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Simulator X-Ray Hand Fracture

  • Entertainment
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Simulator X-Ray Hand Fracture

  • Entertainment
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Denis Ivanov
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User Reviews for Simulator X-Ray Hand Fracture

Whack and fake

Every time I put a new body part it put the same fake image that didn’t look like it at all and if I could put zero stars I would! This is just dumb do not get this app!

00zero!!!, Nov 13, 2021

It’s such a fake all it does is show the same body part over and over again I tried to do my hand and the only thing it shows is your arm! WARNING:DO NOT GET IT IS SUCH A BIG AND HUGE FAKE

bqsdjkncdunchk, Jun 29, 2022
It is a fake app

The position I put my hand in when it turned out I didn’t even go in the same position it’s obviously fake in my hands that fracture this is stupid

dvwhckfkfmrnsgs, Aug 14, 2019

She’s right this app is fake every single time I showed it on my leg is just showed a random x-ray picture and it was so annoying and I did it again and it looked different and this app is so fake and I agree with her it needs to be deleted from the App Store please do not download it has so much things involved that you have to do and then you finally do an x-ray and it just shows a random picture of someone’s x-ray don’t get it I wasted half of my time getting all that stuff done and I did all that stuff for nothing

guelde, Jun 19, 2023

This app is so stupid and a big scam I tried to do an x-ray of my stomach and it in my arm it wasn’t even my arm it’s just three images of arms each time I get it it shows a different picture of an arm I hate this app so much it should be deleted from the App Store someone said in the reviews best app ever it helps so much but really it’s a stupid app that waste my time I think that review is fake don’t buy this app I hate it so much if I have to pay money for it I swear I will kill the person who made it I’m just kidding I want to kill anyone I try not to get mad but just don’t buy the sad I hate it so much

jordan234565, Aug 10, 2022
This stupid app is so bad

The ownerOf this game please stop it because it’s teaching kids bad things like what do you scan their armIt might show a broken arm and then they’ll tell their moms that they’ll be rushed to the hospital then the ball will be fine $500,000 because of a lie

kids will hate this app, Feb 07, 2023
Love in things

Great app

love hskdghsgsvshhcik, May 22, 2023
The game is the best

The game worked so well that my mom got the game

mad anije, Jun 01, 2023
The most false game

This is fake I put everyone hands on camera it shows the same thing I wish this app was deleted from the App Store

Rxtuan, Mar 07, 2021
Why so much hate?

Guys come one now it’s says in the picture prank use it for prank Ing your friends/ parents🙄

Tank Indiana, Aug 19, 2023


This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true X-rays of Hand Fracture. Simulator X-Ray Scanner Hand Fracture X-ray simulator Hand Fracture - a game application joke, where you can make an X-ray Hand Fracture without causing harm to themselves or to anyone! CAUTION This is not a real scanner, but only the emulator, the game is intended for entertainment and prank your friends and family!

To use it, point to your Hand Fracture or a friend or loved ones, and then scan the result of surprise! The app does not any radiation and is completely safe for your health! The result is given random! Attention! This is not a real X-ray, it is designed to joke and play! Thanks for playing with us, leave us your comments and suggestions, we will try to make the game even more interesting for you!

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