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User Reviews for Heart Rate & Stress Monitor

NOT compatible with Apple Watch face

So, I thought this app looked perfect for me. I have an iWatch and loved the way this app organizes information and stress levels and had hoped to have this information available on my watch face (as the photos suggest). The problem is literally NOTHING shows up on the watch face. It’s just blank. The only way to view this information is to open the app and thumb through the categories. Again, placing ‘complications’ on the watch face that point to this app results in a blank iWatch face on those spots. Very very very disappointing, especially considering that it looks like they know it doesn’t work and use that to trick you into buying the 4 dollar “pro” version - which I did - and it still doesn’t work! Very very disappointing. I gave them 2 stars instead of one because it does have a lot of potential, if it worked with the iWatch I’d give it five stars, but it doesn’t so here we are….

Bobthestickmansniper, Jun 24, 2021
All of your health at a glance

I really do like this app. I want to keep track of all my calories, not just my active calories. This app is literally a mini version of the iPhone health app. I like being able to see all of my health data on the watch itself, rather than relying on the iPhone. So far the stress readings seem very accurate. Enough talking about the watch app, the iPhone app is really great too! I like how you can tap on the top right corner and adjust what you want to see and what you don’t want to see. Some measurements I really don’t care about, and being able to remove them, and have 5-7 good ones makes the app that much better. Even though that you have to pay $4.99, it is worth it. All of the other apps that I have tried either have a monthly or yearly subscription price, or they are free and don’t work properly. Your best bet is with this app!

DerWil13, Jun 12, 2022
So far so good

Currently just using my phone to input data into HomeKit. Planning on getting an Apple Watch this fall. Looking for more robust tool that can analyze my data. Heart and Stress have met my expectations so far. Almost immediately realized it was a viable tool and appreciate they just charge you one time. Little bit of a learning curve with the data I have available. Learning something new every day. Thanks for the effort.

Dog man 1111, Jul 07, 2022
Good visualization; fails on stress metrics

I like the way Heart&Stress visualizes health metrics. It’s much cleaner and concise vs Apple’s health app (what happened, Apple??).What the app completely fails to do is accurately calculate stress. I have been stressed and suffer anxiety, and this app tells me that my stress levels are low and says to keep up the good work. A competing program, Wellatory, is spot on with its analysis of my stress (much to my dismay; but the data is what it is). Wellatory, unfortunately, is a subscription service while this product is not.I would recommend for the wonderful data visuals, as well as the subscription-less model. The stress management features fall far short of expectations.

Emulator_, Feb 26, 2022
Empowering tool for stress management

Love the psychological stress measurement capability. I’m able to understand the events that are elevating my stress levels. This is a powerful capability and would be even more useful if there was a way to add a comment to record a description on the bar that shows the stress level at a certain time. It’s hard to remember the specific events over time. A record that can be reviewed later would reveal systemic patterns that could be addressed.

EugeneLuck, Nov 15, 2021
There and back a zen—an anxiety tale.

This was a really great app until it stopped working on my series 7. I tried all the tricks/resets/force close/reinstall, etc. advice from customer service but to no avail. However, I’ll definitely change my rating to at least a 4-star once they get the bugs figured out because I liked being able to check my stress levels on the fly…I mean on the human. But seriously, the only issue was that it would also have been helpful if it had some kind of alarm that let you know you’re getting stressed out and need to chill. And the watch complication needs a better graphics than just showing “- -“ but I digress…and I get stressed which is why I need a reliable app to help recenter my zen when I get zapped! My nerves and I Thank you.

Goodknight stress, Dec 29, 2021
Fantastic App!

This app is absolutely incredible! For the price and the way the app is layed out. I found this app on social media and checked it out. They were having a sale on it $4.99 I believe with no subscription! That’s a yes for me! I got rid of my WellTory app because that was an expensive subscription app and it costs me way to much money. With this app, it’s a one and done deal and it has way more information then the WellTory app. I definitely recommend this app to anyone!!!

K.Palensky04, Jul 15, 2022
It’s okay

I paid for the pro version of the app so I can use all of its functions. I purchased it mainly for tracking and reporting my stress. I would like to see an improvement with the app. It would be helpful to choose notifications we wish to receive like if we are experiencing a spike in stress, a notification alerting us of the spike can help create an awareness of what is happening in our bodies so we can make adjustments to calm ourselves down. As a mental health therapist, I can tell you that most people are not connected to what they feel in their bodies so this could be an important feature for this app.

RobbinsFam, Jun 09, 2022
One of the Best!!

I have tried almost all of the health metrics apps and this is by far one of the best (if not the best!!!). If provides the most complete set of data feedback for all aspects of health… fromLiquid intake to sleep data to steps & step symmetry to heart to stress measurements and on and on… If I was only gonna have one app for all my health data, this would be it!!! Can’t wait to see what feature they add next!! (I paid for premium features - it was one time charge & worth it!)

Rox:), Dec 09, 2021
Great App But…Add Report Sharing or Printing

Overall app is fantastic, but I would like to see the ability to export/share/print etc., reports. A lot of other apps allow users to export to pdf which they can send to doctors, family, friends etc. So that feature would make app even better. Plus start a health conscious dialogue. I am giving 5 stars based on todays version which I hope in the near future report sharing and/or printing is available.Great Job!!!

thumbs down 55, Mar 27, 2022


Powerful Personal Health Assistant with Real-Time pulse detect without Apple Watch. Real-time monitoring of physical and mental health NO SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED! Blood Pressure record Exclusively provide psychological stress analysis, a must-have app for anxious people Track hydration and caffeine metabolism In-depth analysis of various health data (such as heart rate, blood pressure, HRV, etc.) Support iOS14&15 Widgets & Watch App This App integrates various Apple Health data and provides a variety of intuitive charts.

Allows you to more conveniently pay attention to your heart health, psychological pressure, and exercise status. In addition, this App analyzes the health data of Apple Watch in real time and calculates psychological stress (exclusively available), so that you can pay attention to psychological stress in real time, relieve anxiety, and stay away from depression! A must for anxious people Features: 1. Real-time heartbeat monitoring and psychological testing through Apple Watch and HealthKit 2. Quickly get the heart rate and psychological stress status of the day through widgets and Apple Watch 3. Get weekly/historical heart rate/stress/anxiety analysis level 3. You can intuitively see the proportion/change of heart rate at various levels every day, allowing you to better understand heart health/psychological stress status 4. Intuitively compare the heart rate of exercises without worrying about each specific exercise 5. Able to browse various health data trends in a weekly/monthly manner note: 1. This App will read the health data on your phone through HealthKit, including: heart rate, resting heart rate, activity energy, exercise, etc., and use these data to analyze the trend of your heart rate in various scenarios. 2. The graphs, data, etc. in this App are only for reference of heart rate data. It cannot give you professional health advice, nor can it replace professional doctors and instruments. If you feel that there is a problem with your health, please consult a professional doctor.

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