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Blood Pressure Tracker App+

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User Reviews for Blood Pressure Tracker App+

BP graph cluttered and lacks options

Data is easy to enter and generally easy to review. The graph option is not as user friendly as I would like. For the BP graph, the app adds a third graph that is grey and yellow - I can find no explanation what this is and cannot remove it. There is also a pulse graph that can be removed. This mysterious graph clutters the other data and makes it difficult to review, especially when exporting the graph. I pad the subscription fee and wish I had not. The graphing function is the main reason I chose this app.

BellBerk, Jan 23, 2022
So far so good, but not going to use it because of the subscription

I like the simple interface and the graphing capabilities. But $7 a month for a UI on top of a basic database seems excessive. $30 a year seems excessive. I’d pay a reasonable amount to purchase the app and then a small yearly upgrade fee. The developers DO need to get paid.But without the subscription you lose access to any data more than two weeks old. For an app whose primary purpose is to track data, this is absurd. Charge me for once for basic functionality (including permanent access to my data). If there are features that require the developer to maintain infrastructure, charge a subscription for that. If there is a lot of development that needs to be funded (not sure a blood pressure app falls under this category but what do I know?) then maybe a small yearly fee (but not $30). But this switching from one time purchases to endless subscriptions just to use a simple app gets expensive very very fast.

bvz, Nov 10, 2021
Very good app

This app rocks. Developer feedback was crazy good... like 1-2 hours. Data presented clearly, can expand/contract graphical data - will be easy to share with my provider. This is a great, basic program for monitoring BP, pulse and glucose. You’ll not regret this download. Thank you for developing this app.

Catfish222, Oct 28, 2020
BP notebook

I downloaded this app to keep track of my BP for PIH. The app is essentially a notebook for recording BP readings, which is nice for discussions with my doctor, however, being that I’m new to high BP and don’t know anything about BP in general, it would be nice if the app told you if your reading was normal or abnormal. I think the app does this by shading certain readings but there’s literally ZERO information about this on the app itself; it doesn’t tell you anything.

Jbr043, Jan 14, 2020
Best BP Tracker No Longer

There are several other BP apps available in addition to Apple’s own Health app. All of them are able to get the job done, but this app does the best job of displaying the columns of raw numbers as well as the trend graph. It’s easy to expand or contract the graph to display specific date ranges of interest. The layout is clean, uncluttered, and very informative. Highly recommended!———————-I assume the graphing feature of this app is still as good as it was, but I can no longer see it for longer than the short-term. This defining feature was apparently taken away so they could change the app to subscription-based. I dropped my rating from 5 stars down to 3 due to their decision to remove a feature I had already paid for.

Mike Curl, Jan 26, 2020
Easy Data Input

Love how easy it is to input data. Date and time are already calculated and other fields are easy to access in logical order. Reports are easy to send. My only complaint is that there seems to be no way to synchronize with the same app on different devices. I have to log data 3 times/day so doing this on my iPhone is handy.

paracletos, Mar 05, 2020
Best bop app

I got this app to track my bp my weight and diabetes. The app has helped me track all this with out any problems. This is an excellent app for those who have any health issues or who just want to stay on top of their general health. The support team is also very helpful when suggestions are made. The one thing I would suggest is to make it possible to have the data appear on all your devices like the iCloud does with photos. Other then that I’m happy with this app.

Ray and Beta 67, May 05, 2019
Does not load Glucose from Apple Health

The app will load weight and blood pressure from Apple Health data. No issues with that. I made an incorrect assumption that a subscription would also load glucose readings from Apple Health. I was wrong. If you REALLY want this app to be very useful for managing glucose readings, load them from Apple Health. If you can get this done maybe I will reinstate my subscription.

re adams jr, May 17, 2022
I like this app

I have really enjoyed having this app. A perfect way for me to keep track of my health until my next appointment. I need to monitor my blood pressure daily & this app makes it easy. I am able to keep track of all my medications & notes of how I feel. I feel like this app helps keep my health anxiety at bay in a way, so I can keep track of my health trends.

skylarcausey, Jul 27, 2021
Perfect BP app!

Perfect. Just what I wanted! A clean, easy to use interface with the fewest keystrokes needed to enter my BP and notes. Automatically adds date/time, yet it’s editable! This app that does one thing EXTREMELY WELL: It keeps a history of my BP to show my doctors, along with my comments. The extra charts and fluff that many other apps have are not what doctors want to see. This is as perfect as I’ve seen and I’ve tried a lot of similar ones.

StuRedmond, Jan 01, 2019


Blood Pressure Tracker is a blood pressure app that helps you track and monitor your blood pressure at your convenience. You can log your BP, pulse, weight, blood glucose, blood oxygen, and more. There is also a spot for notes, so you can add whatever additional information you need, like how you are feeling that day that may have an effect on your blood pressure, like tired, stressed, anxious, etc.

The Blood Pressure App also allows you to track your medications. Search from a list of medications, add notes, and include your dosage. This allows you to keep your list of medications with you whether it is for yourself, a loved one or healthcare professional. You can export this list of medications through a report and send to anyone. This blood pressure app has an unlimited history and will calculate your average for you as well. Keeping track of your blood pressure over a period of time is the best way to ensure good health. Each log will also display the date and time to ensure you know when exactly you took the measurement. Blood Pressure Tracker also syncs with Apple Health to log your blood pressure and pulse data directly to the Health app! The app also allows you to view graphs and generate custom reports. The graphs allow you to spot trends and the PDF reports allow you to share your data with anyone. You can send via text, email and more. Blood Pressure App is your companion app to help you against hypertension! Using a blood pressure app tracker has been shown to be effective in managing blood pressure.

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