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User Reviews for Step Tracker+


I've been using this app for 1 year and it has worked perfectly.I've tried several step counter apps and this one has been spot on with distance.It also adds approx 50% of the calories burned to the 'calories left to eat' on my MyFitnessPal app which is awesome.

Cweaklan, Apr 23, 2018
Easy to Enjoy

From Maui to Greece, this app can be trusted to enlighten you to your daily activities and let you set goal steps leading to a confetti celebration!

FincherJF, Jan 05, 2019
It’s great

Not only have I convinced myself that I am getting into shape because I can now see all the walking I did that never made a difference before, but the government now knows all my movements and can snipe me with a laser from 90 thousand feet anytime they feel like it . Hahahaha Awesome .

joey bag of dounuts, Dec 07, 2017
Such a neat way to keep track

This is so much fun. Watching the steps turn and the weight come off

Lisaannesh, Aug 04, 2018
Love it on my phone

When you think about you go much of anywhere without your phone. Nice not to have wristband. If I wanted one I'd get a watch. If you have a watch, people are wondering why you wear two. If it's an Apple Watch, this is cheaper.

Lwessling II, Nov 22, 2017
Accurate steps

On occasion the system doesn’t properly record your steps

semperfi76, Jan 11, 2019
Nice app

I like the app because it is simple to use. If there was anything I wish it had it’s the ability to see at what speed you are walking during a workout.

slmonty43, May 29, 2020
Steps has no support

I have used Steps for over a year and I like the design and the features. However the app is supposed to track your history of steps by day and there is a flaw in their system and no support. Every week or so the app drops or deletes a day of history ( it did it again yesterday) and I have sent messages on 3-4 occasions to ask for assistance but they ignore all messages. I have deleted the app and reinstall it a couple times and that old trick doesn’t work either. I have resorted to installing a couple of other apps for tracking my steps and would advise others to do the same if you really want to track your effort. If it wasn’t for this bug and lack of any support they would have a good product.

Step Tracker, May 25, 2019
Great app, except...

One issue; does not always sync perfectly with health app. Will look and one or two days suddenly show zero steps. Ongoing issue.

Stoke01, Oct 17, 2019
Great app

Great app that tracks steps. It's a good pedometer that measures calories and distance too. I like the new challenges feature to compete with friends.

Very cool apps, Sep 27, 2017


Track your steps, distance, and calories with a simple user interface. Set a step goal and see if you can reach it everyday with Steps for iPhone! You can also compete with friends to see who can get more steps each day.

You do not need a separate device or pedometer. This app will count your steps with nothing else needed! You can also view your steps, distance and calories for this week and the previous week to make sure you are challenging yourself! Always on and works with the phone you have! Steps does not waste any additional battery life, so keeping track of your steps, distance and calories burned has never been so easy. Steps is the simplest pedometer and activity tracker out there! Get moving today.

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