Icon Free Books - 23,469 Classics For Less Than A Cup Of Coffee. An Extensive Ebooks And Audiobooks Library

Free Books - 23,469 Classics For Less Than A Cup Of Coffee. An Extensive Ebooks And Audiobooks Library

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Free Books - 23,469 Classics For Less Than A Cup Of Coffee. An Extensive Ebooks And Audiobooks Library

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User Reviews for Free Books - 23,469 Classics For Less Than A Cup Of Coffee. An Extensive Ebooks And Audiobooks Library

Great Option for readers of All Ages

You can read about all sorts of stuff ,--. ﹤__) `- |________7 |`. |\ .--|. \ |.\--. / j \ `.7__j__\ \ -----| o | (o)____O) | ---- \ / J \ / --- `---' `---'I use to ride 25 miles every weekendThere really are books about the real life of football players| || || |L______J | (),,,,,,,|,,,,,\\,,,,, \\ \\ 0 \\ /|\,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JL,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Like the great collage team LSU / \ _~~~_ ( ) _~~~_/ ___ \ \ / / ___ \\ / \ \ / / \ / \ \/ / ﹤::::::> (\ _/ /^\ \_/) \__/ \__/Romance ❤️﹎ ┈ ┈ ┈ ﹎﹎┈ ● o .﹎ ﹎┈ ┈ /█\/▓\ ﹎ ┈▅▆▇█████▇▆▅Yea I still a good love story..,, Or something like it ...

244 Jake, May 03, 2017
Great App!

Quite an ample variety of books, and useful tools! I would love to see the audio option for all books and a children's genre. Perhaps some more recent books as well. Nevertheless, I'm truly thankful for so many free books!!

Ascoltando.., Jul 22, 2016
What happened?

This used to such great app! For years I loved having so many books available, but now nothing. Argh!!! I have several novels and enjoyed. Now it won’t download anything. I feel like a chump trying to do so. Digital Press is not responding to obvious demand by the public for an update. There are a great many of us who would like to continue if they would let us.

Chester R. Lambert, Jan 15, 2022
I want my $1 back.

Books do not “render” and therefore cannot be read, nor do they successfully send to my email address. There is no way to contact customer service, as it leads to a dead page. The creators of this app are using us for pocket change.

dummytail, Sep 03, 2018
Love this collection!

If you like classics, this is the app for you. All those old-timey books and authors you've been curious about are all here. And because it's an app, it's super easy to read and it's with you all the time. Sure, we all have our favorite games to waste time while we're waiting at the doctor's office or bank, it feels a little better to "waste" time reading. I've discovered old authors I'd only heard about. It's great.

Handbag Junkie, Jul 21, 2016
Update renders this app useless!

I used to love this app until the update. Now I get a message that each book must be re-rendered. I could live with that, but the books NEVER re-render. I even left one “open” overnight, and nothing. Then I deleted the app, re-uploaded it, and downloaded one book. Same problem - never renders, never readable. This update needs an update.

jcellotx, Sep 26, 2016
Delivers what it offers

Good selection of classics, and quite a variety of other titles as well.

joeblfspk, May 13, 2016
Great App

Been using this app for several years. My ONLY issue is that when I switched from ipod to iPhone the app crashes frequently and I lose my library to try and remember what I had. Anyone have any ideas why? Have plenty memory. Great reading and selections. Thanks for great app.

Justanobodyspecial1611, Apr 15, 2018
It’s NOT Creating Account

When you try to create an account the process is continuous trying to create the account but nothing happening. I’d paid the 99 cents but it’s not worth it since it never created my account. So I’d requested my refund the same day.

The Unknown Lady, Jan 08, 2023
Rendering not working

Books aren’t rendering properly the prerequisite 20 seconds to 2 minutes needed before reading are far-fetched as they don’t hold up for any amount of time. I don’t see any update coming any time soon as the developers haven’t had one for over 4 years. Don’t download, there’s better alternatives. Also the 5-star reviews on this app are trying to dupe you into getting it.

Verxta, Jun 23, 2020


Free Books for iPhone is the world's favorite paid book app. Browse our handpicked ebook collections, download any one of our 23,469 classic books instantly, and read with our fully featured ereader. On the go?

We save your place in the book automatically. We've crafted handpicked collections to make browsing the extensive ebook library a snap, and commissioned hundreds of custom book covers to bring you Cover Mode. This is the world of public domain literature like never before. Unlike "free" apps that charge you $10 a book, with Free Books once you pay, everything's included. No limits! No download caps. 23,469 classics in your pocket, for less than a cup of coffee. Features: * Books. Free Books! The plays of Shakespeare, the letters of leaders, the autobiographies of Franklin and Carnegie, the collected works of geniuses, the philosophy of Seneca and Plato. It's all here in our library, along with tens of thousands of other books. * Handpicked Book Collections. English 101, Theology, Romance, Ghost Stories, Banned Books, Fiction, Novel ... the list goes on. We have 61 hand picked collections to make finding great books a cinch. * A Perfect Reader. It's beautiful, fast, and customizable. Curl up with a book in Night Mode, change font sizes with a tap, and turn the page with a simple swipe. You can even upload your own book from Dropbox in epub format. * Original Covers. We make public domain books come alive with absolutely beautiful covers. * Over 4,000 audiobooks featuring Librivox recordings can be unlocked to go along with the ebook collection. You can easily switch between ebook and audiobook versions while reading. If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to drop us a line at [email protected] that's what we're here for! ***** FIVE STARS Great app! My pocket is a library and I love that you can have the book sent to your email. I will never get rid of this ***** LOVE IT! Love love love this app! There's book I can read to my kids, and there's tons of books for me. I don't go for "typical" recommended read, so I love that the classics and more unusual are @ my fingertips. More please! ***** VERY GOOD APPLICATION Use it every day. Have bought paperback versions of classics for $5. This is a bargain! ** above quotes are recent 5 star reviews on the app store **

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