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User Reviews for LibriVox Audio Books Pro

Love this app but for one thing

And that is that it does not fully sync with other iOS devices. There is an online account. But it does not retrain your book or place where you ended in all but the last device you listened to. So you have to relisten or try and find your place. But if you only use it on one device it is great A bit overpriced at $4 I think.

AncientThunder, Aug 30, 2020
Great app

This is a great app that reads to us as we drive around town or to bring entertainment to mindless tasks like laundry, dishes, and cleaning bathrooms. Spend the $2 to save yourself from the annoying commercials or to keep your kids from accessing the web without parental controls by clicking on the ads 😬. Improvements: that there are two rating systems for books. First, for the content of the book and secondly for the quality of the reader(s). Also that it can somehow date stamp when I finish a book.

Antcheetahowl, Jul 06, 2019
Life saver

I will be forever grateful to all the amazing volunteers who make these audio books available to everyone. I tell everyone about this! Truly wonderful. LibriVox helped me through a serious accident, the loss of my father, and a pandemic! Listening soothes me, and I have heard so many great books that I have never before read. Thank you to all of you!

bronsteb, Jul 06, 2021

Since discovering this wonderful program, I know I am able to retire in the evening, knowing I will have wonderful books, etc to listen to. This simple pleasure allows me to listen to my LibriVox choice, timing it to stop for the night when desired. One has no idea how important this can be. It takes me away from any worries of the day, into another world. I’m in my 80’s, so the choices available to select from, allows me to go back to some childhood days. Love it. Thanks so very much.

diannecan, Sep 04, 2019
Slight annoying crash

I love this app and enjoy the books, but there is a problem as of late it keeps crashing on my iOS device. Would be great if this could be fixed with an update. That being said I have listened to over a hundred books on this app and would give it 5 stars if it didn’t crash so much on my iOS devices.

hangitfire11c, May 29, 2022

I’ve used other apps to access LibriVox content, but this one is my favorite. It’s not flashy, but it’s functional, intuitive, and easy on my battery. An old friend and a constant companion - indispensable to the student of history and philosophy, or the lover of classical literature.Uh-oh… fubarred by the latest update. Fix it soon, please! I use this app daily!

Jinx Dinkum, May 04, 2022
best app ever

for learning history, reading/encountering all of the classics we should have read in our youth, for musement, and amusement, we are now without excuse for being intellectually shallow, or ignorant . May God bless the volunteers, the readers, the genius that put such a good thing within reach of all. A word of caution though: “choose wisely, for the mind is a terrible thing.” 😎☕️

LeightonD'wizer, Dec 29, 2021
Priceless resource!

It is unbelievable to me that I can listen to many first person journals and accounts, also classical works on LibriVox- for free! I can’t say enough good things about LibriVox.The only drawback is that the volunteer readers can be uneven in quality. Some are amazing, like the person that reads John Muir’s early journals. Others perform readings providing only a perfunctory performance or speed through without any nuance at all. So many wonderful readers outweigh the poor ones. All in all a fabulous resource! Thank you so much!

Sitterwoman23, Nov 21, 2018
Great app...

There’s a bug with elements getting moved over from the right by about 1cm, and sometimes the icons are incorrect when showing which chapters are downloading, but there are no ads, it works both online and off (if you download the audiobooks), the controls are simple and the big buttons make it easy (meaning a lot more safe) to use if I’m driving. I hope the bugs get fixed. They have seemed to linger. I also hope they make it so artwork gets saved for offline use when downloading an audiobook. Right now, it shows a generic cover when listening offline. Please don’t take my constructive criticism as a condemnation. This is a great app! I use it all the time, which is testimony to that. I’m very happy with it. I’d like to see some fixes done, but I’m also very grateful and happy with it as it is. Thank you to the developers for creating it and also for making sure to note “no ads” when issuing an update. I have had other developers put in ads without warning me and it’s really upset me. None of that here! Just honest updates. Thank you!

sky_blue02, Feb 06, 2020
Mostly great.

After trying several different LibriVox apps, I keep coming back to this one, which does a good job. My only real gripe is that it doesn’t start each new chapter right at the beginning, but a sentence or so in. The only other small thing is the pop-up red and blue chapter download progress bars are, well, kind of ugly. I’d like to see them integrated as shaded backgrounds into the chapter entries or something. But that’s just the designer in me talking. Other than that, a great app that covers all the bases well!(Definitely worth the $1.99 to get rid of the audio ads between chapters)

user1234xyz, Dec 27, 2018


LibriVox Audio Books Pro provides unlimited access to over 50,000 audiobooks - with no ads. Each audiobook can be streamed over the internet or downloaded for later use. Audiobooks from LibriVox are free thanks to the dedicated work of hundreds of volunteers who record, edit and distribute the books.

New releases are prepared daily, and the entire catalog spans the breadth of world literature, including novels, history, biography, short stories, poetry and more in both fiction and non-fiction. The LibriVox Audio Books app makes it easy to search for audio books and classic radio dramas. You can browse by title, author or genre, look at new recordings, or search by keyword. Because the books are free, you can listen to as much or as little of a book as you like with no cost. The app remembers your position, so when you return to a book later, you can start listening at the place where you left off. Unlimited bookmarks and a sleep timer are included for your convenience. To see the LibriVox catalog on the web, visit https://librivox.app

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