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Elements Academy: Play & Learn

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Elements Academy: Play & Learn

  • Education
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Xiang Dong
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User Reviews for Elements Academy: Play & Learn


Very good app

Nhaaaannnnn, Nov 19, 2023


Features: Elements Chapter: - 78 levels and 36 challenges teaching and training the symbols, names, atomic numbers and position (in the Periodic Table) of all the 118 discovered or synthesized elements of the Periodic Table. - 9 modules including Alkali Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, Transition Metals, Lanthanoids, Actinoids, Post-transition Metals, Metalloids, Reactive Nonmetals and Noble Gases. - 1 module (All Elements) mixing all the elements for review and knowledge enhancement. - a different color for each module (Transition Metals, Metalloids, Noble Gases etc.) for better memorization. - a certificate for each module after the user passes all the (Name and Position) levels and challenges in that module. - on the Explore page, zoom in and out the Periodic Table to see the elements more clearly and click on them to see their symbol, name, atomic number and mass (weight). (New) Formulas Chapter: - 101 levels and 27 challenges teaching, training and testing 161 common chemical compounds/molecules closely related to our daily life. - learn about their most common usages. - all the compounds/molecules are grouped according to their atoms for easy memorization. - a certificate is issued after the user masters all the formulas and their chemical and common names. - read the chemical formula, chemical name, common name and common usages of the chemical compounds/molecules closely linked to our daily life. - absolutely no ads. - effective and fun teaching and training strategy: learn and train first with ease and then challenge yourself with pressure. - calculated amount of repetition for smooth and efficient progress. - the Info page provides insights into the composition and significance of the Periodic Table as well as the functionalities of the app. - works completely offline. All in all, have fun learning and mastering all the chemical elements and formulas! Privacy Policy: https://www.dong.digital/elementsacademy/privacy/ Terms of Use: https://www.dong.digital/elementsacademy/tos/