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Hop Mania: Thrilling Jump Game

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Hop Mania: Thrilling Jump Game

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Xiang Dong
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Features: - Currently there are two worlds available, namely the Spring Time and the Winter Tale, with the latter being significantly more difficult than the former. - In each world there are 152 levels and in general, the latter ones are more challenging.  - In each level, player can collect 3 stars, and in the levels where there’s a save progress button, player can either spend 10 stars or watch a short ad to continue the game after he/she fails. Tiles: - Besides the normal Ground Tile, there are many special tiles in Hop Mania.  - There’s the Disappear Tile, which will disappear once you step on it or touch it with your body.  - There’s the Double Speed Up Tile, on which you can jump much higher.  - There’s the Fly Horizontal Right/Left Tile, which will give you the power to fly horizontally until your character touches another tile or you touch the screen.  - There’s the Horizontal/Vertical Moving Tile, which moves horizontally/vertically.  - There’s the Double Speed Up Disappear Tile, on which you can jump much higher but only once because it will disappear once your character touches it.  - There’s also the Switch, which switches on and off the Mace Wall. Powerups: - There are also powerups in Hop Mania, which can be picked up in the game and used by double-clicking the screen.  - There is Double Speed Up Left/Right, which allows the character to jump much further to the left or right.  - There is Double Speed Up Vertical, which allows the character to jump much higher.  - There is also Teleport Left/Right, which allows the character to teleport to the left or right, even through walls and obstacles.

By the way, one tip for you: pay attention to the direction of the powerups. Buttons and pages: - The Settings button takes you to the Settings page, where you can adjust the volume of the background music and of the sound effects. On the same page, you can also switch on and off vibration when your character fails. - The Info button takes you to the Information page, where you can read about how to play the game, what the special tiles are and what the powerups do in the game. - The Purchase button takes you to the Purchase page, where you can buy 1000 stars or remove all the ads in the game. By removing all the ads, you can continue AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT from the save point in a level. In version 2.0, a new purchase (Save Anytime) is added, which allows users to save the progress at any point in the game. - The Facebook button directs you to the official Facebook page of my registered company Dong Digital. - The Contact button (paper plane) opens your email app, which will then allow you to send me an email for inquiry or requests. Please note, if you do not have any email apps installed on your phone, you can send an email to [email protected]. - The Share button allows you share Hop Mania with your friends on most social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, Twitter and so on. - The More Games button allows you to discover more games developed by my company (Dong Digital). - The News button directs you to my newest blogpost dedicated to Hop Mania. Links: - Privacy Policy: http://hop.countrymania.net/privacy/ - Terms of Use: http://hop.countrymania.net/tos/ All in all, simply press the left and right half of your screen and HAVE FUN!

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