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User Reviews for ID Scanner •

Poor performance

Slow to scan barcodes. Gives inaccurate and inconsistent results.

ajp130222, Feb 12, 2022
Works Incredibly Well

This ID Scanner works incredibly well and is very fast. Great stats counter for our bar to find out what are slower nights.

App mom 1027, Jan 16, 2020

Shout out you guys, now I know my fake scans

Ccav$, Mar 25, 2022
Does not work?

Scanned State IDs numerous times and it said “cannot scan (possibly fake)”. Have tried multiple IDs, it’s the same thing every time.

DonaldD3, Apr 27, 2021
Everyone is a possible fake

iPhone 12. Latest iOS. It says it can’t read any of the drivers licenses I have tried to scan and they are all probably a fake

FunLovnMan, May 10, 2021
Doesn’t work

I scanned my id my boyfriends id and 2 of my friends and all said it couldn’t scan because they might be fake….. they’re not.

G121390, Jul 02, 2022
Does not work

This does not work. I have tried twice. My ID and one other person. It wouldn’t scan at all. Wish this worked.

Happy Customer 81, May 02, 2022
Doesn’t work

Doesn’t scan IDs ever. Tried multiple of my own and my real ones were all deemed fakes.Update: Scannr works amazing. You only have 20 free scans but if you are looking for an app that only needs to work a few times like me that’s the one for you.

Iamtheonedont where hi, Mar 23, 2022

This app would be more marketable if they allowed a few free scans to warrant the subscription. I won’t purchase anything with a trial run.

jennb*5050, May 15, 2023
Says everything is fake

Tried with both a real and a fake ID and both came up as fake

JimmHalpertt, Feb 08, 2021


ID Scanner allows you to scan a drivers license with your phone's camera. No expensive hardware required! You can check to see if an ID is valid, expired, and much more.

ID Scanner will let you optionally save a list of previous scans to allow you to go back and see who attended your venue or event in a given time frame. You can collect aggregated stats across the night, week or even month to drive marketing and promoting for your business. You can even create a VIP list or a Banned list to keep your best customers coming back and keep track of those that need to stay out of your location. ID Scanner is great for bars, clubs, dispensaries, sporting events, town fairs and much more. Become smarter with your customers using ID Scanner! We never save any information or photos from the app. All driver's license information is stored on your device and is deleted when you delete the app from your phone.

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