ve never changed my number, my chat history was there and all even my photos! However it might’ve been changed recently or I haven’t noticed but do you guys remember we could follow Official Accounts from other parts of the world? That’s how I came across Gackt, Flumpool and Uverworld etc (I’ve already been a fan of them I was just happy to find their Line accounts and announcements!) and right now as I was checking to see if I could add more J-Rock bands’ accounts I saw that the ‘change region’ button on the Official Accounts interface disappeared? What’s up with that? I can’t see new accounts from Japan anymore! And honestly the ones from my home country Ecuador are...nothing exciting...therefore could Line bring that back?? Please? Otherwise you would’ve gotten fully 5✨’s from me...

AruZhu, Feb 25, 2019
Pretty good.

So I’d say Line is like the best thing that has ever happened to me since I’m not allowed to have a social media account. It’s easy to use, I can stay in touch with all my friends and family who have the app themselves, and hey, who doesn’t like personalization?! Line allows you to personalize your app so it’s looks are to your liking and you can even add in some stickers. On that note, let me just say. LINE POINTS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO GET. You NEED Line points to get those personalized themes and stickers. You NEED Line points for your Line to not be boring. But there’s like NO WAY for you to get Line points. Of course there is the option of “follow the Line Points account for free Line points”. I tried and then realized that there is an EXPIRATION date to how long your point activation lasts. And this can only be done ONCE. What’s worse? They only give you 5. It says 20! What can you do with 5 points? It’s pretty much like “I’ll give you 20 points but I didn’t feel like it so I’ll give you 5”. There is no system where you can accumulate more points over time which I think is needed. The only way to get points is from gift cards or hacking. And we all know you don’t want any of your personal info to be leaked right?

doglover9754, Oct 23, 2018
Great app, however...

It’s a really good app and has quite a few good features, but the LINE points promotions aren’t working for me? I have yet to see any promotions on the page, and it’s frustrating me because there seems to be no other way to get points. The help menus continually tell me to register a phone number to get points whenever I search for a possible solution, but I already have. I don’t know what kind of issue this is or if it can be fixed but I’d like it to be resolved.On a different note, when you type in a chat, related stickers pop up with certain words (like the word can has stickers of tin cans), and while that’s sometimes helpful, it also somewhat frustrates me. When you chose a sticker, it replaces the related word (it highlights the word so you know which one it’s referencing, thankfully). Another thing is that the thing that pops up with the stickers blocks you from seeing the chat if you want to read what someone else sent as you’re typing.

Dragon Lover 18, Dec 06, 2018

I cannot believe how careless the creators can be! They have updated the app, yes! But not the help articles! I just changed my country and wasn’t able to log in! First thing, they don’t have customer support service. It is very non-professional. If their customer are trying to get help there is no body they can email/call. Now you can only login via number and fb. I didn’t have my Facebook linked and since I changed the country, I wasn’t able to get any text. They should have provided the option with the email. Also, a new account was made when i tried to sign in using my current number and i put my old email. The instructions from app told me to reinstall and select the option “existing user” and guess what? There was no option! How can you update the app but your manual for customers is for old versions!! Is this a way you are trying to make money? Because all those expensive stickers can just be gone? This is seriously unbelievable! Now i am not able to change my phone number because it is stuck to the same country I had before. They really need to work on their app and make it easily usable for everyone!

Kohinoor09, Sep 11, 2019

I got introduced to line 5 years ago. I met and called friends on there that I had been talking to. We didn’t use the app for years after that but I still kept the app because I could re-read our chat logs and here’s where the problem comes from. First of all, you have 5 free calls now?? Why not do what discord does and just…make the calls free?? I understand that you have to make money but come on. Secondly, the stupid chat back up thing. It doesn’t make it clear from what I’ve seen that you have to manually BACK YOUR CHAT LOGS UO YOURSELF. Instead of just being like every other chat app that just saves it all for you. I recently got an iPad and while I was adding all the apps on there I got onto the app I had on my phone just to make sure everything was in order and it just locked me out. That is something that honestly should not happen. Me being on the app on two different devices shouldn’t just lock you out of everything, it serves no purpose. Absolutely none. So now, all of my chats are gone and for absolutely no reason. I’m now currently battling with customer service demanding that my chats be put back in place. I’m a “valued customer” but having this type of system in place really does not make me feel like one. I had important things on that app that I want/need to have back. Having this system in place is pointless and honestly just stupid considering how good the app was before and the overall potential that it has.

Kyndllethequeen, Dec 14, 2021
Great features but 1 huge problem not fixed

There are many great reasons why I’ve moved a lot of my group messaging over from other apps to line app years ago. we use this for family & business. HOWEVER, after using it for years and having emails/messages back-and-forth with people of Line app, A huge glaring problem is the fact that you cannot delete notes someone else posted. Even if that account is no longer active or even accessible by the person who created the account. It creates a huge headache when you have 100+ people on one line chat and you have to create a brand new one because members have left and you can’t delete old Notes with information that’s no longer relevant. We have even suggested that perhaps they could create an owner, admin, or moderator position for each chat that could at least have the ability to clean up notes. Our primary messaging app was GroupMe and we still use it here and there. Considering moving back.. Group me‘s developers were amazing in how easy it was to contact them and their dialogue for troubleshooting and also brainstorming suggestions that they implemented. That is NOT the case when we have tried to give feedback directly to line app.

Mrs Jenni Quan, Feb 27, 2022
Account suspended immediately after registering

Context: I will be relocating to Japan soon, and as part of Japan’s quarantine measures, immigration officials will require me to download and update them on my health status via Line.Upon downloading Line and registering for the first time, my account was IMMEDIATELY suspended. The majority of features showed errors, such as adding a profile picture or viewing the sticker store. I attempted to uninstall and redownload, but upon attempting to log in I was greeted by a message saying Line verification is temporarily unavailable. Several weeks later, I emailed support, only for them to respond that my account was in fact suspended for violating their terms of service. How could this be, when the only thing I have managed to accomplish on the app is add a profile picture, the same picture that I use for services such as LinkedIn? I am at a complete loss, as customer service told me that there is nothing they can do. So now, I am unsure of how the Japan immigration process will unfold seeing as how I have been banned from the app they use to monitor COVID-19, despite me having done absolutely nothing! I have spent mere minutes in the app, added no one, messaged no one, and called no one. I am beyond bewildered and am incredibly disappointed in this app.

Nyohira, Mar 11, 2021


LINE is transforming the way people communicate, closing the distance between family, friends, and loved ones—for free. With voice and video calls, messages, and a limitless variety of exciting stickers, you’ll be able to express yourself in ways that you never thought possible. Available all around the world, the LINE platform continues to grow, always offering new services and features that make your life more convenient and fun. ◆ Messages, Voice calls, Video calls.

Enjoy voice and video calls and exchanging messages with your LINE friends. ◆ LINE stickers, emoji, and themes Express yourself just the way you want with stickers and emoji. Also, find your favorite themes to customize your LINE app. ◆ Home Gives you easy access to your friends list, birthdays, the sticker shop and various services and contents offered by LINE. ◆ LINE VOOM Discover posts and accounts that catch your fancy, and start following them to stay in the know. *We recommend using a data plan or connecting to Wi-Fi as you may incur data usage fees otherwise. *Please check the recommended specifications from LINE settings > Help > "Recommended specifications for LINE" when installing/updating the LINE app. In addition, if you're using an old version of iOS, we recommend updating it to the latest version. ▼Click here to see how to update iOS version. https://support.apple.com/ja-jp/HT204204

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