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User Reviews for Online Music & Video Player


I love how I can listen to music while my phone is sleeping. One thing as of right now (Jul 4, 2020), the search function is broken. I can’t look up anything and this even stretches to their recommended list. No songs will show up. I do believe this is a bug, as the app doesn’t normally do this

Ahstia, Jul 04, 2020
Issue after recent update

Ever since the new update, it will not let you add any more songs to your playlist. Yes it’ll let you play songs you’ve already added, but when you go to search a new song to be added, it’s just black and nothing happens, unlike last time where all the songs used to pop up. I love using this app and don’t want to delete it and loose all my songs. I hope this problem get fixed so I can add more music!

Draven101, Jul 06, 2020
Background play

I’m not sure if the developers are still around, but before I uninstalled I wanted to see if I could get some help. I seem to be unable to listen to music in the background. As soon as you leave the app or turn off your phone the music also turns off. If anyone has similar problems or a solution, please write a review on it so that people who sort by recent can see it.

eeeman2187, Apr 12, 2023
Best music app ever

I love this app because I can play music that isn’t available on iTunes. I definitely recommend this app to anyone who love music and listens to iTunes music and can’t get music that isn’t available.This app is worth 5,000 stars and if I could rate it for that many stars I definitely would.

Game lover342, Dec 10, 2020
List editing

Is there any way I can change the order of the songs on my playlist?? I don’t necessarily want it to play in the order I downloaded the music! I also have problems with it not playing the next song in order of my play list.. it would be great if these issues could be fixed!

Jsx57x, Dec 29, 2019
Great app!!

-You can hear music videos while your using yours phone!-you don’t have to pay for anything as far as I’m concern But two suggestions to make this app even better is hopefully we can see the full title of the video we are listening too and when we have a playlist we can hear it while using are phone smoothly without adjusting it every once in a while xD other wise I appreciate this app

milkteaxp, Jan 07, 2020
One big issue

I would rank this higher because I think this app is great but it has one major flaw that not many people are pointing out. The app stops after a few songs and in my specific case its every single song and it hasn’t been fixed even though I have the app completely up to date. Therefore it doesn’t benefit me much because when I want to do things and listen I have to pause frequently to play the next song which nearly defeats the purpose of having the app. This app has potential if you could just fix this one glaring issue.

Millie SheepTaurus, May 19, 2020
Not worth your time

This app worked fine for the first two or three days, except you had to watch an ad every time you wanted to search for a song. Now I can’t even look for a song, much less add to my library. It’s like the memory filled up or that part of the app froze, yet I only have about 15 songs on it. Ironically, it will have me watch an ad every time I try to look for a new one! I’m deleting this app!

Mizz Bel, Jul 01, 2020

So the new update I can’t even search up anything. Literally all I can do I use the recommended videos. It was fine before the updates but now the search doesn’t work. Other than that good quality sound, love the music videos, the app is good other than the search not working

pixieflores8979, Jul 19, 2020
Needs 2 updates then perfect can u move the video down

It doesn’t fit the screen there’s an ugly black bar at the bottom not only that but could you add the ability to zoom into full screen please and thank you thanx

Songfreak79, Jul 08, 2022


Listen to 150+ millions of songs from Youtube with this powerful Free Music Player. Smart music player and AI-based recommendations engines. Sonos casting.

Daily updated trending and new music playlists and beautiful dark theme. All features are absolutely free! Note: This app is NOT YouTube music downloader. * Totally free music! Totally free all the app features! No limited skips, no accounts needed, no purchases at all! * Tons of different genres, moods, and other categories of music: Pop, Rock, Rap, RnB, Latin, Dubstep, Drum, Electronic, etc. * Sonos casting. * Unlimited music access: listen to 150+ millions of free songs from YouTube. * Variable speed playback * Powerful equalizer: Full Bass, Flat, Classical, Club, Dance, Full bass and treble, Headphones, Large Hall, Live, Party, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Ska, Soft, Sort Rock, Techno * Powerful search: search any songs, artists, albums, artists, singles, covers, remixes, and more. * All music player controls: repeats, shuffle and more. * Intelligent recommendations for featured music. * Daily updated top charts and trending music playlists. * Non-stop playback station mode based on smart AI recommendations. * Create and manage your favorite playlists. * Share your favorite music and playlists with your friends! * Sleep timer: fall asleep to your favorite music. Start your music, and then set the countdown timer. At the end of the countdown, app softly stops your music. Enjoy your music!

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