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User Reviews for Audiobooks - Librivox library


I’ve been a dedicated Audiobooks listener for around 10 years. Every now and then the app will get bogged down and it will need to be rebooted, usually because I’ve downloaded way too many titles. Well I just rebooted the app and OMG what a huge disappointment. The app is designed by people who ether don’t use it or, I don’t know what. You can’t bounce around from download titles to library and so forth, you are unable to dim the brightness, the volume is no longer on the app. You could no longer...Now a maximum of FIVE titles can be downloaded. Many titles are very short, poetry or children’s books for example. So if you want to, let’s say spend the day driving you are out of luck. I suspect that this is about $ because with the new app adds pop up a LOT, way more than on the old app. I could go on but you get my drift. I will check in periodically and see if some of the issues have been rectified. Normally, if I found a new app and it wasn’t set up better then this I would never return, but I feel loyalty towards Audiobooks because of the very many hours of pleasure it has brought to me over the years.

colt6gun, Aug 26, 2019
Best ap in here!

Awesome collection tons of books ALL free! I saw a review saying it’s not a searchable collection which is not accurate, the search feature works fine. Also another review said they were excited Dorian gray was on here which is funny that is actually specifically why I came looking for the free audio book ap, it’s my favorite and i wanted to listen to it but my i books audiobook I purchased wouldn’t download.. the free version in here has no issues. I previously had the other free audiobook ap that has livrobox in the title and this one is much much better, easier to use and books are all one file. The other ap sometimes you have to download 2-5 different files for one book and it’s confusing because they are sometimes out of order. Anyway this is awesome, all kinds of books! Definitely an ap everyone needs!

coollonita, May 10, 2022
Terrific Selection of Books

There’s an abundance of books in each genre. I have wanted to read many of the classics I didn’t have as an assignment in college literature classes, however, finding the time to actually read them is a completely different story (no pun intended). Now I can listen to them just about anywhere. There’s also a great deal of other audiobooks that don’t fall into that category. There’s a genre for everyone’s taste.

damonty862, Feb 28, 2018
Love this app

I found King James Bible books on here downloaded all I found plus I found a old time favorite story I always enjoyed reading I found on audible the New Testament but I can’t really get audible at this time but I think this app is as good if not better for coming to the things I want to use it for. Have you guys considered putting various prayer books on the app KJV for women? Could you maybe please consider it I’m a young Christian and anything like KJV prayer books and motivation books would be very helpful thank you for an amazing app

Graceona, Mar 10, 2018
Exiting a book during a read???

So I love the public domain rights including all LibriVox rec. and archives online that being said I am having a hard time finding a suitable reader in which I can download to my iPhone, windows based laptop & desktop or even if I had to run a separate os in Linux &c. So far so good but I need to try it on windows still and on the phone when I am listening and I want to stop it will not allow me to exit the screen?? I tried swiping tapping &c. All I found to work is closing the program and restarting...? I would appreciate any insight or remedy to this Thank you

Herm3z 17, Mar 25, 2022
Great App , surprisingly good narration from volunteers

I listen to audiobooks every night to help with insomnia. Purchasing audiobooks or "joining" a paid service is expensive. This app has a nice selection of classic books that are free and in the public domain. I was dubious about the potential quality of narration since it is done by volunteer readers, but so far I'm impressed! Narrators all sound great, sound quality on the app is comparable to professionally produced audiobooks as well. The app is easy to use, search feature got me right to the books I was looking for. No wait for a download, hit play and the book starts and the content streams flawlessly.Constructive criticism: Add a book mark feature, and maybe as others have pointed out, remove or edit the length of the introduction of each chapter. Over all: GREAT free app with good quality recordings, excellent sound quality, and easy to use.

KenInChicagoland, Jun 19, 2018
Great app

Great free audio books. Most are Librivox recordings that can be terrible at times not for the voices (although sometimes the voices are awful - we are dealing with volunteers here can’t expect the best) but the most annoying is the “this is a librivox recording” message before anything. It’s no fault of the app just the place they source it from. I enjoy audio books so I bear it because $15 a month with audible is ridiculous. For the price (free) you can’t beat this app. Definitely download it and check it out for yourself. Lots of good classic books. I’d imagine this would be a great app for students who maybe cant afford or access English books. Also good for adults who can’t imagine paying $15 a month for an audiobook subscription when Pandora plus is $5 and it takes more talent to make music than it does to voice over. Yeah. Download the app.

MellynCara, Jun 07, 2018
A few suggestions..

I haven’t had this App very long but I loved the idea of it and so far I like it and will use often. I am an audible member and have paid for many books that are in this app. I wish I would have know about it earlier. There are several improvements, however, I would like to see to make it more usable. First, as far as I can tell there is no way to add a book to a “read later” list or save it somehow for future listening without having to download the entire thing. Second, there is no where in the description of the book that says how long the recording is which seems like a huge oversight. Those are my main suggestions for now. Will probably have more as I continue to use.

real #1 review master, Jul 25, 2018
Best FREE app for audiobooks

I love classic novels a lot. All the best ones are on here. Best authors. The people reading these are so talented and keep the great novels great. Yes, it is all FREE. You will undoubtedly enjoy it all. I listen to these books whenever I have downtime...on a plane, on a train, when getting ready in the A.M. (Or P.M.), whenever you're alone and feel awkward just sitting there listen to a book! I am 19, but am an old soul, so can relate with most people. This is also a great app for college students who would like to listen to assigned reading on classics. ENJOY!

Sydney's Secret, Aug 05, 2017
Nice Selection - Poor Functionality

This is a nice app for listening to a wide collection of free books, seem to mostly be from LibriVox so you’re not always guaranteed a professional grade reader/production. But, generally acceptable. I gave this three stars because the app won’t remember your location in the book/chapter, even if you have downloaded the book. So, every time you close and reopen the app, you have to navigate back to somewhere close to where you left off. And, if you haven’t downloaded the book, you will have to go find it again. Kinda negates the whole point of having a streamed audiobook if I have to keep searching back for where I was listening.

TheColeeo, Feb 05, 2018


***** “Best audio book player I found love it” ***** “I love this app, it is great to have so many classic literatures in audio versions...” ***** “I listen to audiobooks while I'm at work, it makes the time go by a lot of faster. All the readers bring something different to the book story” Not enough time for reading all classic books you like? With our Audio Books app, it is not your problem anymore.

Whether you are stuck in traffic, waiting for someone, or just relaxing on your sofa, you are able to listen to beloved audio books at the touch of your finger. FEATURES: • Enjoying High-quality Audio Books Over 150.000 classic audio books and even more. We are also offering the superior categories methods and search functions to find your books as quick as possible. • Listening to audio books anywhere Just select a book, put in your earbuds, and you will instantly brighten your busy day. You'll look forward to that commute, workout, or even doing the dishes, knowing a good story awaits you. • Free downloading your favorite books for offline listening Absolutely NO fee to own the audio books and even NO network consuming to enjoy a book, cool? • Sharing your feelings with comments and votes Are you interested in one book? Or how do you feel about one characteristic? Feel free to show your thinking with another. Your feedback feeds our motivation, so feel free to raise your voice by sending email at [email protected]. We'll get back to you shortly.

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