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Filto:Photo & Video Editor

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User Reviews for Filto:Photo & Video Editor

Only Works Sometimes!

If this app worked all the time, I’d give it 5 stars. The filters are cool and fun and just what I’m looking for to post online videos. I have yet to find another app that does the same thing, or better. HOWEVER, when saving a project, it’s an extremely difficult process. Which is a shame because the whole point is to save the project and use it! The saving time takes way long and I literally had to attempt to save a project like 7 times before it finally worked because it crashed every single time without saving. It only worked after I restarted my iPhone 8. Smh. Other than the save feature, the filters are dope. It allows you to edit the video (trim, cut etc) as well as scrub/ play/ pause the video so you can see what’s being affect with the filters. I almost gave it 2 stars because of the save thing, because it’s so frustrating. But I do like it otherwise.

Angry w a good heart, Jun 20, 2020
I love it but a few problems

You see, the app itself is great but not everything inside of it is. Like if you are editing a picture and you add some moving stickers or something else that would make it move it crates it into a video. A 3 second long video, which you should be able to make longer or make it back into a photo. And sometimes it takes forever for the stickers to load or something else and then by the time they load you have already given up on that sticker or other thing you were using. I would give it 5 stars but it doesn’t quite deserve it yet. And there should also be a feature to which you could see other people’s edits. Like that would be sooo cool! Anyways it’s a great app just a few problems here and there but nothing very large.

Awesome girl 2.0 💕, Jun 10, 2021
1 problem :/

Ok I love this app it’s SO GOOD like I use it for my videos and edits it’s amazing! There is lots of different really good filters for edits and vids it’s awesome 👏 my personal fav is the jewelry shine! I would definitely use this if I were the people reading this, honestly it’s a great app and y’all should DEFINITELY use it it’s soooo good like I’m speechless 😶 I love this app DO much! You don’t understand how happy I am! But there’s one problem it’s not that big but I would fix this! When you finish doing what you wants to if your gonna export it the loading takes SOO long! Like I waited almost 5 or 10 minutes waiting for it to finish saving to my camera roll! Of course it’s not very big that makes the app bad but I would definitely fix this I don’t wanna wast my time on THAT! Please fix this but other than that the people who made it did a GREAT AMAZING MAGNIFICENT JOB!!!! Anyways I would get this fixed please and thank you :)

bella_~bear, Jan 14, 2021
Not worth it anymore ~READ~

I used this for a while now and at first it was great! The free options where good, and it is really easy to use! But it went kinda downhill with the latest update. A feature I always liked about this app was that I could try out the pro features on a video before buying the subscription to see if it was something I wanted to invest in. They took this away however is the latest update. I was saving up my money to buy the pro but I was distraught when I found out they took the feature away that’s let me look at the pro items. Another thing is, I don’t really know why but it won’t let me edit a video longer then 3 minutes?? I’ve always used the free version and before the latest update this wasn’t a problem for me. I wasn’t going to write a review about the update, despite my disappointment, but I’m editing a music video for my yt, and its only about 3:30 but it wouldn’t let me edit it despite letting me update videos that where more the 5:00 before the update. Please take into consideration my problems with the update and them, or if you are a customer just keep this is mind before downloading.

Docia101, Aug 08, 2019
It’s great but not amazing (IMO)

Love this app, I do, it helps spice up my music videos a lot but a LOT of effects and filters should be free because since you can preview them, they don’t look worth paying for, they look like they should be accessible by everyone. It’s also a really bad ratio when it comes to free:premium. Ex: you get 2 free effects in a category but the other like, 7 are only accessible for premium members. And some do even have free options. It seems very selfish and honestly again, a LOT of them look like they should be free. It’s an editing app for cute effects, this isn’t adobe, shouldn’t have to pay for anything really, but that’s just me. All in all, it’s okay. Nothing special, but it could be much better. Much, much better 🤍Edit: If you’re looking for an editing app that doesn’t try to make a profit off of you and gives you wayyyy much more effects and a much wider selection all for FREE, I’d suggest CapCut because they have A LOT of effects that you might like and it’s all free :) 🤍

DreamyPuddle, Aug 18, 2020
Getting better over time I guess

Filto is a great app if you are willing to pay for some filters. It’s still a fun app if you don’t pay but not as good because for each filter, there are let’s say 5 versions, you only could use about 1 or 2. Apart from paying for more filters, it also has adds which are annoying but that’s a way of making money so whatever (it’s a way of making money for the app ofc). Some things that I like about the app is how it’s VERY VERY organized and has some cool filters if u pay for them or not. Anyways, if I had to ask to change anything it about the app it would be a less expensive fee for the filter payment, less adds, you could take new pics, not one from ur camera roll only, and more things for free! Those are the reasons, even if only one change is made, I would give it 5 star!! Keep on going with your good work though!

everything gurl, Jul 29, 2021
Omg! This is amazing! You should get it!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I absolutely love Filto and use it for all of my IG posts. The range of creativity, inspiration and options it provides is incredible. Everything about Filto is perfect. I use Filto almost everyday and it’s so refreshing. I love the layout and how simplistic it is!! Love this app with the Filto Pro membership and everything, but I would love if y’all could add a Notifications feature that way I could make sure to see the NEW filters and effects you just added! I am not artist, but ever since i got Filto, it has made me want to be more creative and think outside of the box. My favorite part about Filto is that you can add cool effects such as some glowing light stuff to your photos. Anyway, thank you Filto for being my favorite app! i love the way Filto makes every person feel like a star. if you read this, thank you so much!! rock on!!

lesleyberry, Jan 24, 2019
Awesome sauce

I have been playing with this app for hours and l am having a blast editing some of my videos. I really love how i can add different effects to different parts of the video l do wish there was a blemish beauty feature to cover up those icky zits but if there is l haven't found it yet. Right now I'm trying to edit a video of me and my friend riding the motorcycle from last summer as a gift for him i really hope there is a feature that allows me to add music to different parts of the video just like the special effects but I've only had this for a day and have yet to discover all the features in this wicked cool app and let me tell you it seems like it has endless amazing things to discover and try! Thank you to the developers who created this super cool app it is exactly what i needed! Yay for filto!

