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iLovecraft Collection Vol. 1

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iLovecraft Collection Vol. 1

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User Reviews for iLovecraft Collection Vol. 1


I love H.P. Lovecraft and re-reading these stories on the app was amazing. Even a few of the jump scares got me. I just wish there was a vol. 2 or something. The second story is ridiculously short. While the animation and art for it is great, it's still hardly a story. I wish they did some longer stories like this such as: The whisperer in the darkness, shadow out of time, or At the mountains of madness. I know these stories are a lot longer. But they would be so awesome.

€0|£, Sep 04, 2017
Interactive Storybook for Adults

I love this app. I love Lovecraft inspired video games and horror movies, but when I tried to read his work, I couldn't visualize it. This app is great, because it lets me enjoy the story without much thought. The illustrations are great, and I love how I can interact with them. They remind me of pop-up books I had as a kid, except these are definitely for an older audience. I'd love to see more in the future, hopefully maybe "The Call of Cthulhu"

Als2130, Sep 19, 2017

These books are entertaining and well done, but unfortunately I have to give them a low rating due to the apps suspicious behavior. I have purchased all of the iclassics and found that they all immediately default to the 'on' position in cellular data and immediately use nearly a megabyte of data. Why a book would need to use any data at all is curious and that they use that much data is both odd and suspicious. I wrote to the company at the email posted on their website but received no response. I cannot recommend purchasing these books unless they stop this practice of sending whatever data they're gathering and using customers cellular data without permission.

apptappin, Jan 12, 2020
Only 2 stories in so far…

I got this app around 2016 and it was my first introduction to Lovecraft. I remember being fascinated and THOROUGHLY creeped out with the first go round and afterwards I deleted the app to make room on my old, crappy phone.I read and listened to a few Lovecraft stories afterwards and always wanted to delve deeper into the madness. After recently watching a documentary on Lovecraft, I remembered this app and decided to give it another shot.I am definitely not disappointed. I just finished the second story, Dagon. It is far creepier than I remembered and the artwork is stunning. I love being able to interact with everything and I adore the haunting music. I can’t wait to continue!

briward87, Sep 24, 2021

As a knowledgeable and passionate Lovecraft fan I could not have been more pleased about the creativity that went into the design of this app. I can promise that you will enjoy the audio and visual experience that the designers have put together in these short tales by one of the very best authors of horror that ever lived. I recommend wearing a headset because the eerie music and ambient sound effects really enhances the interactive visual experience. I hope there will be more stories on the way?? How about an adaptation of two of Lovecrafts very best stories: ‘Shadows Over Innsmouth’ or ‘The Shadow Out Of Time’....possibly even, ‘The Call of Cthulhu’.......I’m ready to buy!

BryanDustin, Feb 27, 2019

Lovecraft is a man that has entranced me since I first heard of the Elder Gods and our shared history. Like most of his writing, this game is well executed and written by true fans. I couldn’t stop trying to scare myself with each story, setting the mood as I do before a good read, and eventually fell asleep with a smile while listening to Dagon. Needless to say my dreams were fantastical and I thank you fine folks for developing such a great title.

Entreri00, Mar 15, 2019
First time, second story in…

And I am IN LOVE with the life that the creators have erected from an already legendary set of literary masterpieces. GREAT JOB integrating the Suspenseful music. For me, the tastefully appropriate musical pieces heighten the experience to create the ‘Immersive’ portion of the reading. The Art, is absolutely astounding! The alteration of how the reader can interact with the stories is random, creating even more opportunities for jump scares while reading. The sound effects were perfectly chosen and inserted. And the textures, aesthetics, don't type, and layouts are just as well absolute brilliance. THANK YOU for creating this!!! I never purchase from the app store, I've never cared to. However, presented an opportunity to experience horror anything, especially literary horror, in such an original and modernized way... I lost all self-control. And for the first time, it didn't backfire. I anticipate experiencing all of this developer's work, sharing the occasion with my children while telling all who listen how elegantly these H.P. Lovecraft masterpieces have evolved from legendary classic tales and transformed into an even more sensational variation into the imagination of Lovecraft. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Grizzgirl222, Mar 11, 2022
A Unique Way

