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Hologram 3D Prank Simulator

  • Entertainment
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Hologram 3D Prank Simulator

  • Entertainment
829 ratings
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Denis Ivanov
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User Reviews for Hologram 3D Prank Simulator

Scam likely

Umm i went to get this and this A complete scam try better that’s why know body’s really play y’all game stop tricking people make some good game beause it took a long to download and it was just a waste of my who ever like this game that’s on y’all but still i she why people just hate this game company and then in photo it looks so real but when I got that my mouth drop like real 😃😄 can’t stand y’all never seen it 😂

&,7(;$.)).6:,,, Apr 14, 2020
Eh 😒

When I found this app, I was thinking, maybe there is a very small change that it's a REAL HOLOGRAM. Thinking back, I realized I was being stupid. But I guess it's OK i mean a real hologram would have been wayyyyyy cooler... but it's not horrible quality, and I managed to actually prank my mom with this app. I deleted it shortly after obviously.

by cyborg715, Oct 22, 2019

This app is a complete scam. I hate it so much I tried to buy it I thought it was a really cool game, and ummmm it’s not even working at all and you so if you want to try this game, it is not good at all so please don’t do it I’m not overreacting scoop to whatever the heck literally I’m not overreacting it is a scam it’s supposed to be 3-D but it’s not so just scam don’t download this game just whoever made this, delete it now.

Callie111222333444, Mar 12, 2022
What even is this

So I was going through random apps and come across this app. I saw it had bad reviews and was like oh people didn’t read the description when it said it wasn’t real holograms so I get the app and u legit just choose a platform a weird figure and click a button over and over! It’s absolutely horrible! If u know the website scratch (it’s a coding site for kids mostly) u could probably find a game on there that’s just like this or way better! I’m not even lying I’m not gonna mention my age but young and I could easily spend some time each day and make a game way better then this I know it said prank and wasn’t real holograms but this was just disappointing!

Fireball275=, Apr 29, 2020

This game is a complete waste of space on your device. I highly recommend staying away from it.

JEQ1013, May 28, 2022
BEST APP EVER🤩✨🧚‍♀️💗❤️✨🤩💋💅

this app is so cool and fun!!! I love the customizability of the hologram, you can pick the platform and the hologram projection!!! also, you can watch ads for coins and get……… even MORE PROJECTIONS?!?!?!not too mention, if you click “menu” and “more” it takes you to the apple music page for Denis Ivanov‼️‼️‼️‼️he doesnt have any music right now, but i cant wait to hear when he does!?? Great app!!! I love it. Sincerely,

Random lady 2,890, Mar 16, 2022
Waste of my time

I know it dose not come out the phone but then what is the picture for I think that the photo is trying to prank you this app dose not need to exist I delete it right when I found out what the prank was some people say it funny well I say not now let me sum it up waste of my Time and one more thing the only reason I put one star is cuz I can’t put zero and this is just my opinion 😏

review thus, Jul 13, 2018

So I was playing the game and it told me to keepc clicking The button so I clicked it 1,235 Times nothing happened so I click it nothing happened so I was done with the app it is two star I will never download it again do not waste your time on this game it is a scam do you not waste your time

sky😇😡😄, Feb 19, 2021
Why it wasted my time and money😩

So I got on to the app and it said that it would like to use my Bluetooth, and I am no thank you. It said I need to use your Bluetooth to track when u are on and I thought that it wanted to track my phone every were I go. And then I got farer into the app and I am like . How do I take a picture and it wouldn’t even allow me to take a picture I was so confused then I realized it is just to mess around with.

snowliven, Jul 25, 2020

So the reason I’m giving it a one ⭐️is because if I could I would give minus 30 thousand stars because of the false advertisement the bsologram I’m not even give them a plesure saying what they tried or be able to make a such a app it’s just a outline of a what it supposed to be a animal 🦒 🐶🦊🐭 on the screen it doesn’t pop out of your phone so don’t waste your time downloading this so these wannabes make any easy sqryla manyla o by the way Pushi kitu guski

theBaznian, Nov 05, 2022


This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Hologram. Hologram 3D Prank Simulator Hologram 3D Simulator joke - this simulation game where you can play on your phone as a 3D hologram. The game uses the camera for a more realistic effect!

Make fun and play your friends and loved ones! Thank you for playing our games! Leave us feedback and we will try to make our games even better for you!

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