LEX BEANIE, Dec 16, 2021
it's okay

i think some of the editing options are really neat and have a lot of potential, but there are a few things i really don't care for. - removing a filter is kind of a hassle. it would be much easier to take it off when adjusting said filter instead of scrolling to the start- some of the filters have animation on them, which is cool, however you don't have the option to make it just a still image. it's either all or nothing- for most of my photos, i end up cycling through multiple apps because filto's tools are mostly available only to people who buy the premium- while i've never adjusted photos on filto, it's definitely annoying that some of the photo adjusting tools require premium. comparing this to other apps, filto is really taking the L here. - your photos get watermarked!!! usually i am okay with this but filto's watermark is pretty ugly and large. you can pay premium to remove it, but i don't have this problem with other appsoverall, filto has cute filters and editing tools, but the interface (not just the filter removing) is a bit confusing AND irritating. some people may be okay with paying premium, but i am not an influencer or anything, so i don't edit photos a lot!! but when i do, i would like a more reliable app :/

mar a h, Aug 05, 2021

Hello! I love the way I can edit things of all varieties throughout my camera roll! I, personally, I’m not allowed to have Snapchat and I usually want to use it for the filters so this is a great alternative! I really enjoy editing pictures and selfies with friends with this app it’s really great! I wish I could have more features without the premium because I am unable to pay for it monthly! Other than a few things I really love it and I would use it any day! I really appreciate the updates with new filters and effects! I hope I also love the variety of things I can use! But, again, I would really like more options for non-premium members, if it’s not too much to ask. I understand you guys need to make money with a free app, but more options would be great for those of us who cannot afford/Pay for premium! I’m not saying your prices are too high I think they’re perfect price I’m just unable to acquire things that I want to. Overall it’s a really great app and I really suggest!

NotGonnaDisplayMyName, Jan 26, 2022


Aesthetic effects and filters for your videos and photos: VHS, Star Bling, Retro VCR, Vintage yet Chic! Go and get your own aesthetic in Filto! In Filto, there are large numbers of vintage FILTERS for your TikTok videos, aesthetic EFFECTS for each post on your Insta, fancy STICKERS and original MUSIC with advanced functions which attract more fans for you.

Each filter and effect can be customized on your own.  Also, we have massive TEMPLATES which you can create high-quality aesthetic videos in one tap.You are the definition for your works! By the way, the ratio of your works is suitable for all social media like Instagram or Tik Tok, can't wait to see your post bomb the world!   [Aesthetic FILTERS & Swag EFFECTS] Glitch: Distort your photos and videos in creative ways VHS: Full of the fashion with vintage, let’s have party in the 80s~ Bling: Make you shining like a superstar Polaroid: Instantly access to old memories Film: Bring you a fantasy visual feast with retro Light & Shadow: Colorful your style and be more attractive [Fancy DYNAMIC STICKERS] Dynamic emoji: Express your mood and attitude with fun Pop art: Breaking out of mediocrity, enhance your personality in your works Neon sign: Lightning and fancy your ideals Vaporwave: Create with aesthetic & special Lo-Fi effects [Various BACKGROUND] Plain color: The background in your videos becomes part of your brand. It’s easy to make higher-level feeds with these 50+ colors in the palette. Gradient color: Create a cool colored video that’s a background with natural gradients. Patterns: We’re bringing you cool ways to style your sets of multi-style patterns like hand-painted, texture, and sparkling. [FONTS & MUSICS] Massive fonts: Variety of changeable fonts, you can add text wherever you want to express yourself Original music: Tuneful music like Jazz, Hip Hop, Blues, Remix can be found *All music resources are sourced from https://igoutu.cn/music and all content is for personal use only, all commercial practices are prohibited. Please refer to https://icons8.com/license for music copyright instructions [EDITING features] Customization:All the filters can be customized, you can adjust each variables to make your shots extraordinary Adjustable: Free to adjust skin tone, grain, tile shift, vignette, expose and contrast to meet your requirement of perfection Import sound track: You can import the music which you prefer from iTunes or other videos in Tik tok. [Rich contents in DISCOVER PAGE] Premium content: Constantly update trending elements New ways to creative: Enjoyable tutorials greatly enrich your mind of creation If you like Filto, please rate it on the App Store and express your love! We'd appreciate it and work hard to make a better software experience. Terms of use:http://gpmedia.ufile.ucloud.com.cn/filto/termsofuse.html Privacy policy: http://gpmedia.ufile.ucloud.com.cn/filto/privacypolicy.html Contact us: Mail : [email protected] Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Filto-304348330178551/ We believe that each of your feedback and opinions will make Filto better! Best regards, Filto Team

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