To the lover of horror stories from the telling of tales to the cinema there was the firing of the imagination with reading or listening to story tellers, or the utterly passive experience of a movie where all the imagination is supplied on screen. This method is quite different in that you get the imaginations of the designers working with Lovecraft’s creations, and applying your own ideas and speculations filling in the gaps. It’s a guided tour through horror but you decide how long and thoroughly you interact with it, and still not know how it resolves itself and you. Brilliant guide into the macabre.

Ohayoua, Nov 06, 2021
BRPD logo?

First of all, this is one of the most brilliant apps I’ve ever had the pleasure to purchase. An absolutely gorgeous visualization of a world I’ve always wanted to familiar myself with, but have been too intimidated. Something that specifically stuck out to me was what seems to be the BRPD insignia drawn out on the monolith from Dagon. Is this a Hellboy Easter egg? Or is this another asset that Mignola had brought to his universe? If it is an Easter egg, kudos because, of course, without the work of lovecraft Hellboy probably wouldn’t be a thing, so I really admire the sort of cycle. If it’s a true thing at all.Sorry for the tangent. I just got pretty stoked when I saw that.

Paris Comisford, Jan 05, 2018
A real treasure.

This is my first review of any app. I chose to write one in support of this small start-up company. The apps usually contain just a few stories, but are worth it! The mixture of music, story, and art combine wonderfully to create the right mood Lovecraft. I’ve even bought the all the other apps from their other collections too. These developers know how to create the right mood for a good classic. I come back and reread them time and time again.

PsiOp527, Jul 01, 2018


iClassics: Beyond Engrossing iClassics unites the old and the new to create immersive experiences that inspire and move everyone. From the producers of the acclaimed iPoe Collection, in this Immersive Entertainment volume, iClassics Productions pulls together a superb collection of tales from horror master H.P. Lovecraft.

In this innovative Immersive Entertainment app, a fine selection of horror tales is lovingly and artistically enhanced with interaction, illustration, animation, FX, and OST. This immersive experience includes three masterpieces from the literary legend, including Dagon, The Hound and The Window. By casting a modern glare on these classic H.P. Lovecraft stories, the result is a spectacular and wholly original experience that utilizes every feature of modern mobile devices (gyro-perspective, flash, vibration). TILT to reveal what's in the shadows TOUCH to uncover obscured details TURN to discover what lurks off the screen Dreamy, surreal, dark, and captivating, H.P. Lovecraft transgressed the limits of literary terror in the 20th century. Fittingly, the artistic and technological treatment of his works by iClassics Productions is equally as groundbreaking, hurling his words into the 21st century while keeping the original texts wholly intact. ▶ APP FEATURES: Main features: · An hour of interactive reading · Available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese · 3 stories, more than 180 illustrations, 50 animations and 60 interactive pages, illustrated and directed by David G. Forés · Over 35 minutes of Original Soundtrack by Miquel Tejada · Extras. Lovecraft biography and Sketchbook · Original tales from the writer – no adaptations Additional features: · Jump to any page in the book with our handy table of contents · Page Memory: Leave the app at any moment, and come back to the same page · Universal App: Pay once, and run on iPhone and iPad. · Easy to use interface ▶ ABOUT THE iCLASSICS COLLECTION: iClassics are interactive experiences based on literature from all times: E.A. Poe, C. Dickens, H.P Lovecraft, and many more! Discover them at www.iclassicscollection.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- Please SHARE YOUR REVIEW below. It means a lot to us! We'd Love To Hear From You! - Need tech support? Contact us at [email protected] - Say hello to us on FB! www.facebook.com/iLovecraftCollectionApp

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